5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $1000

Looking at your budget, you may not want to spend more than $1000 on a dishwasher. However, I got you covered with this article on the 5 best portable dishwashers under $1000.

Among all dishwashers types, portable dishwashers are perfect for moving around. If you have a small apartment, a portable dishwasher is ideal for you.

A portable dishwasher is ideal for a single person or a couple. However, in this article, I will be giving some portable dishwashers below the price of $1000.

Also, this PowerVersity guide will provide you with essential details on a portable dishwasher. Not only that, I will be giving my top list of the 5 best portable dishwashers that are under $1000.

Also, I will be doing this in a descending manner, that is, from the 5th to the 1st. Hence, follow my article closely to get more insight.

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $1000; An Overview

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $1000; An Overview

I know that most people don’t like to do the dishes. Thus, using a dishwasher is an easy way to overcome this issue.

However, a dishwasher is an appliance that automatically cleans dishware, cookware, and utensils. This is an easier and more convenient way of washing your dishes.

There are different dishwashers: built-in, drawer, countertop, and portable dishwashers. However, the main focus of this article is portable dishwashers.

Therefore, it is the dishwasher type that you can easily move around. Thus, it is a self-contained unit in a finished cabinet, and it can also serve as extra counter space.

Just as its name suggests, you can transport this dishwasher from one place to another, and it will be suitable for those who have a small kitchen. Hence, it may come either in full-sized or a countertop model.

However, the portable dishwasher does not limit to couples and single people alone. Even someone with a large family can use this dishwasher for their needs.

A full-sized dishwasher can meet the needs of a large-sized family. This type is usually on rollers, making it movable and connecting to a water source through a kitchen tap.

However, many full-sized dishwashers have a top that you can use as extra counter space or a butcher block. Also, this dishwasher has a narrow version that can fit a small kitchen.

On the other hand, a portable countertop dishwasher is smaller than a full-sized dishwasher. This type sits on the kitchen countertop and connects to the kitchen tap.

This type is ideal for a single person as well as a couple. Thus, it has features similar to that of a full-sized type.

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $1000; Benefits And Drawbacks

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $1000; Benefits And Drawbacks

Before explaining the benefits and the drawbacks of a portable dishwasher, I would like to explain how a portable dishwasher works briefly.

The way a portable dishwasher works is not complicated at all. Just roll the dishwasher to your kitchen sink.

Next is to connect the dishwasher to the kitchen faucet or tap, plug it into an outlet, and start the cycle. Then, the portable dishwasher draws the necessary clean water and pumps the dirty water into the kitchen sink.

Benefits Of A Portable Dishwasher

Works in any space

The ability to work in any space is part of the benefit of the portable dishwasher. You can use it in any household regardless of the kitchen layout.

This appliance can hardly take up a lot of floor space, and it does not require any form of cabinetry or plumbing. Thus, it is beneficial for those that do not have proper cabinetry or plumbing accommodations.

Additional counter space

Another benefit is that most portable dishwasher has a countertop surface on top. This dishwasher adds extra counter space or a free kitchen table/island.

This dishwasher gives you little space to set things down in households where they quickly jam-pack their kitchen counter.

Since most dishwasher has a wheel that makes them movable, they can serve as a mini-counter that you can easily move around.

Less expensive

Most portable dishwashers are less expensive than built-in types. This is because the portable types are not permanent fixtures.

They don’t require installation; that usually requires some changes in your cabinetry or plumbing. Also, this will save you some money.

You can easily take your dishwasher with you when you decide to move out. So you don’t end up buying a new one when you switch homes.

Also, you can get a portable dishwasher within the price range of $500 to $1000.

Good performance for small households

A portable dishwasher is very suitable for a small household that produces a tiny amount of dirty dishes per day. This is because it can only handle small loads.

It is in its high performance when it handles a small number of dishes. Thus you will get through your cleaning without wasting space, water, or energy.

Drawbacks Of A Portable Dishwasher

Lack of multiple options

Portable dishwashers are not as common as built-in dishwashers. So, as a result, there might not be a lot of styles or features to choose from.

