5 Best Heated Blanket

Are you looking for the best heated blanket for cold months? Here, these 5 best heated blanket article is what you need.

This Powerversity guide covers all you need to know about heated blankets, and it has detailed information that will help you in your decision-making.

Going further on this, I will quickly explain some basic things you need to know about heated blankets and what to consider when buying one.

Also, I will be listing my 5 top picks in descending order from the 5th down to the 1st on my list.

Therefore, I urge you to read this article to the end to get yourself equipped with the correct information.

5 Best Heated Blanket: A Rundown

5 Best Heated Blanket_ A Rundown

A heated blanket is a blanket with integrated electrical wire heating for warmth in cold weather at home or outdoor.

Moreso, heated blankets have control units that allow you to adjust the amount of heat that the heated blanket produces, and you can do this by pulsing the current at different intervals.

Furthermore, heated blankets are helpful mostly in winter and cold seasons or for outdoor purposes for camping and they use carbon fiber elements.

The fibers are used as heating elements for good warmth, ensuring a comfortable experience.

A heated blanket keeps the room warm and cozy during the colder months when it’s freezing outside.

Furthermore, some electric heated blankets are mainly made out of polyester and acrylic materials that help maintain warmth and prevent fire hazards.

In addition, these electric heated blankets have at least 3 heat levels to keep you warm depending on your body temperature.

The levels are low, medium, and high and it is controlled by a remote control that enables you to manage the heat level.

Advantages Of Heated Blanket

Advantages Of Heated Blanket

It saves money

Home heating is pretty much expensive, either gas or electric. Also, you tend to spend more depending on the size of your apartment and the number of rooms.

And if you live alone, it can be a waste of money heating the whole apartment. Therefore heated blankets are more economical to use.

Also, the heated blanket is relatively cheap compared to a relatively high space heater and may not be suitable for all people.

Moreso, it allows you to live with other people who like different temperature levels; you can adjust to your body type temperature with the remote.

Enhance Better Sleep

It is true that when we sleep, our body enters a rest mood in other for it to reset and works better the next day, and when it does not, we may wake up feeling weak.

Hence, when your sleep cycle is interrupted, you up unrefreshed and drained.

A heated blanket helps to normalize your body temperature all through the night without interruption and thereby wake up refreshed and energized.

Pain Relief

A hearted blanket serves as a form of pain reliever for your body. Heat is one form of pain reliever to help heal soreness, body aches, and even menstrual cramps for women.

Hence, it helps in blood circulations which can heal injuries and heal your body. Therefore, a heated blanket allows you to get better sleep at night.

Also, it keeps you warm and energized during the day.

It Enhances your mood.

When you have had a good night’s sleep you can be sure that the rest of your day will be energetic. You will start your day feeling better.

Moreso, a heated blanket creates a lively atmosphere for you and your family at home and while on your outdoor adventures.

It is Safe To Use

A heated blanket is easy to use and safe at the same time. Moreso, They are made with low voltage wiring, and they also have a remote control for regulating their temperature level.

Types Of Heated Blankets

Types Of Heated Blanket


This is like a regular blanket or duvet but with electric wiring that gives you warmth in cold seasons; they come in different designs depending on your choice.

They are very thick and soft to soothe your soft skin and keep you warm through electrical heat sources.


This heated blanket is placed on the mattress before placing your bedspread. They are primarily thin so that your sheet will fit in perfectly and neatly.

Moreso, this heated blanket is thick enough to provide warmth throughout the cold nights. Hence, you get heat underneath your sheets.


This is designed as a decorative throw that you can use in your sitting room furniture. Also, it has the same wiring as the blanket.

You can get warm by sitting close to it or holding it. Hence, they are designed to keep you warm in cold times.

Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Never will you embark on buying any product without considering some certain thing. However, read the headings below to find out what you need to consider before buying a heated blanket.

Hence, on this my 5 Best Heated Blankets, below are some of the things you should know about them.

Type of material

If you are the type with sensitive skin, consider this a factor before buying a heated blanket.

Most heated blankets are indeed made out of polyester.

