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5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults

Are you looking for a classic or dentist-approved electric toothbrush to clean your teeth? If yes, this article on “5 best electric toothbrushes for adults” will direct you and guide you in that direction.

Nowadays, many people use electric toothbrushes. However, there are still a lot of people that don’t know the worth of using an electric toothbrush.

In this guide, I will start by giving an overview of an electric toothbrush. Then, in this overview, I will explain in detail what an electric toothbrush is, the uses of an electric toothbrush, and how to use it.

Not only that, but I will also give its pros and cons. In addition, this guide will also explain what you need to know before buying an electric toothbrush.

Moreover, I will also be listing my top pics of the electric toothbrush in descending order from the 5th down to my best pick selection.

However, this PowerVersity buying guide will give the proper detailed information you need to know in selecting the best electric toothbrush for adults.

So, read through this article to get a proper understanding of what this article is all about.

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Overview

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults Overview

Firstly, what is an electric toothbrush? An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush powered by a battery that uses sonic vibrating or oscillating movement to remove bacteria from the mouth.

This type of toothbrush is a modern technology that powerfully moves fluid and toothpaste to the hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Then, it moves back and forth to clean the tooth.

An electric toothbrush can cover a large area faster in a short period when using it to brush. More so, it cleans more surfaces in the same amount of time.

In addition, An electric toothbrush vibrates to help you remove bacteria or germs that build up in your teeth and gums. It cleans teeth and gum more than the manual toothbrush.

The vibration allows more movement when you move the toothbrush on all parts of your teeth. However, the electric brush uses a rechargeable battery and can be charged through the case sitting in the charging base.

It also has an electromagnetic that moves around the teeth and also has a timer to stop it from working when using it. In addition, some electric toothbrushes come with an app to monitor how you use your toothbrush.

Here, the app monitors your techniques and gives you feedback tips. Lastly, they are classified according to their movement speed as power, sonic, and ultrasonic toothbrush.

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Pros And Cons

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults Pros And Cons

When it comes to removing bacteria in the mouth, the electric type is the best and recommended toothbrush.

Thus, an electric toothbrush has the following benefits;


More Effective At Removing Bacterial

It decreases plaque and gingivitis more than the manual toothbrush.

Easier For People With Limited Mobility

Here, it helps people with limited mobility, such as people with developmental disabilities, arthritis, and cappa tunnel.

The electric toothbrush does most of the work for them.

It Improves Focus While Brushing

As recommended by dental health care, two minutes is the minimum time to use when brushing the teeth, but most people don’t use the time when using a manual toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush helps to focus when brushing the teeth.

Fun To Use When Brushing

Both adults and kids can use an electric toothbrush. It helps to achieve good oral cleaning and set healthy habits.

It Also Improves Oral Health With People Orthodontic Appliances

An electric brush is helpful for people with orthodontic appliances such as braces for teeth. Brushing teeth is easier through the use of an electric brush.

However, if you find cleaning your mouth with an orthodontic appliance difficult, the electric toothbrush will help improve your oral health care.

The Electric Brush Does Not Hurt Your Gum

The electric brush does not hurt your gum when appropriately used but improves oral health.

It Comes With A Timer

A timer is built into an electric brush to help you brush your teeth long enough to remove plaque from your teeth and gum.

Easy To Replace And Causes Less Waste

Unlike a manual toothbrush you throw away completely after use, the electric toothbrush head can be changed.


  • It requires replacing and replacing the toothbrush head
  • Unlike regular toothbrushes, this type is quite expensive
  • Easy to damage when not used carefully and properly as entrusted to use.

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Features/Factors To Consider

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Here will look at what to look out for before buying or choosing an electric toothbrush but before that, let’s look at the various types of electric toothbrushes.


An important factor to consider when buying an electric toothbrush is the type. Hence, there are three types of electric toothbrushes.

They include Sonic, Oscillating rotating, and ultrasonic electric toothbrushes.

Sonic electric toothbrushes are the type that emits a high-frequency vibration wave to regulate the fluid dynamics around your teeth. This often helps to remove plaque and bacteria better than manual toothbrushes.

Hence, this electric toothbrush causes less abrasion to the gum, unlike the manual type.

On the other hand, oscillating rotating toothbrushes usually come with a round head. It is the type that oscillates or rotates back and forth to remove plaque.

Hence, this rotating brush usually has a head that can spin around. Also, the rotating or oscillatory movement further enhances the cleaning action around your teeth without applying force to the teeth.

Lastly, the ultrasonic toothbrush is the type that uses ultrasonic waves to clean the teeth. It emits vibrations that are high in frequency but tend to be low in amplitude.

This toothbrush has a vibration that can break up bacteria chains that make up dental plaque. Also, it can remove their attachment to the tooth’s surface up to 5mm below the gum line.