It is just a basic, no-frills, compact appliance.

Durability for portability

A portable dishwasher can be less durable than the built-in type. However, it is portable, making it be at risk of wear and tear.

Also, since you can often move them around and hook and unhook them, there is a higher risk of damaging this dishwasher.

Also, you can damage the appliance’s connection point, including the fill and drain hoses and the power cable.

Produces noise

A portable dishwasher makes a little bit of noise than the built-in type. The reason is that the portable dishwasher does not have a buffer, so you will hear every sound as it washes, rinses, and dry cycle.

Also, many portable dishwashers use plastic tubs to make them lighter and portable. But unfortunately, plastic tubs produce a higher noise level.

However, they are not sound resistant.

Limited load capacity

A portable dishwasher can not handle a large load because it is lightweight and has a compact size.

So, they have a limited load capacity. However, you will need to get economical with the number of dishes that get dirty or plan to run multiple loads per day.

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $ 1000; Factors To Consider When Buying A Portable Dishwasher

Factors To Consider When Buying A Portable Dishwasher


You should consider space when you need a portable dishwasher in your kitchen. This can help you determine if you should go for a standing or countertop type.

Also, it would be best if you considered the places where you would like to place your portable dishwasher. Not just that, you also need a sink.

Factors like height, weight, depth of the area available, and the accessories that connect the dishwasher plus an additional space will go a long way to determine the size to buy.


Another thing to consider is the portability features. These features include the weight of the appliance, handles or grips, and wheels for it to move around easily.

Factors like built material, size of the appliance, size of the motor, and so on determine the dishwasher’s weight. Thus, a standing type is bigger and has more weight than a countertop type, usually smaller and lighter.

The handle or grip helps you to move or lift the dishwasher easily. Hence, some portable dishwashers have a heavy handle, and sometimes even with the handle and the grip, you might need extra support to move them.

Since the standing portable dishwasher is larger, it has a wheel that supports them, making it easy to move them.

Material used

There are two types of materials used to make a portable dishwasher. These materials include plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic material is the most common material used to make a portable dishwasher. This is because it costs less and also lasts longer.

Though the plastic-type has a high chance of damage and requires a lot of maintenance, you need to clean it regularly because it might absorb oil, get stained, and even leave a bad smell.

Dishwashers built with stainless are more expensive and more durable than the plastic-type. Also, they tend to be stronger and have a low chance of getting damaged easily.

Not only that, the stainless steel portable dishwasher does not get stained or leave a foul odor. Thus, it is easier to clean.


You can determine the capacity of a portable dishwasher by the number of setting it can occupy. Unlike a built-in dishwasher, a portable dishwasher has a range capacity of 2 to 8 place settings due to its size.

This capacity is usually enough for a small family.

Water source

Another thing to consider is the portable dishwasher’s water source to clean the dishes. However, a portable dishwasher needs a permanent water source.

Thus there are two types of dishwashers with different water sources. Firstly, you will see the kind that connects directly to a tap.

This type usually has a water inlet connecting to the kitchen tap using a hose and a tap adapter. Next, you need to set up the portable dishwasher close to the kitchen tap.

On the other hand, the types with a built-in water tank. This type usually comes with a tank that you can fill manually or tap.

Also, this type does not need a pressured water source. So again, it does not need to be kept near a water tap.

This further increases the portability of the dishwasher.

Wash cycle or water programs

There are various wash cycles that portable dishwashers can offer. These wash cycles differ in terms of their water pressure, time, water temperature, etc.

However, there are standard wash cycles that include; light, regular, and heavy washing. In addition, some portable dishwashers offer more features like drying, rinse, speed wash of about 20 to 40 minutes, energy-saving mode, etc.

However, the number of wash cycles usually increases the cost of the portable dishwasher.

Utility cost and energy consumption

Utility cost and energy consumption are also vital factors to cross-check. For instance, choosing a portable dishwasher that consumes less water and electricity is advisable.

