5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier

Are you concerned about getting rid of the contaminated air and excessive moisture in your home? Relax! I have a lasting solution by reading through my 5 best air purifier dehumidifiers.

I have taken the time to research the best air purifier dehumidifier on the market for your convenience. All you need to do is sit back and read to the end.

You will have learned a lot at the end of this article on the best air purifier dehumidifiers. To start with, I will talk about the overview of air purifier dehumidifiers.

Next, in section two, I will discuss air purifiers’ pros and cons. This will help you know if you are to buy or not, considering the advantages to your home or office.

In the third section, I will discuss the factors to consider before buying an air purifier. Thereafter, I will talk about the specifications of the listed products.

Also, I will give details on each of the 5 products in my picks. Finally, I will give you my final thoughts. Here, I will give my recommendations.

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier: Overview

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier_ Overview

You may be wondering if you really need this combo. Well, yes, for the overall air care of your home. A home is where we all run from outdoor pollution, and you must keep the air fresh.

Breathing keeps you alive, and if you are not breathing the right air, it can cause serious air issues. This is why air purifier and dehumidifier is important in homes.

To better understand this, let us look at each of them separately.

An air purifier helps remove any kind of airborne pollutant that can be harmful to our health. It circulates air through its filter to improve the air quality indoors.

More so, they help remove pollutants such as bacteria, dust, and any other bad chemical in the air.

On the other hand, Dehumidifiers help eliminate excess moisture and provide the right humidity level a house needs. Also, it helps to remove allergens.

Even so, dehumidifiers help remove dampness and free your home from mold, mildew, dust, and mite.

Altogether, an air purifier dehumidifier is a device that combines the function of an air purifier and dehumidifier to provide you with fresh non-contaminated home air.

They help to reduce humidity and increase air quality. Aside from these main functions of air purifier dehumidifiers, they are energy-saving devices.

Particularly, dehumidifier devices tend to consume energy, but being a combo, it reduces the energy it consumes, thereby saving the cost of energy.

Also, the air purifier dehumidifier helps to save up space. Compared to having each separate device in your apartment. In essence, space management shouldn’t be a problem.

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier: Pros And Cons

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier_ Pros And Cons


Pollutant And Moisture Removal

One benefit of an air purifier dehumidifier device is that it helps to remove air pollutants and reduce the excessive amount of moisture in the air.

Also, they help control and reduce the humidity to an appropriate level to reduce the dampness that can mold, mite, mildew, and dust.

Two In One

The function of an air purifier dehumidifier is a two-in-one function. First, an air purifier removes air pollutants such as dust, smoke, and other air pollutants.

Meanwhile, the dehumidifier helps to remove excess moisture from the air that may cause dampness.

It Promotes Healthy Living

Air purifier dehumidifier prevents allergic and respiratory diseases. However, exposure to harmful air can cause sneezing, coughing, etc., while contact with mold can cause some infections.

Thus, this two-in-one device helps to promote healthy living and prevents you from serious health issues.

It Helps To Prevent Rust And Decay

Excessive moisture can lead to rust and decay of doors, windows, ceilings, etc. An air purifier dehumidifier helps ensure your home is dry with the right amount of humidity.

So therefore, preventing dampness that can cause rust or decay.

It Provides Ordoless Atmosphere

Another benefit you can derive from an air purifier dehumidifier is that it provides you with an odorless atmosphere free from any can of offensive smell or scent.

Undoubtedly, we sometimes get orders from dirty socks or undone laundry, which can be offensive. The air purifier helps to get rid of such an order.


Another enjoyable thing about an air purifier dehumidifier is that it is cost-efficient and saves money instead of buying an air purifier and a dehumidifier separately.

You can get a combo of both at an affordable, cheaper rate.


In as much as air purifiers, dehumidifiers remove air pollutants and reduce the excess amount of moisture. However, they do not function up to 100%

They do not totally tackle microorganisms and allergens. Also, they do not entirely reduce the excessive moisture in your room, basement, garage, etc.

Notwithstanding, there are some activities you can add to the usage of an air purifier dehumidifier that will ensure your home is in a healthy form.

Therefore, you should try opening your windows and doors sometimes for ventilation. Also, make sure all pipes are fixed to avoid leaking, leading to dampness.

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier: Features/Factors To Consider

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier_ Features_Factors To Consider When Buying

Factors To Consider


Air purifier dehumidifier helps purify the air by trapping air pollutants such as dust, allergens, mold, pet hairs, and any other particles.

