5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System

Have you considered buying a ski helmet and do not know what basis or factor in choosing? In that case, I urge you to read this buying guide on the 5 best ski helmet audio systems with specs and info.

This Powerversity article discusses the 5 best ski helmet audio systems extensively you can depend on while choosing one for your sporting activities.

However, this selection is based on thorough research, and it is guaranteed to give you everything you need to know about buying a ski helmet audio system.
In addition, a ski helmet is an essential tool for sporting exercises that involve engaging in extreme activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

Even so, in order not to keep you bored, I will explain this article in different sections for better assimilation. Each section will carry vital points on every stage involved in buying a ski helmet audio system.

Subsequently, this buying guide will start with an overview of the pros and cons, the factors to consider before buying, and my picks of the 5 best ski helmet audio systems.

In this regard, I will commence my picks of the 5 best ski helmet audio systems from the 5th and then move in descending order till I get to the 1st on y list.

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; An Overview

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; An Overview

Skiing does not involve just keeping yourself soaked in the silence on a mountain. Instead, you have the option of enjoying the thrill while you listen to your favorite tracks with the ski helmet audio system.

The ski helmets are designed to keep athletes warm, safe, and comfortable during winter when engaging in extreme snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding.

They significantly reduce the number of head injuries like skull fractures and concussions that athletes experience, making them vital equipment to them.

Even so, regardless of the fact that ski helmets reduce damage, it is also essential that you buy a helmet with the needed criteria that are comfortable, reliable, and safe to use.

Furthermore, note that the majority of the fatalities related to skiing are from the blows to the head. Hence, the top ski helmets in this article are not only warm, but they are convenient to the extent that you will forget you have something on your head.

Additionally, my selections are made in a way that they will meet your needs no matter what your budget is. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to wear a helmet when skiing.

Moreover, my top picks of skiing helmets are with audio systems, which make skiing more interesting for you. Even the cheaper models on my list are reliable, have good protection, and are plenty warm with soothing audio systems.

5 Best Ski helmet Audio System; Pros And Cons

5 Best Ski helmet Audio System; Pros And Cons


It creates safety

The primary benefit of the ski helmet is that it helps keep the athlete safe. In cases when you accidentally hit your head on trees and rocks or collide with other skiers, the helmet absorbs the shock that comes from it.

Also, it distributes the energy of the impact in a broader area; hence it protects your head from injury and other likely damages.

It aids a higher Visibility.

When you have a helmet on your head, other skiers tend to see you clearly from afar. Hence, it is essential that you buy bright colors helmets that are easy to see from a very far distance.

Even so, it serves the benefit of avoiding collision with other skiers, and it helps your head fall right on the natural line of their sight.

It helps you set a good example.

As an experienced skier, wearing a helmet helps you positively influence the youngsters around you on safety measures. Also, it gives you the privilege of being an exemplary role model to others, especially children that enjoys seeing you ski.

Furthermore, it helps you gain respect and honor from those around you, and they tend to take after your steps while skiing.

It helps you feel the adventure.

You enjoy the adventure of skiing more when you wear a helmet. Moreover, wearing a ski helmet with an audio system will enhance the rate at which you want the skiing process.

Moreover, it makes you feel safer and more protected from getting potential injuries. In addition, there is a high chance of enjoying the skiing adventure when you have a helmet with an audio system on.

It protects you from the weather.

The ski helmet helps prevent your head from getting wet when it starts snowing while you are skiing. In addition, there is every possibility of light snow showers during winters; hence, the helmet helps protect your head in such weather.

More so, the helmet is a great way to keep your head and ears warm when the temperature drops or perhaps when the wind picks up.


It is essential to know that while the ski helmet audio system is beneficial, as discussed above, there are also some setbacks that come with having them.

However, these shortcomings are not so obvious but are essential we talk about them in order to keep our minds prepared.

Below are some of the obvious disadvantages of a ski helmet audio system:

It encourages risky skiing.

You tend to take more risks when the ski helmet audio system is on. And this is because you tend to feel secure, relaxed, and protected from injury.

The athlete, in this regard, becomes over-confident and does things that ordinarily should not be done while skiing. Or probably take some route that he could have avoidably not taken.

Therefore, even with the ski helmet audio system on, the skier can still get involved in an accident.

It is weighty

Frequently, the ski helmet usually weighs up to 2kgs. When you add this weight to your head, it becomes quite heavy and seems like a punishment to many.

Therefore, some skiers still go bare head to enjoy the sport without burden, ignoring the safety measures.

It does not have trendy designs.

To many skiers, the helmet’s look is more important to them than the safety. Hence, they prefer skiing without a helmet because it is not trendy.