Also, choose the cost-efficient ones. Therefore, you can look for a dishwasher with an energy-saving mode, and this will help reduce utility costs effectively.

Noise level

The noise level of the portable dishwasher is another thing you need to consider. The typical noise of a conversation is 52dB, and thus, you need to choose a dishwasher that produces a lesser noise.

The range of the noise level of a dishwasher is 40 to 60dB. Hence, some types produce a noise level of 38dB.

However, it is advisable to purchase those that will not disturb your ability to talk or perform your daily activity.

I have come to the end of explaining the factors of a portable dishwasher. Therefore, I will take you to the comparison table and its specifications comprising the 5 best portable dishwashers.

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5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $ 1000; Comparison Table And Specifications

5 Best Portable Dishwasher; Comparison Table And Specifications
Product Product Dimension WeightVoltage CapacityControl Type
Farberware FCDMGDWH Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher ‎16.54 x 18.31 x 17.13 inches29.9 pounds120 Volts2 Place Settings‎Touch
Danby DDW1805EWP Portable Dishwasher‎23.63 x 17.69 x 35.63 inches116.8 pounds115
8 Place Settings‎Push Button
SPT SD-9263SSA Stainless Steel 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher24 x 18 x 36 inches
120 Volts‎8 Place Settings‎Full
RCA RDW1809 Portable Dishwasher27 x 18 x 38 inches99
8 Place
Full Console
SD-6513W: Energy Star 24″ Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher 36 x 36 x 48 inches
120 Volts10 Place
Full Panel

Farberware FCDMGDWH Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher 

Farberware FCDMGDWH Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher with LED Light 2 Place Settings
Amazon picture

The portable dishwasher that ranks 5th on my top list is the “Farberware FCDMGDWH Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher.” This portable dishwasher is small but very powerful.

It features a dual high-pressure spray to clean dishes efficiently by using about 1.3 gallons of water. Also, it has a compact design that you can use in small spaces like apartments, dorm rooms, and RVs.

Not only that, it cleans up to 2 place settings of dishes safe in 40 minutes. Additionally, it has a convenient built-in 5-liter water tank where you can add water manually with the help of a water guide and water pitcher.

Also, you can easily hook up the tank to a tap. It has pre-programmed wash cycles that include hygiene, regular, fruit, glass, and rapid.

Again, it helps to ensure a wash program that fits your needs. It also has an advanced drying performance, removes moisture, and keeps out unwanted odor.

Furthermore, it has a fruit basket it can easily wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly and are ready to serve directly from the dishwasher. Hence, it has additional features like digital LED control, a see-through window, child lock, and delay start.

Also, it produces a noise level of 62dB.


  • This portable dishwasher has a compact design for small places
  • It has five washing programs for convenient use
  • It cleans dishes efficiently.


  • It has a high noise level.

Danby DDW1805EWP Portable Dishwasher

Danby DDW1805EWP Portable Dishwasher

4th rank on my top list of 5 best portable dishwashers is “Danby DDW1805EWP Portable Dishwasher.” Hence, it comes with a silverware basket with eight place setting capacity.

This dishwasher has four wash cycles: heavy, normal, 90 mins, and rapid cycles. Also, this portable dishwasher is 18 inches wide which makes it suitable for condos and apartments.

It also has a built-in castor that makes it easy to move around. In addition, it is energy-star compliant and has a low water consumption of up to 3.5 gallons of water, which is 13.2 liter per wash.

Additionally, it has intuitive controls with a display light. Also, it has four hot water temperature and sanitizer features.

Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable upper rack and a stainless steel interior. However, it is an ideal dishwasher for a remote cottage, and it produces a noise level of 52dB.


  • It is bigger and is suitable for condos and apartments
  • It has four wash cycles that make it convenient to use
  • Also, it has a low water consumption and electricity consumption


  • Though it produces a lesser noise, the noise can still be disturbing.

SPT SD-9263SSA Stainless Steel 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

SPT SD-9263SSA Stainless Steel 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher
Picture from Amazon

3rd on my top list of 5 best portable dishwashers is “SPT SD-9263SSA Portable Dishwasher.” This portable dishwasher is 18 inches wide and has up to 8 place settings.

