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5 Best Electric Bikes

Do you need less stress but exercising way of traveling within short distances? Then, this article on 5 Best electric bikes is for you.

This Powerversity guide on the 5 Best electric bikes will give you all the details you need to have to aid you in getting an electric bike that will serve you to the best.

However, I will be listing my best electric bikes starting from the 5th and going in descending order to the best.
Therefore, I urge you to read this buying guide till the end to get the best electric scooters.

Before this, let me explain what an electric bike is, the benefits and drawbacks, and the factors you need to consider when buying an electric bike.

5 Best Electric Bikes; Overview

5 Best Electric Bikes; Overview

I have to start with the definition of an electric bike. Hence, an electric bike is a bicycle integrated with an electric motor to assist pedaling. The motor’s power comes from a rechargeable battery installed on the bike.

However, the primary aim of the electric motor is to help you rather than propel you on its own. Thus, you need to pedal to get the assistance of the motor.

Nevertheless, the effort you apply in pedaling and the support you have selected regulate the electric bike’s level of power.

Operation Of Electric Bike

The electric bike’s significant components that make it different from the regular bike are the electric motor, battery, and torque sensor.

The electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy to motion (mechanical energy). For example, the motor provides torque in the electric bike when you pedal. Thus, increasing the output power.

The electric motor can be located at the front hub, the rear hub, and a mid-drive motor. Each has its benefit.

The battery, in basic terms, is a source of electric power that consists of electrochemical cells with external connections used to electrical power devices. For example, the electric bike supplies the electric motor with DC power.

The torque sensor senses the level of torque at each interval.

The torque sensor senses the effort you input when you pedal and matches that to the motor’s output power. Notwithstanding, the engine will not take over. Rather, you acquire consistent power delivery that will not send the bike moving forward.

According to the sensor’s level, the required power comes from the battery and measures the input power through pedaling. In some bikes, the battery is dethatched and charged. While others are assigned directly, in this case, you need to pack your electric bike close to a socket.

The motor controller is often mounted on the handlebar or integrated within the frame. Hence, it helps you decide the level of assistance you need and check the battery level. In addition, some bikes come with a screen with navigation and other functions.

5 Best Electric Bikes; Benefits And Drawbacks

5 Best Electric Bikes; Benefits And Drawbacks


The electric bike has so many advantages, which include:

Environmental Friendliness

Like the regular bicycle, the electric bike is eco-friendly as it emits nothing harmful to the environment because it uses electricity, not liquid fuel. Also, the electric bikes are extremely quiet, just like regular bikes. Thus, there is no noise pollution.

Faster Riding

The electric bike goes at a faster speed because of the assistance from the motor. However, the electric bike enables you to ride faster, not regarding your fitness level. Hence, it creates room for quicker acceleration and fast climbing of hills.

Furthermore, the electric bike’s motor will cut out once you exceed its 15.5mph speed level (20mph in the USA). Of course, you can go beyond this speed, but you will be riding unassisted.

Less Sweat

Due to the motor’s assistance, you do not need to give too much unnecessary effort. As such, you will have significantly less sweat coming out of your body.

Compared to a commuter, you will arrive at your destination less hot than if you were riding an unassisted bike.

Reduced Heart Stress

While riding the non-assisted bike, a high level of physical effort is needed to propel the bike. Due to this required effort, the heart tends to do more work than usual. Hence, this puts much stress on the heart.

The motor-assisted (electric) bikes reduce this stress as the exertion is reduced to its minimum.

Boosts Mental Health

Every form of exercise or biking has excellent benefits for your brain. However, riding an electric bike could be a form of exercise though it is not as exhaustive as regular biking.

No Storage Problems

Some electric bikes are foldable, making their storage not a problem. Therefore, it is possible to store such bikes in a cupboard or under the stairs. However, you can keep the non-foldable electric bikes under the stairs because it is very portable.

Reduced Muscle Strain

Due to the extra assistance, there is less strain on the muscles and joints, especially the support you get while climbing hills and accelerations when more effort is needed. Hence, you need less recovery time and be fresher for another ride.


Even though the electric bike has numerous benefits, there are a few drawbacks which include:

Only Suitable For Short Distances

You cannot use an electric bike without fully charging the battery for long-distance journeys. The best they can go is about 30 miles.

However, a few can exceed this range but trust me, you will need to pay very high to acquire such electric bikes.

High Maintenance And Repair Cost

Works of humans most definitely develop faults. The cost of maintenance and repair is rooted in many possible defects on the bike.

It could be hard to find a mechanic to repair your electric bike if it gets faulty; hence, you tend to be worried. So you might need to go the extra mile searching for a suitable mechanic or repair shop, mainly if the model is not well known.

Battery Charging Time

Most batteries of electric bikes require a minimum duration of 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. This may affect users that solely depend on the electric bike for their daily routines.

Also, if you run out of battery unexpectedly, you will have to wait for it to charge. As a result, you might be late for what so ever appointment you had.