It isn’t easy to carry

Carrying a helmet can be tasking for many, especially those that want to limit their luggage.

Regardless of the size of your head, you will need extra space for your helmet and other essential things.

Therefore, carrying the ski helmet audio system with you is often tricky.

It causes discomfort

When it is not properly designed, it builds up heat and humidity around your head and can cause you discomfort.

Therefore, you will be confused about whether to wear the helmet or not.

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Buying Guide

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Buying Guide

You should not buy one that will make you unaware of your surrounding or feel uncomfortable. When you have this in mind, you will be able to choose conveniently using the below-buying guide.

Audio Quality

Depending on your preference, whether the extra bass or the neutral tones, ensure to check the maximum level of the allowed ambiance of the ski helmet you are buying.

This will help you keep track of consciousness and be aware of your surroundings while enjoying the sounds of the music.


It is essential that you choose a ski helmet with an audio system that fits the size of your head. Also, pay close attention to the audio system.

It will slide nicely between the helmet and your ear when you have a thin and light type.


As an outdoor activity with fairly high risk, it is best to choose a ski helmet with an audio system that can absorb sweat, that is scratch-resistant, and other physical stress.

You should also consider the Bluetooth module, the material used to make the speakers, and also the cable.


Remember that the audio system is a secondary feature when buying a ski helmet. The ability to easily put the helmet on and use it is the most essential.

Therefore, ensure to buy a ski helmet with an audio system that can be easily put on and used. Also, it is vital to avoid buying a ski helmet that creates discomfort and does not work well with the structure.

More so, it buys a ski helmet with an easy-to-reach movement that will not interfere with the skiing movements.


Athlete safety is of paramount importance, as that is the essence of buying the ski helmet initially. However, there are some added advantages like the audio system, which helps the athlete feel the thrill while skiing.

However, safe skiing gives you the focus and peace of mind that you need to complete the sporting activity. Also, it enhances the comfort and knowledge that prevents injuries that are avoided.


The ventilation capacity is another vital to consider in order to ensure maximum comfort. However, it is a must to allow vents when you are wearing a helmet for long stretches at a time.

In addition, this will allow the entry of air into the helmet and help your head stay fresh and oxygenated.

The following are other factors to consider when buying a ski helmet audio system:

  • Padding And Lining.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Shape.
  • Certification.
  • Color.
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5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Comparison And Specs

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Comparison And Specs
ProductsDimensionWeightColorInner MaterialOuter Material
Ledivo Ski Helmet8 x 5 x 1
Extremus Snow Bound Ski & Snowboard Helmet10.89 x 9.06 x 7.09
VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet10.35 x 8.58 x 7.68
BlackExpanded Polystyrene, FleeceAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
TurboSke Ski Helmet10.04 x 8.27 x 6.1 inches14.46
CamoFleece, Expanded Polystyrene‎Plastic

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet
10 x 12 x 9
Expanded PolystyreneN/A

Ledivo Ski Helmet

C:\Users\PV 007\Desktop\Amazon pictures\Ledivo Ski Helmet.jpg
IMG: Amazon

My 5th ski helmet audio system is the “Ledivo Ski Helmet.”

This Ledivo ski helmet is a combination of premium EPS foam and a high-impact ABS shell that provides more durable protection against daily knocks, abrasions, and falls.

Also, it has undergone several safety tests, and it complies fully with EN1077 and ASTM safety-certified standards.

It has a size adjustment dial at the back that always gives you a snug fit. Therefore, no matter your head shape, it fits you perfectly without any issue.

Furthermore, the adjustable venting allows you to control the airflow to suit the ambient temperature. In addition, it has a detachable fleece liner and ear pads that let you customize how much warmth you need.

Moreover, the removable liners can be washed easily and are sweat and odor-free. More so, it has an earphone space that is designed within the ear pads, so you can enjoy your favorite music while shredding the mountain.

However, earphones are not included.

Finally, the package comes with 1 Valiant Snow Helmet, a 30-day hassle-free return, and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • It has certified safety.
  • Also, it is goggle compatible.
  • Even so, it has removable liners.
  • Furthermore, it is very comfortable to use.
  • Lastly, it has an audio system.


  • The water-resistant feature is not mentioned.

Extremus Snow Bound Ski & Snowboard Helmet

C:\Users\PV 007\Desktop\Amazon pictures\Extremus Snow Bound Ski & Snowboard Helmet.jpg
Image from Amazon

My 4th best ski helmet audio system is the “Extremus Snow Bound Ski & Snowboard Helmet.”

It is built with a super-light shock-absorbing polycarbonate material shell and filled with impact-absorbing EPS foam (EPS foam made in the USA).