Hence, these particles are trapped with the air purifier dehumidifier filter, which can be reusable or non-reusable. More reason should consider this factor to know which filter works for you.

Tank Capacity

This is another factor to consider when buying an air purifier dehumidifier. You need to know how much water the device can retain.

Also, how long it can be used before disposal.

Easy Function

Another factor to consider before buying is to check the operation mode of the device if it is easy to use a device or not since the air purifier dehumidifier has a 2-in-one function.

Therefore, it is essential to check out for accessible operation features that will help you as a user.


Warranty is another considerable essential factor when it comes to buying a device that is often used. It is important to know the product longevity and customer service offer.

Depending on the brand, every manufactured product should have a specified warranty date for a product. Hence, it is essential to consider this.

Operating Temperature

As a dual device, it is essential to consider this factor. For example, an air purifier dehumidifier does two functions removing air pollutants and reducing moisture which can make it prone to overheating.

Be that as it may, Overheating can cause damage to a device. This is why you need to know the operating temperature of the air purifier dehumidifier you are buying.

While at it, make sure to consider the season and climate as they can be a contributing factor to the device operating system.

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5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier: Specs And Comparisons

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier_ Specs And Comparisons (1)
Products DimensionWeightOperation ModeFloor Area
Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier Dehumidifier
15.94 x 11.54 x 24.29 inches

33.5 pounds

Continuous, Comfort, Standard

4500 Square Feet

Tenergy  Sorbi 1000ML Air Purifier Dehumidifier12.4 x 8.5 x 7.7 inches

6 pounds


200 Square Feet

Afloia Touch Control Air Purifier Dehumidifier8.5 x 7.8 x 12.4 inches

5.9 Pounds

215 Square Feet

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier Dehumidifier7.6 x 7.6 x 13.1 inches

7 pounds


CLEVAST Air Purifier Dehumidifier15.2 x 10.2 x 19.7 inches

33 pounds

Continuous, Comfort, and Standard
1500 Square Feet

Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier Dehumidifier

Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier

The Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier Dehumidifier comes 1st on my list of the 5 best Air purifier dehumidifiers.

Home can get a bit uncomfortable with dampened smell and bad air. But not to worry. The Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier Dehumidifier is a modern-designed device that will kiss your excessive moisture house goodbye.

It has the ability to remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day, and it’s perfect for any place in your home with excess moisture, such as your bathroom, basement, kitchen, and bedroom.

Moreso, it is easy to use. Aside from its sleek modern design look, this air purifier dehumidifier comes with a digital control panel and a timer.

It also comes with 360 degrees rotational wheels for easy use around the house.

Furthermore, the Midea air Purifier Dehumidifier also offers a 4,500 square feet coverage area of air purification. Also, if you are worried about the noise, rest assured that this device operates quietly.

Lastly, it is easy to maintain and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It offers a 4,500 square feet area of air purification and removal of excessive moisture.
  • Also, it is easy to maintain.
  • Moreso, it comes with a modern, sleek design perfect for your home.
  • Additionally, it comes with 360 degrees rotational wheels for easy use around the house.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a warranty.


  • It is suitable for larger rooms only.
  • Short warranty term.

Tenergy  Sorbi 1000ML

Tenergy Sorbi 1000ml Air Dehumidifier
Image from Amazon

The Tenergy Sorbi 1000ML Air Purifier Dehumidifier takes 4th place on my list of 5 best air purifier dehumidifiers.

If you are trying to tackle bad air and excessive moisture, the Tenergy Sorbi Purifier Dehumidifier is definitely what you should consider, especially if you need a compatible one.

The Tenergy Sorbi Air Purifier Dehumidifier comes with a one-liter water tank that can adequately remove 750ml water per day. Also, it comes with a HEPA filter to remove air pollutants and make your home feels safer to breathe.

Above all, this device is perfect for your living space and compact enough to move around your home, such as your closet, bathroom, basement, etc.

It has a spacious coverage area of 200 square feet.

Furthermore, the Tenergy Sorbie air purifier dehumidifier features include an automatic shut-off, an LED indicator, and a water level indicator.

Also, it has an ultra-quiet operation feature. Therefore, you can use the Tenergy Sorbi air purifier dehumidifier without any noise disturbance.


  • It comes with a water level indicator and LED indicator.
  • Also, it comes with a sleek, compact design.
  • Moreso, it is noiseless.
  • Furthermore, it comes with a True HEPA filter.
  • Lastly, it comes with two years warranty offer.


  • The space area is too small for a bigger home.

