5 Best Camping Headlamps Under $150; Are Headlamps Useful?

Do you know you can easily get the 5 best camping headlamps under $150? Welcome to the age of best camping headlamps, which are practically at the tip of your fingers.

You can illuminate the world around you with the flip of a switch or the push of a button. Candles and lanterns were formerly the only ways to illuminate the night.

While extremely helpful and flexible, Headlamps are an often neglected light source.

This PowerVersity buying guide is a pick of the 5 best camping headlamps. The best is discussed last – starting with the 5th on top of the list.

In this PowerVersity buying guide, I’ll cover some essential details to help you purchase the best camping headlamps for your needs.

To help you decide which hair dryer to get, I strongly recommend that you take the time to read through the 5 best Camping Headlamps discussed.

5 Best Camping Headlamp; An Overview

5 Best Camping Headlamp; An Overview

A camping headlamp should not just be a thing for specific people. Everyone should at least have one for themselves, especially a night traveler.

Even though it is specifically made for backcountry hikers, runners, climbers, etc., headlamp manufacturers said it has unique features. However, the features cover you over the intensity of the beam modes to satisfy your need.

Hence, some of the 5 best headlamps for camping have a motion sensor that can easily adjust. The brightness can easily adjust based on the conditions; it automatically changes to the condition.

Furthermore, most of the headlamps come with different colors to choose from. It depends on your need and the purpose you are using for.

Fortunately, you can see the ones with rechargeable batteries, and even some are equipped with extra AAA alkaline batteries. Meanwhile, the AAA battery is a standard size of dry cell battery and one of the batteries with high-performance.

In that case, join me to read more on this guide by finding out why you need 5 Best Camping Headlamps under $150.

Reasons Why You Need A Camping Headlamp

Reasons why you need a Camping Headlamp

Candles and lanterns were formerly the sole ways to illuminate the night. Headlamps, while extremely helpful and flexible, are an often neglected light source.

Standing up to turn on and off your light before and after reading may be quite unpleasant. As a result, using a headlamp makes things extremely simple. Rather than getting out of bed to turn off your light, just switch off your headlamp and place it on your light stand.

Headlamp for Reading at Night

Headlamps may be used for a variety of purposes and have many beneficial and practical uses. Some of these purposes are:

Headlamp for Conviniency

If you share a room with someone else, he or she may not like the entire room being littered up as you work at night. Therefore, wearing your headlamp will do the magic.

Headlamp for walking your Dog

When carrying a leash and attempting to restrain an enthusiastic pet, holding a flashlight isn’t always optimal. A headlamp may also provide the illumination you need to securely walk your dog.

For safety when playing the game of hiding and seek

Children enjoy playing this game and is even more fun when played at night. However, playing this game at night without a camping headlamp can be dangerous.

Moreso, it makes it safer for them to run and hide out in the yard. Without worrying about stepping on sharp objects and dangerous insects.

However, they can click off their light when they find a hiding place to avoid detection. More so, it makes it easier for the person doing the finding.

For safe Camping you need a Headlamp

Campgrounds can be very dangerous at night. Because the surrounding is not only unfamiliar but there are tent spikes and logs to trip over.

Again, the camping headlamp is very helpful when visiting the toilet in the middle of the night. Besides that, retrieving something from the car will not be dangerous when you have a headlight.

Headlamps are necessary for Hiking

To make your adventure stress-free and more enjoyable you need a headlamp. Hence, you can use your headlamp to read a few pages in a book in the middle of the night.

Also, a headlamp is required for checking your map to plan out your path for the next day’s hike before you sleep.

Headlamp for home repairs

A headlamp is necessary for some home repairs. Since most of the repairs come when they are not expected. Sometimes, there is a leaky faucet, also, it can be a plugged-up sink drain or a furnace that needs repair.

Well, with a headlamp you can go hand free which is considered the best way.

Headlamp for Navigating Blackouts

In a place where there is no stable power supply, a headlamp is very necessary. As a result, you need a headlamp for an unnecessary blackout.