The texture of a heated blanket is important in other to give you comfort aside from the warmth. Hence, make sure you get the right one that is not scratchy or irritates your skin.


There are different types of heated blankets depending on where you are using them. Therefore, if you are getting a heated blanket for your bed make sure it’s the right size.

Moreso, if you need something you want to snuggle with on the couch, you can go for a smaller size or better still go for a throw.


Due to the electric wiring of a heated blanket, some might find it challenging to maintain or wash. Therefore, make sure you go for a washable heated blanket.

On that note, most washable blankets always come with instructions on how they can get clean. Make sure you follow the instructions to ensure safety.

Extra Features

When buying a heated blanket, there are some features you need to pay attention to, such as; where the connector of the blanket is located and also the length of the cord, which is very important.

Also, it is ideal to know if the heated blanket has a timer. A heated blanket is like a medical tool for relieving joint or muscle soreness.

Hence, this feature is right for you when you need it for relief to be able to set the amount of heat you need.

Heat Setting

As we are different, our body system and temperature are good for a heated blanket to have a heat setting. Most heated blankets normally come with three levels of heat setting.

There is low, medium, and high depending on your body system and the level of cold at that particular time.

Dual Control

Some heated blankets come with separate sides, which is ideal for couples. In addition, they have a dual remote control that allows each to control their heat differently.

Therefore, if you are getting a heated blanket for you and your partner, you should look out for this feature in your purchasing option.

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5 Best Heated Blanket; Specs and Comparisons

5 Best Heated Blanket; Specs and Comparisons
ProductsDimensionProduct care InstructionWeightFabric Type
Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Levels50 x 60 x 0.01 inchesMachine Wash3.74 poundsFlannel
MIZZEO Electric Heated Blanket Throw 5012.91 x 11.65 x 4.92 inchesMachine Wash
2.86 poundsN/A

Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw – Soft Electric Blanket 11.02 x 11.81 x 3.94 inchesMachine wash2.64 pounds
Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink60 x 50 x 0.2 inchesMachine wash3.52 pounds
Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Soft Dual Control Electric Blanket84 x 62 x 0.01 inches
Machine wash9.28 pounds

100% Microfiber

Tefici Throw with 3 Heating Levels

Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Levels

“Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Levels” is ranked 5th on my list of the 5 best heated blankets.

This heated blanket comes with safety features; it goes off after a period of 4 hours in case you forget or sleep off. Also, overheating protection too.

Moreso, this heated blanket is very comfortable and soft for your skin, giving you the right comfort. It also comes with three heat settings that allow you to adjust the heat level depending on the degree of cold and your body temperature.

Furthermore, it is a washable heated blank throw, and it is dryer safe—finally, it has a detachable control. Hence, you can detach the remote control.

It is very versatile; it is 10 feet long and suitable for a larger room. Also, you can use it as a regular blanket by simply detaching the control remotely from the blanket.


  • It is 10 feet long, which means you can use it in large rooms.
  • Moreso, you can use it as a normal blanket because the controller is detachable.
  • It also has 3 heat settings that allow you to select the suitable one.


  • The detachable controller can be misplaced.

MIZZEO Electric Throw 

MIZZEO Electric Heated Blanket Throw 
Image: Amazon

“MIZZEO Electric Heated Blanket Throw ” is ranked 4th on my list of the 5 Best Heated Blankets.

This heated blanket provides warmth and coziness with its luxurious double-layer design. In addition, it is made out of polyester; this will make it soft and comfortable on your skin.

Moreso, this heated blanket has the ability to warm your bedfast in other to sleep comfortably and enjoy your sleep throughout the cold night.

Furthermore, It comes with a control and 10 heat setting, which allows you to select the temperature of your choice. Also, it has 10 hours of running time with an auto shut-off feature, including an accurate overheating protection system for safety.

In addition, It is energy-efficient, and it channels its heat right to where it is needed. Hence, it doesn’t raise the thermostat to heat the whole room.

It is easy to wash; this is because it is machine washable. Therefore, read the instructions for your guide.


  • It has 10 heat settings and 10 hours of running with automatic shut-off features.
  • Moreso, it is washable.
  • In addition, it does not raise the thermostat to heat the entire room. The heat is concentrated.