Afloia Touch Control

Afloia Air Purifiers and Dehumidifier
IMG: Amazon

The Afloia Touch Control Air Purifier Dehumidifier takes the 3rd spot on my list of the 5 best Air purifier Dehumidifiers.

This device combines the function of an air purifier and a dehumidifier for expelling air pollutants and reducing excessive moisture in your living space.

It has the ability to remove up to 750ml per day with a coverage area of 215 square feet and purification of 108-161 square feet.

Even so, the Afloia combo comes with a True HEPA filter that efficiently purifies your home air from order, dust, smoke, and even pet hairs.

It comes with an automatic shut-off feature, a reminder when the tank is full. In addition, the LED indicator alerts you on the tank level or air filter replacement.

In addition, Afloia operates quietly and is eco-friendly. It does not disturb with minimal noise distraction, and it is suitable for bedrooms, offices, RV garages, storage spaces, etc.

Lastly, it does not consume energy. It operates as low as 45W.


  • It is compactable.
  • Also, it is easy to use.
  • Mores come with an LED indicator.
  • Furthermore, it comes with an automatic shut-off feature.
  • Additionally, it has quiet operation.
  • Lastly, it saves energy.


  • No warranty.
  • Also, it may be small for larger apartments.

Afloia Q10 Air Purifier Dehumidifier

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

The 2nd spot on my list of 5 best Air Purifier Dehumidifiers goes to the Afloia Q10 Air Purifier Dehumidifier.

This device is not only space-efficient but also an energy-saving device.

In addition, the advanced Afloia Q10 air purifier dehumidifier is designed to provide you with the right home humidity and safe air to breathe.

It features an advanced H13 HEPA filter for expelling air pollutants and can trap up to 99. 97 air pollutants and bacteria in your living space to give you an ultra-clean atmosphere.

Also, its dehumidifier is highly efficient. It comes with a 35oz water tank and can remove up to 35oz of water in a day.

Both the air purifier and dehumidifier can work simultaneously or operate separately.

Additionally, the Afloia Q10 features a smart touch control design and a three-stage timer that includes 2h, 4h, and 8h. It also has a three-stage fan speed.

Furthermore, it has an indicator for filter replacement and a shut-off feature when the water tank is full. As a result, it is ultra-quiet during operation and consumes less energy.


  • It is an advanced design to expel 99.97 percent of air pollutants.
  • Also, it comes with H13 HEPA Filter.
  • Moreso, it is portable.
  • Even more, it is ideal for homes, offices, RVs, etc.
  • Furthermore, it comes with 3 stage timer and fan speed.
  • It saves energy


  • No specified warranty.

CLEVAST 1,500 Sq.

CLEVAST 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star 22 Pints Dehumidifier
Pic: Amazon

Lastly, the 1st product on my list of 5 best Air Purifier dehumidifiers is the CLEVAST Air Purifier Dehumidifier.

This is a dehumidifier and an air filter for large rooms. It features an inbuilt reusable air filter for purifying the air and removing air pollutants.

Hence, this makes it dual functionality for both air-purifying and dehumidifiers.

Also, this air purifier and the dehumidifier have a coverage area of 1500 square feet compared to the former. However, the CLEVAST is much bigger.

In addition, it comes with 0.8 in-built tanks and can collect up to 22 pints of moisture per day. Also, it comes with a time setter that lasts for 24 hours for all users to set a timer based on their choice.

Furthermore, it comes with an easy control panel. It also comes with 360 rotational wheels to easily move it around.

It is easy to use and maintain. The tank is removable for emptying the moisture, or you can connect the hose for drainage.

Conclusively, the CLEVAST Air Purifier Dehumidifier offers a wide range of air purification and moisture drainage, a large tank, and a 1-year warranty offer.


  • It is a big-size dehumidifier and an air purifier for large rooms.
  • Also, it comes with a rotational wheel for easy movement.
  • Moreso, it offers 1500 square feet of air purification and removes up to 22 pints of moisture per day.
  • It is noise-free.
  • Lastly, it comes with one year warranty.


  • The warranty is short.

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier: My Final Thoughts

5 Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier_ My Final Thoughts

You need to know that the type of environment you live in and the quality of the air you breathe in are significant to your well-being as a human. It prevents you from sickness, diseases, and infection.

This is why air purifier dehumidifiers can not be replaced with any other devices in homes. They help to get rid of air pollutants and bacteria that we can not see.

Also, they help to give the right amount of humidity needed in the house, thereby reducing excessive moisture that can cause mold, rust, and decay.

Get an air purifier dehumidifier today to increase your healthy living.

That is that. If you have a comment concerning this post, use the “Leave a reply” below to air your view.

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