First, the size of the toothbrush is determined by the individual mouth. However, don’t go for small or large for your mouth.

The large head makes it hard for you to reach the hard-to-reach part of your teeth. This includes areas like the lower front teeth and upper back teeth.

Moreover, the small head toothbrush is better and cleans the teeth more efficient than the larges ones. As an adult, the small size is better.

This is because it makes it easy for you to reach the hard-to-reach part of your teeth. The handle of the toothbrush must be long enough so that it can be comfortable to hold and reach every area of your mouth.

Lastly, a round head or head smaller than 0.5 by 1inch is recommended for use.

Toothbrush Bristles

A toothbrush is labeled soft, extra-soft, and medium or hard. This is an essential factor to look at before buying a toothbrush.

A lot of people do think the harder the bristle, the cleans the teeth well or is better for use. However, a hard bristle brush can cause damage to the teeth and gums.

A soft or medium head toothbrush is recommended for an electric toothbrush.

Brush Techniques

The technique of the toothbrush is most important than the brush. Here look at how the brush rotates and if it is suitable for use before buying.

Also, the electric toothbrush has various settings, such as a pressure sensor, self-timer, and a range of cleaning modes.


You might be tempted to buy an electric toothbrush because you see it being promoted. However, it is avoidable and available at your peak.

The qualities and the product type determine the cost of the one you purchase. Therefore, it is advisable to buy quality one to last longer and must be recommended by American Dental Association. will earn a tiny commission if you purchase a product from one of the links in this article. This enables us to keep the lights on, but it has no impact on your pay price. Visit our Affiliate Disclosure page for more details.

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Comparison Table And Specifications

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults Comparison Table And Specifications
ProductDimensionWeightBrandModelPower source
Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush4.33 x 2.17 x 9.96 inches11.99 OuncesOral-BPro 1000 BlackBattery Powered
Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush 2.48 x 4.29 x 8.66 inches8.64 OuncesPhilips Sonicare4100 Series
Corded Electric
AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush1 x 1 x 10 inches10.55 OuncesAquasonicSCTBCorded Electric, Battery Powered
AquaSonic Duo Dual Handle Ultra Whitening10.08 x 7.68 x 3.94 inches0.01 OuncesAquasonicPDCAQDBattery Powered
Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 61002.56 x 6.81 x 9.33 inches15.87 OuncesPhilips SonicareHX6877/21Battery Powered

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction

Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

The “Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction” is placed 5th on my top list. This toothbrush is a rechargeable toothbrush.

It shows beyond doubt that it is far better than the regular manual toothbrush. It rotates to break up and sweep away plaque that forms in the mouth.

Also, it removes more than the manual toothbrush’s plaque, up to 300 percent along the gum line.

The pressure sensor of the toothbrush stops pulsation movement when you brush too hard, and the timer helps you brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes.

It vibrates every 30 seconds to let you know you can switch to other parts of your mouth. However, it vibrates longer to let you know when it reaches 2 minutes program.

The toothbrush continues to run just in case you’ve not done enough of the two minutes mark. Moreso, it has an oral professional handle, a cross-action brush head, and a charger to charge when the battery power is low.

Lastly, it is a compatible toothbrush with the following types of toothbrush heads such as cross action, deep sweep, dual clean, sensitive clean, precision clean, and flush action.


  • It has a sensitive teeth bristle.
  • It pauses every 30 seconds to let you know you’re done with a particular area.
  • Also, make the teeth whiter and cleaner.
  • The handle timer helps you to brush the dentist-recommended two minutes.
  • Free return is available.


  • It is too noisy and has poor battery life.
  • The voltage rating may not be suitable.

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Philips Sonicare 1100


“Philips Sonicare 1100 Power Toothbrush” ranked 4th on my list of 5 best electric toothbrushes for adults. This is an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor, and it removes 5x plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Also, it has two intensity settings to protect sensitive gum from overbrushing. It also comes with two minutes smart timer with Quadpacer to ensure dentist-recommend time brushing.

Moreover, it has brush head reminders to ensure your brush is always active. Hence, the Quadpacer lets you know when you spend the proper amount of time recommended by the dentist, while the smart timer signals when your two minutes are up.

In addition, the pressure sensor flashes a red light to remind you to ease a particular section to prevent gum collapse, while the two intensity settings ensure a comfortable right clean for you.

Lastly, the Phillip Sonicare kit comes with a Phillip Sonicare 1100 electric toothbrush, an optimal plaque control brush head, and a USB charger.


  • The designs give you all you need for effective cleaning.
  • It has an easy start mode that slowly increases its performance.
  • It has a digital smart and two weeks battery life.
  • Hence, it runs up to 62000 brush movements per minute.
  • Also, it comes with a lithium battery and USB charger.