In addition, when there is no power supply, there won’t be light. As a result, candles and flashlights are not convenient to navigate a blackout. Moreso, wearing a headlamp is the best way to fight the darkness.

Besides, when there is an emergency at night and trying to figure out the safest approach to save you and your family. So, the first thing you will want to do is to lighten up the room.

However, while you may have a flashlight you may need both hands to help your family member. Indeed, a headlamp will be the only option in a situation like that.

Headlamp for Working on Cars

There might be situations where you have to work on your car in the dark, only a headlamp can rescue you from such a situation.

And, if you have to go under a car, you will know that light is nearly sufficient enough to get the job done. Hence, a headlamp can rescue you from such a situation. Hence, it provides you with hands-free light whenever you are in need of it.

However, these lamps can make your work easier and faster without much stress.

Headlamps for outdoor cooking

You need a headlamp when going for your outdoor cooking. More so, the sun doesn’t always keep up with our schedules, it might be difficult to get the light you need to cook your food to perfection when it gets dark.

Nevertheless, a headlamp can take care of this issue, leaving your hand to attend to other things.

Headlamp for Fishing

Most fishermen go fishing early in the morning before sunlight, many of them find it difficult because the weather is mostly dark. On the contrary, if you have a headlamp you will be able to see your way into your boat without stress.

Again, a headlamp will also come in handy for peering down into the water which may be gloomy and otherwise hard to see through an emergency occur.

Headlamp for Trail running

You need a clear vision to see what is ahead of you when doing a trial run. Hence, there might be trees, animals, and even other people on your way. Also, you will also want to see behind you to see if someone is after you.

However, you will need to see areas of debris that may cause you to fall. In any case, headlamps help you to light your way to avoid casualties.

Headlamp for Caving

Caves are dark and moist places. Also, creatures live there, and they cannot be seen until they are too close.

Headlamps help to prevent confrontation with bats, scorpions, snakes, and other animals that are common in caves.

More so, you will be able to see where you are going and avoid slippery rocks. Hence, the headlamp makes it easy for you to find your way back if you miss the road.

What To Consider Before Buying A Camping Headlamp

What To Consider Before Buying A Camping Headlamp


Lumen is one of the key factors you should consider before buying a camping headlamp. Hence, the more the lumen the better the headlamp.

Beam Distance

This is the second key factor you should look for when buying a camping headlamp. Besides, it is very important to know how far the beam goes in the distance.

Also, if you are planning on just being around the campsite, and not doing any night hikes, then you are not going to need any beam distance of 100m but instead, the one 30m will do.

So, think about what you want your headlamp for, this the help determine the kind of beam distance you need.

Battery Life of Headlamp

This is the 3rd most important thing you should consider before buying a headlamp and it is the battery life. Hence, it will be so annoying to put on a light and discover that the battery is dead.

However, before buying a headlamp look at the run time. And, that is listed on its packaging. As a result, you will know how long your lamp will run.

Price of the Headlamp

Price is also very important. More so, there are some cheap headlamps like $15 but they are not going to have the lumen, battery life, and distance you want.

Furthermore, some of the headlamps may be expensive like $450 which will have everything but will be excessive for car camping.

Finally, spend your money wisely on a headlamp that will give you what you want.

Now that we have seen the reasons why you need a camping headlamp. Also, we have discussed what you need to consider before buying any camping headlamp.

Quickly glance through the top 5 Best Camping Headlamps Under $150 comparison table and its specifications.

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The 5 Best Camping Headlamp; Comparison Table/Specifications

The Five Best Camping Headlamp; Comparison Table_Specifications
ProductsDimensionWeightBrightnessMaterial Type
PETZL – ACTIK CORE Headlamp4.9 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches0.22 pounds350 lumenPlastic
LHKNL Headlamp Rechargeable4.13 x 3.34 x 2.75 inches1.7 pounds1100 lumenABS
ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Flashlights2.13 x 2.99 x 4.96 inches0.30 pounds400 lumenPlastic
Vont LED Headlamp2.25 x 1.37 x 1.68 inches1.83 pounds200 lumenPremium ABS
GearLight LED Head Lamp6.5 x 2.75 x 2.25 inches3 pounds200 lumenPolymer

Lets us now discuss the 5 best camping headlamps and their unique features.