There may be others with extra features.

Bedsure Electric Throw – Soft

Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw - Soft Electric Blanket 

“Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw – Soft Electric Blanket ” is the 3rd on my list of the 5 Best Heated Blankets.

This heated blanket comes with a reliable temperature monitoring system for overheating protection and an automatic shut-off button when it exceeds.

Moreso, It gets you warm within 20 minutes, giving you great warmth for the rest of the night. It is a perfect option for those who sleep cold.

This heated blanket also comes with 5 heat settings to provide great comfort according to your needs. Also, it automatically shuts down after three hours to ensure safety.

Furthermore, this heated blanket provides a good temperature for naps or night sleep. It keeps you warm regardless of the cold degrees.

Also, you don’t need to worry about how to get it clean or washed because it is machine washable. Just read and follow the instructions.


  • It is washable.
  • Moreso, it has an automatic shut down system for safety
  • It provides the right temperature of heat that you need for a nap or for night sleep.


  • Not as thick as other picks.

Sunbeam | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket Reversible Sherpa Royal Mink

“Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink” is ranked 2nd on my list of the 5 best heated blankets

Extremely soft, this heated blanket has thermo-fine technology that automatically adjusts the heat for consistent flow that gives you comforting warmth.

Additionally, It is made of 100% polyester. Also, it is soft and perfect for all skin types. You don’t have to worry about skin irritation or itches.

Moreso, it has 3 heat settings that enable you to choose the right warmth suitable for your body temperature.

It also comes with an auto-off system that allows the heated blanket to shut down after 3 hours. With this, you can sleep comfortably, not having to worry.

Furthermore, it is washable and is safe in the washing machine. Also, it is dryer-safe. So you don’t have to worry about it shrinking.

The wiring system is perfect and safe so that you can rest assured of safety, and it is 50 by 60 inches wide.

Lastly, this heated blanket comes with a 5 years warranty.


  • Good and safe wiring system.
  • In addition, It is extremely soft and is made out of 100% polyester.
  • Moreso, it is washable and dryer safe.


  • The cord may be short.

Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Soft Dual Control

Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Soft Dual Control Electric Blanket
Image: Amazon

“Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Soft Dual Control Electric Blanket” took first on my list of the 5 best heated blankets.

This is a large king-size heated blanket. It is large enough for all beds. Also, It is 100% microfiber. Moreso, It comes with two side softness.

So depending on your choice, you can choose the thick and fuzzy finishing or the sleek mink weave pattern. whichever comforts you at that time.

Moreso, It has an auto shut-off system in one hour increment in case it’s getting too much. Hence, you can nap or sleep without worrying about overheating.

It has 20 heat settings that promote blood flow and circulation, opening up your sore joints and muscles to heal and relax.

Also, it is perfect for athletes and sportspersons. It helps to heal the joint and muscles sore.

Furthermore, it is washable and simple to wash by disconnecting the controller and the power cable in other not to damage the blanket.

Lastly, this heated blanket does not fade. It is also dryer safe, and it comes with 5 years warranty.


  • It is 5 years warranty.
  • Moreso, It has 20 heat setting that promotes flow and blood circulation.
  • It comes with two side softness that you can choose from.


  • There may be others with extra features.

5 Best Heated Blankets; My Conclusion

5 Best Heated Blankets; My Conclusion

It can get freezing during cold months,, and a normal blanket will not be able to protect you from the cold and provide you warmth.

Moreso, heated blankets are reliable and dependable in those times. They will not just give you warmth but they will also provide comfort for your naps and night sleep.

Aside from providing warmth for your cold nights, a heated blanket is a must-have, especially if you are a sportsperson. It helps you heal your muscles and joint soreness.

Furthermore, there are many benefits you can derive from a heated blanket. Therefore, in other to get the best and most reliable heated blanket, make the best of this guide for choosing the right heated blanket in the market.

Moreover, the 5 Best Heated Blankets listed above will be of help to you in making the right decision.

Also, at the end of this post, you will see a “Leave a reply” button if you find this guide helpful and if you have any suggestions for us. In addition to that, below are some of the articles on our website.

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