5 Best 86 Inch Tv

Do you like TVs that are larger than life? Then, these best picks of the 5 best 86-inch Tv are all you need.

This Powerversity buying guide picks the 5 best 86-inch TVs you can depend on for a convenient and comfortable viewing experience.

More so, this selection will commence from the 5th best 86-inch tv and move in descending order until we get to the best. Therefore, it is advisable that you read through this article to the end.

Furthermore, for clarity purposes, I will be discussing this article in sections. The first section is where I will give a rundown on the usefulness of an 86-inch tv.

Then, in the second section, I will discuss the benefits and limitations of an 86-inch tv. Afterwhich, I will move on to the factors to consider when buying an 86-inch tv.

The next section will have a comparison table showing each product’s various features and specifications. Also, I will explicitly explain each product with its pros and cons.

Lastly, my final thought will be shared in the concluding part of the article. Hence, I urge you to take note of the necessary details as I take you through the rundown.

5 Best 86-Inch Tv: Overview

5 Best 86-Inch Tv_ Overview

The 86-inch television gives you maximum enjoyment on all you need on a Tv with ultimate immersion. Also, it gives you great value with the best features.

However, to get a nice big and very comfortable viewing option from any sitting position, you need to get yourself an 86-inch Tv. Moreover, getting an 86-inch television depends on the size of your tv space.

Many companies manufacture TVs with many features. These features are 4K, virtual sound support systems, and HDR.

However, some models also have Bluetooth, which allows you to wirelessly connect them to the audio systems. In addition, some gaming consoles support technology that improves colors and contrast and minimizes TV stutter.

The 86 inches TVs are modern TVs that offer advanced picture quality and ultimate entertainment options. Also, they often have cutting-edge technologies like the LG’s dynamic tone engine, wide-view technology, and super lift engine.

With this, they deliver clear pictures with high definition resolution and superb picture quality.

In addition, they usually offer a clean, crisp display with the latest in television technology and a host of features for maximum viewing enjoyment.

Even so, they often have a host of convenient options and easy setup options to enhance the ease and comfort of the television itself.

Therefore, with the 86-inch TVs, you have numerous options and satisfying features.

5 Best 86 Inch Tv: Pros And Cons

5 Best 86 Inch Tv_ Pros And Cons


The 86-inch tv has so many benefits that cannot be over-emphasized. However, I will list some of these benefits in this section of the article.

It has higher quality images and sound.

The b86-inch television will provide more space for higher-quality movies, shows, and games. Also, it can help you see the details better than smaller TVs.

Even so, it helps preserve the picture quality and gives you the whole show, just as the director intended. This is unlike the smaller screens that compromise the picture quality of most films and movies even with their 4k or Hd capabilities.

Moreover, watching from home gives you an overall better and cinematic feel. In addition, it gives you a more immersive experience with whatever you are doing on the screen.

It feels genuine when your eyes can see more sharper images.

It Is Very Good For Group Viewing

An 86-inch Tv is very good and suitable to entertain many people for movie nights, teleconferences, game nights, and many more.

It can also connect to your WiFi or have cameras for virtual meetings. Even more, it is essential for family members and friends when you intend to watch something together.

However, when you are using t smaller screen tv for this purpose, it will be tough for everyone to get a good view of the show.

It Is Best For Large Spaces And Home Theatres

This Tv is very suitable for gaming rooms, home theaters, or a large living room in your house. Also, it requires more space for optimal viewing in large rooms.

It is also suitable for using a projector screen for your home theater, as it has state-of-the-art speakers or sound systems. therefore, you do not need to shop for a separate sound system for your projector.

Furthermore, keeping a long distance between you and the screen is best. It also enhances large rooms with spaced furniture.


The following are the likely limitations you may encounter when using an 86-inch Tv:

It Takes A Lot Of space

Due to its big screen size, the Tv usually takes up a huge space for positioning. Hence, you might be kind of discouraged to buy it.