They Are Expensive

Despite how beneficial the electric bike is, the price is one thing that might paralyze your intention to acquire one. Even with its yet matured technology, the cost of an electric bike is higher than that of your average bike, scooter, and even a motorcycle. This is a significant drawback of electric bikes.

5 Best Electric Bikes; Factors To Consider

5 Best Electric Bikes; Factors To Consider

In getting an electric bike that serves you, the following are the points to note:


Your purpose for owning an electric bike might be numerous. Therefore, you should consider the objective of buying the bike as it determines the type of bike you need.

However, the categories of electric bikes are:

  • Electric road bikes
  • Folding electric bikes
  • Electric Hybrid bikes
  • E-cargo bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes

The electric road and mountain bikes are designed for speed and are made for long rides. Hence, they are limited to specific options and might not be a good option for commuting.

Hybrid bikes are suitable options for city riding. They are also the cheapest and are very heavy. Also, they have features that make them the best for commuting.

Folding bikes are the best option for those with little storage space and concise city commutes. Also, the range at which the folding bike can travel is minimal. However, you can store it easily in lockers.

The E-cargo bikes are mainly for cargo.


How do you identify the range of an electric bike? Good question, the range of an electric bike is the maximum distance it can cover without the battery completely discharging. This determines how far you can go before recharging the bike’s battery.

However, the longer your range, the less you need to charge your battery. This brings the rating of the electric motor and battery into play.

For instance, if we have a fully charged 600Wh battery and a 300W motor, the storm is expected to drain in 2 hours.

Battery Capacity

The battery’s capacity is an essential point to note as it also has a role in determining the range of the electric bike.

However, the battery’s position differs, although they use different versions of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. As a result, they have a relatively low weight.

Mostly, the battery is attached to the down tube for easy access. Sometimes, it is attached on top of the rear rack. In costly models, the battery is integrated into the downtube near the bracket at the bottom of the Seatpost.


The weight of the electric bike is one factor you need to note. Of course, it alters the bike’s performance, but also, think of the times you might need to carry it.

You should get a lighter bike in environments with hills or group riding.


How often you use the electric bike and your budget will determine the price.

Even when you need a bike that will serve better, you also do not need to go bankrupt for an electric bike. will earn a tiny commission when you buy a product from one of the links in this article. As such, this will help us to keep the lights on without interfering with your pay price. Therefore, for detailed information, visit our Affiliate Disclosure page.

5 Best Electric Bikes; Table of Comparison And Specifications

5 Best Electric Bikes; Table of Comparison And Specifications
ProductDimensionWeightWheel SizeSpecific UseBrand
ANCHEER 26” Electric Bike54.13 x 13.39 x 10.83 inches‎50.71 Pounds26 InchesTrailANCHEER
ANCHEER Mountain Bike 350W 26” Commuter Ebike52 x 25 x 10 inches56 Pounds26 InchesTrailANCHEER
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike‎29.7 x 24.9 x 21.1 inches38.21 Pounds14 InchesRoadSwagtron
NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric BicycleN/A50 Pounds31 InchesRoadNAKTO
ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain BikeN/A52 Pounds27.5 InchesTrail

ANCHEER 26” Electric Bike

C:\Users\PV 010\Desktop\Amazon Pictures\ANCHEER 26inches.jpg
Amazon Image

5th on my list is “ANCHEER 26” Electric Bike/Electric Mountain Bike/Commuting E-Bike”.

The ANCHEER 26” Electric Bike/Electric Mountain Bike/Commuting E-Bike has a strong body with its fork made of carbon and handlebar made of aluminum alloy. Thus, the bike is lightweight but very sturdy.

It has front and rear disc brakes and a 21-speed transmission system. Hence, you can select any convenient speed of your choice. Also, the perfect brake system makes this bike safe with a horn and LED-equipped for night riding.

Furthermore, it has a removable battery that you can quickly charge either on the frame or the frame. The range of the bike is about 25 to 50km. With the assistance of its 250W high-speed brushless motor, you can travel at a maximum road speed of 15mph.

In addition, it operates a 3-working model (E-bike, Assisted bicycle, and regular bicycle). You can choose any model or even combine 2 to make it more exciting.

Lastly, it weighs 50.71 pounds and has a dimension of 54.13 x 13.39 x 10.83 inches, with an adjustable seat, handlebar angle, and stem length.


  • It has a strong body.
  • Also, it has an excellent braking system.
  • Furthermore, its battery has a good capacity, and you can charge it quickly.
  • In addition, it is lightweight.
  • Even so, it operates with three models.
  • Lastly, it has a one-year warranty.


  • No convenient parts replacement design.

ANCHEER Mountain Bike 350W 26” Commuter Ebike

C:\Users\PV 010\Desktop\Amazon Pictures\ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 26inches.jpg

4th on my list is “ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26” Commuter Ebike”.

The ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26” Commuter Ebike has an aluminum bike frame and is light in weight. It has 21-speed levels and a wheel size of about 26 inches.

It has a 374.4Wh removable battery to assist your pedaling up to 40miles per charge. Also, its maximum speed level is about 20MPH using a 350W brushless gear motor.

Furthermore, it provides four levels of power assistance which allows you to choose whether to turn the thumb throttle or step on the pedal to activate the motor. You can add a speed boost by pulling the throttle.

In addition, its braking system is superb. It has perfect front and rear disc brakes for complete safety and protection. Also, its parts can be quickly and conveniently replaceable without necessarily opening the controller.

Lastly, it has a dimension of ‎52 x 25 x 10 inches and weighs ‎56 Pounds. It also has a one-year warranty.


  • It has an excellent electrical system with a good battery capacity.
  • Also, its framework is solid and adjustable.
  • Furthermore, it has four-level power output.
  • Even so, it can go a long-range.
  • In addition, its parts are convenient to replace.
  • Lastly, it has a one-year warranty.


It has just a single mode in which it operates.

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding

C:\Users\PV 010\Desktop\Amazon Pictures\Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 white.jpg
IMG: Amazon

3rd on my list is “Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike”.

The Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike can throttle up to 15MPH on battery power alone. Even though the EB-5 PLUS rides like a traditional pedal-only bike. But, it boosts immediately after the pedal is turned on.

It is a beautiful and high-performance design that is streamlined and aerodynamic. Also, it can go a range of 15.5 miles when the battery is fully charged and can conquer steep hills with a maximum of 30-degree inclines.

Furthermore, its height, seat, and handlebar are adjustable. Thus, giving you a comfortable ride. It has 14-inch air-filled tires with a good level of shock reduction.

In addition, it is ready for use as soon as it is delivered and the assembly is not complicated.

Lastly, there is room for an extra battery though you will need to purchase it differently.


  • It has a good battery capacity.
  • Also, there is room for an extra battery.
  • Furthermore, it can travel a long-range with a good speed level.
  • Even so, it has no complicated assembly.
  • In addition, it has a one-year warranty.
  • Lastly, it is foldable.


  • It operates just a single model.
  • Also, it can only climb steep hills.

NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo

C:\Users\PV 010\Desktop\Amazon Pictures\NAKTO Electric bike.jpg
Image From Amazon

2nd on my list is the “NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle”.

The NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle is a lithium battery, high-speed motor E-bike. Its 36V, 10Ah battery is removable, easy to charge, and can travel about 22 to 28 miles per charge.

Its 250W brushless gear motor goes at high speed of about 18 to 25MPH. Also, it has two working modes: selectable pedal-assist or variable speed throttle. However, combining the two modes will be a better option.

Furthermore, this bike has a front V-brake and rear expansion brake, which gives you control of the speed of the bike and guarantees safety. It has a horn and LED headlamp to aid your night riding.

Lastly, it weighs about 50 pounds and is made of high-strength carbon steel.


  • It is made from high-quality materials.
  • Also, it has an excellent braking system.
  • Furthermore, it has a good battery capacity.
  • In addition, it has two working modes.
  • Even so, it can travel a long-range.
  • Lastly, it has one year warranty.


  • The extra battery is purchased separately.
  • It is a little bit heavy.

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike

C:\Users\PV 010\Desktop\Amazon Pictures\ANCHEER 27.5 inches.jpg

The best on my 5 best electric bikes list is “ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike”.

This ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike weighs 52 pounds and is made from aluminum.

It has a 500W high-speed brushless motor that can travel with a maximum speed of 22MPH. You can climb mountains, hills, and so on with this speed level.

Also, you can travel up to 22 miles when you fully charge its powerful 48V 10Ah battery. This is long range to go.

Furthermore, it has an LCD that displays the speed, motor power, battery level, mileage, and light signal. Thus, you can read your statistics easily.

Lastly, its professional 21-speed gears increase stronger hill-climbing, further range variation, and more remarkable terrain ability.


  • It can travel at high speed.
  • Also, it can travel a long range.
  • In addition, it has an LCD that displays the bike data while riding.
  • Furthermore, it has a good hill climbing ability.
  • Lastly, it has a one-year warranty.


  • It is relatively heavy.
  • The one-year warranty does not include the frame.

5 Best Electric Bikes; My Final Thoughts

5 Best Electric Bikes; My Final Thoughts

At this point, the benefits of an electric bike and the need to get one should not be overemphasized. It has positive effects on health, reduces muscle strain, less your sweat, and a lot to mention.

Therefore, I huge you to get one using this article as a guide to get the best.

However, feel free to buy any of the 5 best electric bikes mentioned above, as they are all affordable, reliable, and durable.

So, just hit the “Buy Now On Amazon” button to place your order, and you will be glad you did.
I hope you found this PowerVersity guide helpful?

If it is helpful, fill out the “Leave a Reply” form to share your thoughts.

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