Interestingly, this portable dishwasher has 6 wash cycles, including heavy, normal, economy, glass, 90 mins, and rapid. Not only that, it has a rinse aid warning indicator that serves as a refill reminder on rinse aid.

You will also come across the stainless steel interior and a time delay feature. This time delay feature allows you to program its operation at a later start time, between 1 to 24 hours.

It also has an error code that displays fault codes. Additionally, it has an adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates or pots.

This portable dishwasher comes with a tap adapter that helps you connect it to the water tap. Also, it has an automatic detergent and rinses agent dispenser, producing a noise level of 52dB.


  • This portable dishwasher has 6 wash cycles for comfortable use.
  • Also, it has a large capacity that can accommodate up to 8 place settings.
  • It has an adjustable rack that can accommodate larger plates and pots.


  • Though it has a lesser noise level, this dishwasher can still be disturbing.

RCA RDW1809 Portable Dishwasher, 18in Wide, 8 Place Settings Capacity

RCA RDW1809 Portable Dishwasher, 18in Wide

On my list, the portable dishwasher that ranks 2nd is the RCA RDW1809 Portable Dishwasher. This portable dishwasher has a capacity of 8 place settings.

Another thing is that it has an energy-star-compliant, low water consumption, and it is easy to connect to any kitchen tap. Not only that, it has a resistant stainless steel interior.

Though this is portable dishwasher is heavy, it has a wheel that makes it easy to move around. One exciting thing about this portable dishwasher is that it fits under most kitchen cabinets.

Thus, this dishwasher has 6 wash programs: heavy, standard, economy, rapid glass, and soak to meet your washing needs. Also, it has a noise level of 55dB, and it makes use of average water per wash, such as 3.1 gallons of water, thereby saving energy and money.


  • It saves money and energy.
  • More so, it has 6 washing programs for convenient use
  • This dishwasher is very efficient and can fit into a kitchen cabinet.


  • It produces a noise level of 55dB, which is higher than a conversation noise level.

SD-6513W: Energy Star 24″ Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher

SD-6513W Energy Star Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher
Amazon image

The portable dishwasher that ranks 1st on my top list of 5 best portable dishwashers is the “SD-6513W Portable Dishwasher.” One unique thing about this portable dishwasher is that it has a larger capacity of 24 inches wide that occupies up to 10 place settings.

With this, it can handle larger household washing needs. Also, this portable dishwasher features two pull-out dish racks and 6 wash programs, including heavy, standard, rapid, economy, glass, and 90 mins.

It has a time delay feature, error alarm, and rinse aid warning indicator. Also, it has a stainless steel interior that gives it unmatched durability.

This portable dishwasher can easily connect to any kitchen tap or faucet. Furthermore, it has a wheel which makes it easy to move around.

Also, it produces a noise level of 52dB.


  1. This portable dishwasher is larger and suitable for an enormous household.
  2. It has easy to move around.
  3. In addition, it has a six-wash cycle for convenient usage.
  4. Also, it is durable.


  1. Though it produces a noise level equal to that of a conversation, it can still be quite disturbing.

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $ 1000; My Final Thought

5 Best Portable Dishwashers Under $ 1000; My Final Thought

One chore most people find difficult to do is washing dishes and pots. However, with the 5 best portable dishwashers under $1000, that chore has become more accessible.

A portable dishwasher is suitable for small families due to its compact size. Thus, there are some portable dishwashers that large families can also use.

With a portable dishwasher, there are wash cycles and features that meet our washing needs. Though it has its disadvantage, its benefits can not be overemphasized.

Hence, there are some factors that you need to consider which will guide you in selecting a portable dishwasher that will meet your need. However, I gave some suggestions above and ranked my top list of portable dishwashers from the bottom to first.

It is essential to know that my above suggestions for 5 best portable dishwashers under $1000 are of the cheaper rate.

I hope you found this PowerVersity pick helpful?

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

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