However, you may have to forcefully fix the Tv into the available space, which in turn is very likely to cause significant damage to your newly bought television.

It Is Bulky

The 86-inch television is usually bulky and heavy to convey. Hence, there is every tendency of getting damaged in the process of carrying it from the store to your residence.

More so, the position or method of carrying might also affect some sensitive parts of the device. even more, when it is not hung correctly or positioned, a little contact with it can cause it to fall and get damaged.

5 Best 86-Inch Tv: Features/ Factors To Consider

5 Best 86-Inch Tv_ Features_ Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

There are several factors to consider when buying an 86-inch tv. And some of these factors will be discussed in this article section.

Screen Size

The screen size is the most significant factor to consider when looking for a high-performance TV. It is determined by the number of family members that watch TV at once.

Therefore, you use this determinant to pick the largest screen size that will also fit your TV space. Aside from the number of family members that watch the TV at a time, it is essential to use your available TV space for your screen size factor.

However, to not divert your attention, it is essential to use your available Tv space to determine your screen size.

Nevertheless, you should not be carried away by the fact that you want to use a big screen Tv without considering your available space.

Screen Resolution

The resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the picture on display. More so, it translates into a sharper image and finer details; hence, it is better to buy a Tv with a higher resolution.

However, there is no complete TV buying guide that will not talk about considering the screen resolution. Even so, many Tv manufacturers are now using Ultra HD Sets (4K).

TVs with the 4K resolution have four times the number of pixels as the current HDTV screens. That is 2,160 horizontal lines or 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The 4k resolution TVs give small objects on the screen more details with sharper text. At the same time, the overall images appear more prosperous and more life-like than on the HDTV.

Therefore, with this sharper picture, you can conveniently view the screen from a shorter distance. This, in turn, gives you a more comfortable view in a regular-sized home.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is usually described as Hertz (Hz). It represents the number of times a picture is refreshed on the screen per second.

The standard refresh rate is 60 times per second or 60Hz. However, scenes with rapidly moving objects can make things look blurry or jittery at a 60Hz refresh rate on LCD HDTVs.

Therefore, to create a more solid picture, the manufacturer doubles the refresh rate or sometimes divides it by 4 (120Hz – 240Hz).

Even more, some new models have a High-Frame Rate (HFR) boasting support. This means they have both a higher refresh rate and added support for content with higher than 60 Hz frame rates.

Furthermore, it is a feature to watch out for with HFR content that is set to come from both movies and live broadcasts. And the HFR will be perfect for live support.

HDMI And Connections

It is essential that you pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs a set has. However, many low-cost manufacturers may offer fewer HDMI plugs on the back.

And this will not serve enough purpose when you need more HDMI connections.

Contrast Ratio

This describes the range of brightness levels the television set can display. When you buy a Tv with better contrast, you enjoy more clearly stated shadows and hues with better detail.

However, many manufacturers have various ways of measuring the contrast ratio. However, these numbers are often unreliable.

Hence, ensure to confirm other people’s reviews about the product.

In addition, other factors that you need to put into consideration while buying an 86-inch tv are:

  • Audio Quality
  • Cost
  • Extended Warranties.
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5 Best 86 Inch Tv: Comparison Table And Specifications

ProductsDimensionWeightHardware InterfaceScreen SizeController Type
SAMSUNG 86-inch Class Crystal UHD TU9010 Series15.4 x 75.8 x 47.4 inches‎93 poundsBluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI86 InchesRemote Control
LG 86NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series75.8 x 14.1 x 45.9 inches122.4 poundsEthernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5, Radio Frequency86 InchesRemote Control, Voice Control
LG UP8770 86-in 4K UHD 4K UHD 120Hz Smart TV75.9 x 14.3 x 45.9 inches101.2 poundsEthernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5, Radio Frequency86 InchesRemote Control, Voice Control
LG NanoCell 75 Series 86” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV75.9 x 14.3 x 45.9 inches101.2 poundsEthernet, HDMI, Bluetooth 5, USB 2.0, Radio Frequency86 InchesRemote Control, Voice Control
LG 86QNED90UPA Alexa Built-in QNED MiniLED 90 Series75.5 x 14.1 x 43 inches113.1 poundsEthernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 586 InchesVoice Control

5 Best 86-Inch Tv: SAMSUNG 86-inch Class Crystal UHD TU9010 Series

SAMSUNG 86-inch Class Crystal UHD TU9010 Series - 4K UHD LED Smart TV

My 5th best 86-inch Tv is “SAMSUNG 86-inch Class Crystal UHD TU9010 Series.”