5 Best Camping Headlamp; PETZL - ACTIK CORE Headlamp
Pic from Amazon

“PETZL – ACTIK CORE Headlamp” is 5th in my pick of the 5 best-camping headlamps.

This powerful headlight possesses a lit adventure. As a result, it is also built for mountaineering, running, hiking, and backpacking.

Secondly, this camping headlight has excellent beams. Also, the two-beam patterns are wide and mixed so as to meet up your need. The performance is extremely high in lighting for outdoor activities.

Again, it turns your brights down. Evidently, the red light preserves night vision and stops blinding other members of the group.

Also, you can never be caught in the dark when using this camping headlight since it has a maximum autonomy burn time of 160 hours. Fortunately, it has a maximum power of 350 lumens.

Furthermore, every ACTIK CORE comes with a CORE rechargeable battery. Each of the batteries charges through a micro USB port which is compatible with AAA batteries.


  • It has a maximum of 350-lumen lighting power
  • Also, the battery is rechargeable
  • Again, there is a micro USB port.
  • Lastly, it has two beam patterns


  • It does not pivot down to aim lower

LHKNL Headlamp Rechargeable

LHKNL Headlamp Rechargeable; 5 Best Camping Headlamp

Starting from the 4th in my best camping headlamp is “LHKNL Headlamp Rechargeable”, below are the features.

This headlight is excellent for trail running, mountaineering, and skiing, Also, it comes with a two-part headband that ensures stability for dynamic and acute activities.

Secondly, this headlight has an automatic brightness which makes you see from a very far distance.

More so, it comes with different operating modes for easy camping. It moves in any direction you press once you hold the key.

For 3 seconds, hold the key button and you can directly turn off the light. Furthermore, this LNKNL headlamp has a rechargeable built-in battery that turns on and charges at the same time.

Also, the battery lasts up to 4-10 hours on a full charge and the battery indicator helps to know when the battery is reading.

Besides, another feature in this headlamp for camping is the motion sensor which is super bright. Also, it has a maximum brightness of 1100 lumens with its class-leading LED light chips.

Moreover, the light works in movement motion. For instance, once you wave your hand up or down the light turns ON or OFF.

Other features include 8 lighting mode operations. It goes like this; firstly, you need to switch the key light mode, control the main strong beam, weak beam, strong side beam, side weak beam, red beam, and SOS red strobe.

Secondly, in the motion sensor, switch the main strong beam and side strong beam.

In addition, the product is tested beyond the required standards to ensure they are ready for exploitation. Therefore, with the features, it is suitable both outdoor and indoors – even during snow or rainy period.

Finally, this headlamp is backed by a 2-year warranty against any defects in the material or manufacture.


  • It is not weighty which makes it very easier to carry.
  • This headlight is very easy to use. Since only a single button is used to turn it on\off, switch light modes, change brightness, and lock when not in use.
  • Also, it has a battery charge indicator that tells you when the battery is charged.
  • And, a reflective headband with a IPx4 waterproof feature plus 8 lighting modes.
  • Lastly, it is friendly and safe to use.


  • Do not soak in deep water.

ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Flashlights

5 Best Camping Headlamp; ENERGIZER LED Headlamp
Pic: Amazon.com

Coming 3rd in my pick of the best camping headlight is “ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Flashlights”.

This camping headlamp is versatile and comfortable to use. Hence, it offers a durable Energizer Universal Plus LED light for a variety of activities.

Couple with the superior LED light featuring 12x brightness more than the standard LED light that discharges 100 lumens in the dark using the red light mode.

ENERGIZER LED Headlamp has an excellent lasting capacity. Hence, it makes you worry less about the battery running down when you go for your activities.

In addition, it features 4 ENERGIZER Max AAA alkaline batteries.