  • Battery not replaceable
  • It might be too much for a beginner

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

Amazon image

“AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush” takes 3rd position on my top 5 best electric toothbrushes for adults.

The Aquasonic black series is a world-class modern electric toothbrush. It comes with the most up-to-date technology.

Also, it comes with a lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging, 4-mode operation, smart vibration timer, and 8 DuPont engineered brush heads & bristles.

Moreso, every Aquasonic Black Series comes with 8 brush heads. Each head lasts for 4 months; therefore, 8 will last for over 2.5 years. So there is no need to replace it with another product.

It features an ultra-powerful motor producing 40000 vibrations per minute and a custom travel case.

This series has shown effectiveness in removing plaque as well as reducing and preventing gingivitis. It also provides oral care with a unique model that includes whitening and polishing teeth.

Aqualsonic electric toothbrush can last for 4 full weeks on a full charge, so perfect for traveling with the included travel case.

It has a smart vibration timer notification when the two minutes dentist recommendation elapses.

The kit box comes with 1 AqualSonic Black series smart toothbrush, 1 wireless charging base, 8Dupon brush head, 1 travel case, instruction, and a support manual.


  • It comes with 8 head brushes & travel case included
  • Waterproof handle and fast wireless charging
  • 40000 vibration movement
  • Corded electric and battery-powered
  • Last for a long period
  • It has a 13-month warranty.


  • Not Available

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: AquaSonic Duo Dual Handle Ultra Whitening

Image from Amazon

“AquaSonic Duo Dual Handle Ultra Whitening” is ranked 2nd among my 5 best electric toothbrushes for adults. This type AquaSonic Duo Dual handle features 2modern smart toothbrushes with the latest oral care technology.

It is clinically proven that it is 10 times more effective than the manual toothbrush. Each duo toothbrush brings your oral health routine to modern times.

It also comes with 10 sets of brush heads, each engineered by the famous Dupont.

It has built-in features such as ultrasonic 40000 vibrations per minute motor, true wireless charging, and 4 unique modes, including modes for whitening teeth and gum health.

The vibration is to notify you when it’s time to brush a new area of the teeth and alert you when two minutes dentist recommended time reach.

In addition, the Aquasonic Duo Handle has 30-day battery life, sleek midnight black, and an optic white brush handle.

Also, it comes with 12 additional accessories and two travel cases made up of BPA with spaces for two head brushes. Lastly, it has super-fast inductive wireless charging through wireless charging.


  • It improves gum health in just 1 week and whitens teeth in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Both handles charge simultaneously and as soon as placed on the charging base.
  • Lastly, it can be used by both adults and kids.


  • No product warranty

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush
IMG: Amazon

“Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100” is positioned first on my 5 best electric toothbrushes for adults. This type of electric toothbrush automatically syncs the brush head and handle mode.

It whitens teeth in one week and protects teeth and gum. In addition, Philip Sonicare protects your teeth with a pressure sensor that alerts you when brushing too hard and taking much time on a particular part.

Also, it has a reminder that notifies you when to replace your brush head for effective cleaning.

Moreover, it has a program 2-minute timer QuadPacer that ensures dental professionals recommended brushing time and is consistent throughout your mouth.

It comes with 3 modes of cleaning the teeth such as clean mode, white mode, and gum care mode. In addition, it has 3 intensities that allow you to switch the order of higher and lower.

The battery of the Philp Sonicare electric toothbrush lasts for 14 days battery life without charging. Also, it can be charged when the battery is low on the charging base.


  • Whiten teeth in just one week.
  • It resists water penetration to some certain degree.
  • Also, it moves 31000 per brush stroke.
  • Pressure sensors assist in making the mouth feel extra clean.


  • Brush head too pricey for replacement

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults: My Final Thoughts

5 Best Electric Toothbrush For Adults My Final Thoughts

Above is my list of the 5 best electrical toothbrushes for adults with their specs and comparison. As an adult, I believe that you should have decided on which one to buy on my best pick.

An electric toothbrush is the best and ideal to buy when choosing a toothbrush to use as an adult. This is because it is effective at cleaning your teeth properly.

However, the American Dental Association recommends brushing teeth twice daily for two minutes and replacing the toothbrush every three or four months.

As an adult, electric toothbrushes help to remove plaque and food particles between the teeth and gum line. It avoids dental decay and keeps your mouth healthy.

An electric toothbrush is the best for adults and people with disability because it is easier to use and replace. So if you’re considering replacing your manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush is the best option.

Hence, you can choose the one that suits your taste from my recommendations.

I hope you found this PowerVersity helpful. Kindly share your thoughts and leave a reply.

Finally, to read more guidelines, visit our pages below.

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