This 86-inch television has the following unique features:

An ultra-fast processor that transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.

Also, it helps you experience crystal clear colors that are fine-tuned to deliver a naturally crisp and vivid picture.

More so, it has a natural game enhancer engineered to make the TV and the console work seamlessly together to reduce lag, tearing, and stuttering.

Even more, it is an intelligent TV powered by Tizen TM. With this, it goes beyond smart Tv with next-gen apps, super easy control, and a host of enhancements that elevates the TV watching experience.

Finally, it minimizes motion blur on the screen, so action-packed movies and sports stay smooth and crisp.


  • It has a fundamental game enhancer feature.
  • Also, it has a 240-motion rate.
  • More so, it has a 4k crystal processor.
  • Lastly, it has a crystal display feature.


No specified warranty.

5 Best 86 Inch Tv: LG 86NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series

LG 86NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series 86
Image from Amazon

My 4th best 86-inch TTv is the “LG 86NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series.”

It brings your favorite shows to life with a billion rich colors. Also, it gives deep black and enhanced contrast for a more detailed picture with full array dimming.

Even so, it helps you see movies exactly how the director intended with a filmmaker mode. It also brings your favorite content to your fingertips with built-in access to Netflix, Prime video, etc.

In addition, it gets breathtaking pictures and audio that makes you feel like you’re in action with Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos.

Furthermore, it has an ultimate gameplay feature that keeps you a step ahead, where milliseconds make all the difference. It also has a FreeSync premium compatible for real-time action and virtually no tearing coupled with a fluid 120Hz refresh rate.

You will get low input lag and fast response times with Auto Low-Latency Mode and HGiG. Moreover, you can catch every detail with a smooth, crisp picture with the a7 Gen AI Processor 4K.

Going forward, the 4k processor automatically adjusts your viewing and audio settings with AI picture and Ai sound. While AI 4K upscaling authentically calibrates for every scene.

Finally, there is no need for an extra device- just ask your Tv for anything using the google assistant and Alexa built-in feature.


  • It has google assistant and Alexa built-in features.
  • Also, it helps you enjoy a home cinema experience.
  • Furthermore, it has an ultimate gameplay feature.
  • In addition, it has a natural 4K NanoCell display.


The product warranty is not specified.

5 Best 86 Inch Tv: LG UP8770 86-in 4K UHD 4K UHD 120Hz Smart TV

LG UP8770 86-in 4K UHD 4K UHD 120Hz Smart TV 86UP8770PUA (2021)
IMG: Amazon

My 3rd best 86-inch Tv is the “LG UP8770 86-in 4K UHD 4K UHD 120Hz Smart TV.”

It has a sleek bezel design that puts the focus on your content. Also, it is designed to be thin in profile with a lightweight frame that is perfect for both mounting on a wall or displaying on a stand.

Additionally, it has Dolby technology that drives cinematic pictures and sound. This feature automatically adjusts your TV’s picture settings based on your watching.

While the Dolby Atmos gives you a sound that seems to move all around you.

Furthermore, it has a powerful a7 Gen 4 AI processor 4K that uses AI technology to enhance pictures and sound automatically. With this, you do not have to press a button.

However, there is no need for an extra device when you can simply use the google assistant and Alexa features to get things done. More so, you can conveniently control your connected home and smart devices.

Lastly, the TruMotion technology reduces blur to sharpen every detail with up to 240 frames per second. Hence, giving fast-moving gaming sequences a crystal-clear look for pictures that move with you.