However, this camping headlight can serve for up to 24 hours in high brightness mode and 48 hours in low brightness mode.

Again, this camping headlight is waterproof. Evidently, it cannot be easily destroyed by water.

More so, it is great for someone who likes hiking, fishing, camping, and running outdoor sports.


  • Durable construction
  • Again, has a superior LED
  • Four Energizer AAA batteries included.
  • Last, it has upto 40 meters distance light


  • It doesn’t rotate or pivot.

Vont LED Headlamp

5 Best Camping Headlamp Vont LED Headlamp
Image from Amazon.com

At no 2 in my review of 5 best camping headlamps is “Vont LED Headlamps”.

Firstly, this headlight is super bright. More so, it can lighten up your vicinity when there is total darkness.

In addition, it can light up an entire tent, road, or even a mountain.

Secondly, it has long-lasting battery life – inclusive. Evidently, this headlight can last up to 90 hours.

Thirdly, this headlight has a single button that can toggle through 7 light modes. However, those modes are Low, Medium, High, Strobe, Sidelight, Main light, Low light. Hence, you can use only the light you need.

Fourthly, the Spark Led headlight has an ergonomic 45-degree tilt. Indeed, you will never need to strain your neck or crane your neck when using this headlight.

Furthermore, this headlight is waterproof. Hence, you don’t have to worry about being in the rain.

Also, this headlight is very potable, it can easily fit into your pocket.

Lastly, it has a lifetime warranty. So, you can use your headlight and its accessories without worrying that it will stop working.


  • It has 7 lighting modes
  • Evidently, there is an IPx5 waterproof resistant
  • This product is portable and drop-resistant.
  • It features VLED for proper lighting in darkness
  • Two additional headlamp batteries


  • No lockout features

GearLight LED Head Lamp

GearLight LED Head Lamp

The 1st and the overall score on the 5 best camping headlamps is “GearLight LED Head Lamp”

The “GearLight LED Headlamp” occupies the 4th spot on this list of the 5 best camping headlamps under 450.

Firstly, this camping headlight has a long-lasting battery capacity. Hence, it can last up to 45 hours on low and 3 hours on high.

Secondly, it has a super bright light. More so, its powerful premium LED generates a brilliant beam with daylight color and definition.

Thirdly, this camping headlight has very lightweight. Evidently, it weighs only 1.8 pounds with a battery included, which is ideal for runners and outdoor adventures.

Fourthly, the headlight is very comfortable. Also, it has a removable, washable, and adjustable headband that fits both children and adults.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant. However, the GearLight headlight is suitable for snow, indoors or outdoors.

Again, it is ideal for running, camping, fishing, hiking, backspacing, hunting, or cycling gear.

Also, this 45-degree adjustable headlight gives you the freedom to direct light to where ever you need it without you straining your neck.

Besides, only a single button is used to switch to 7 lighting modes. Which are- Whitebeam, Low, Medium, High, Strobe 1 Red beam; Low, SOS, Strobe.

Finally, this headlight has an exceptional value which includes 2 headlights. Moreover, you can choose to keep one in your car and the other one in your home, or gift one to whoever you want to.


  • Impressively, it is both made for children and adults
  • In addition, it has a 7 lighting mode operation
  • More so, the headlamp is 45-degree adjustable.
  • Even so, the headband is washable and removable.


  • No separate switch for the red light

Wrapping Up On The 5 Best Camping Headlamp.

Wrapping Up On The 5 Best Camping Headlamp.

With a good headlight, you can never be caught in the dark. So, whether you are headed into the backcountry or just taking a nighttime walk you need not worry.

Each of these camping headlights comes with all the features and qualities you need.

Therefore, select the one that meets up your taste. So, those factors should be considered based on your own personal requirement.

What will you be using your headlamp for? In which environment and for what activities? Also, think about the lumen you will need? These are all worth a little thought so you can get the best headlamp for your needs.

So, select the one that best suits your lifestyle and start enjoying it.

I hope you found this PowerVersity pick helpful?

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

Finally, to read more guides like this, visit the following pages.

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