  • It has an ultra-slim design.
  • Also, it has a TruMotion technology feature.
  • Even so, it has Dolby technology.
  • Furthermore, it has an α7 GEN 4 AI processor.
  • Finally, it has a google voice assistant and an Alexa built-in.


The product warranty is not specified.

5 Best 86 Inch Tv: LG NanoCell 75 Series 86” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV

LG NanoCell 75 Series 86” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV
www. amazon

My 2nd best 86-inch Tv is the “LG NanoCell 75 Series 86” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV.”

This 86-inch television helps you to experience gaming on NanoCell. Also, it has a game optimizer that gives you easier access to all your game settings.

More so, you will get an Auto Low-Latency Mode plus HGiG for a detailed gaming picture.

In addition, it enables you to see and feel like you are in action with Active HDR. Even so, you see movies exactly how directors intended with filmmaker mode.

Furthermore, with built-in access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV plus, Disney plus, and LG channels, your favorite content is at your fingertips.

Going forward, there is no need for an extra device- just ask your Tv for anything using the google voice assistant and Alexa built-in. Lastly, you can also conveniently connect your connected home and intelligent devices.


  • It has a google assistant and Alexa built-in.
  • More so, it has an accurate 4k NanoCell display.
  • Even more, you can enjoy a home cinema experience.
  • Furthermore, it has an ultimate gameplay feature.


No specified warranty.

5 Best 86 Inch Tv: LG 86QNED90UPA Alexa Built-in QNED MiniLED 90 Series

LG 86QNED90UPA Alexa Built-in QNED MiniLED 90 Series 86
Pic: Amazon

My overall best 86-inch Tv is the “LG 86QNED90UPA Alexa Built-in QNED MiniLED 90 Series.”

The LG Quantum NanoCell display combines NanoCell and minuiLED technology for brilliantly bright colors. Also, with a higher contrast ratio for deeper blacks.

More so, it offers two-color technology- an innovation that needs to be seen. Even so, it combines Quantum Dot and NAniCell plus to deliver a more stunning picture with more prosperous and accurate colors.

Furthermore, it has a new MiniLED technology which is a giant leap forward in LCD TV. Additionally, its tiny LEDs offer a more detailed control, a brighter picture, and an ultra-high contrast ratio.

This ratio enhances smooth, life-like images that seem to jump out of the screen into your room.

Going forward, this 86-inch LG tv is great for watching your favorite sports or playing your favorite games. All thanks to its 120Hz native refresh rate- the highest native refresh rate for 4K.

Lastly, it has a full array dimming that catches every detail. In addition, this feature has unique dimming zones that deliver precise backlight control.

More so, with an ultra-high contrast ratio for deeper blacks and more vivid colors for an impeccable picture.


  • It ha a mini LED backliht.
  • Also, it has a full array of dimming pro light.
  • Even so, it has a QNED mini LED display.
  • Furthermore, 9it as 1200HZ refresh rate.
  • Finally, it has a quantum dot nano cell color technology.


  • The product warranty is not specified.
  • Also, it is quite bulky.
  • Even more, it is pricy.

5 Best 86-Inch TV: My Final Thoughts

5 Best 86-Inch TV_ My Final Thoughts

Getting an 86-inch tv is a perfect option when you have a large number of family members that want to watch the TV at the same time.

It creates a convenient and comfortable watching experience from any angle of your room. Also, with the 86-inch tv, you can be assured of satisfying and enjoyable features that come with it.

Moreover, there will be no need to discuss the above-listed products. However, you can tell from what you’ve read so far that these products are crucial for purchase.

And they were carefully selected among many other options as the best in terms of ratings and rankings.

Therefore, the greatest help you can do yourself is to make use of the “Buy Now On Amazon” button to make your order and get it delivered to your doorstep.

More so, this article might have triggered your interest, and you may want to leave a comment; please do that by filling out the “Leave A Reply” column at the end of the article.

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