Also, it’s 20% lighter and 30% tougher than other same style helmets and protects your head from impacts. Hence, you can enjoy winter sports with peace of mind.

Furthermore, it features 10mwell-positioned 3D vents that help prevent overheating and deliver a fresh feeling to any outdoor activity. Additionally, it has a lining that combines soft mesh with soft padded material for improved comfort.

Besides, a detachable fleece and thick earpads allow you to customize your snowboard helmet and provide you with extra comfort.

Moreover, the Extremus ski helmet has varieties of color options that match your snow skiing apparel. However, these snow helmets are adjustable to fit adults.

Lastly, it helps you look your best while staying and playing on the slopes.


  • It is well designed.
  • Also, it is very comfortable to use.
  • More so, it is well ventilated.
  • In addition, it is very safe and convenient.


  • It does not have a dedicated control button.
  • Also, the warranty is not specified.

VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet

C:\Users\PV 007\Desktop\Amazon pictures\VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet Audio System.jpg

On my picks of the 5 best ski helmet audio systems, the “VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet” is the 3rd.

This ski helmet with an audio system has a goggle loop at the back that snaps down to hold your goggles and help them stay fit even during the worst fall.

More so, it comes with 1 Valiant Snow Helmet, a 30-day hassle-free return, and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Even so, it has a dial-button at the back that customizes your fit and adjustable climate control that offers all-day comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

Additionally, it has a plush-padded fleece lining that is easily removable to wash and free of sweat or unpleasant odor.

Furthermore, the earphone space is designed within the ear pads to enjoy your favorite music while shredding the mountain.

However, to assemble the ear pads, insert the arrow-end of the pads inside the seam between the ABS shell and EPS foam, then snap the buttons to secure.

Finally, it is a combination of premium EPS foam that is made in the USA and a high-impact ABS shell that provides more durable protection against everyday falls and abrasions.


  • It has an audio-compatible ear pad.
  • Also, it helps you stay comfortable.
  • Additionally, it is goggle compatible.
  • Furthermore, it has a 30-day, hassle-free return, and lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • The audio quality may not be very satisfying.
  • More so, the water-resistant feature is not mentioned.

TurboSke Ski Helmet

C:\Users\PV 007\Desktop\Amazon pictures\TurboSke Ski Helmet Audio System.jpg

My 2nd best ski helmet audio system is the “TurboSke Ski Helmet.”

Turboske ski helmet has a ventilation system that is designed to promote airflow, not only through the entire space of the helmet but also to the goggles.

Also, it has an earpad designed with an audio storage slot and is comparable with all aftermarket helmet audio systems. It has a size adjustment feature that always gives you a snug fit.

Furthermore, it has a premium design removable padding that is comfortable after-hour wear-on and supportive.

In addition, it has a quality control that is implemented with the highest standard and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

However, instead of the ‘old school’ way of bolting or gluing a shell to the inner foam protection layer, this helmet fuses the outer shell with the impact-absorbing EPS liner that makes it lighter.

Finally, this helmet has undergone intensive safety tests and fully complies with USA ASTM-2040 safety standards for helmets used in winter sports.


  • It is durable.
  • More so, it has 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Even so, its snugs fit and are comfortable.
  • Furthermore, it is ventilation and audio compatible.
  • However, it is lightweight.
  • Finally, it has certified safety.


  • It is quite bulky than most ski helmets.

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet

C:\Users\PV 007\Desktop\Amazon pictures\Giro Ledge Snow Helmet.jpg
Amazon Image

The best on my picks of the 5 best ski helmet audio systems is the “Giro Ledge Snow Helmet.”

It has a durable self-adjusting fit system designed to take the hassle out of fitting a helmet. Also, it has a supple elastic fit band at the back of the helmet that merges with fixed-position straps.

However, these straps adjust to cradle your head when you set the system to one of the 3 different circumference settings.

Therefore, the new On-the-fly Vertical Tuning feature helps dial in your fit and goggle set up without removing your helmet.

Furthermore, it has a hard shell construction that produces great helmets at a great value, with a rugged outer shell that is attached to the EPS foam liner.

In addition, Giro products have been meticulously tested and designed to work together. It is compatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems by outdoor tech.

Lastly, it has stack ventilation in the front of the helmet, which ali9gns with your goggles and helps to keep them clear and fog-free.

Moreover, the super cool vents on the top of the helmet allow the hot air to escape.


  • It is well ventilated.
  • Also, it is compatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems by outdoor tech.
  • Even so, it has seamless compatibility with all Giro EXV Goggles.
  • Furthermore, it has a hard shell construction.,
  • Lastly, it is durable.


  • The product warranty is not specified.
  • Also, it is quite expensive.

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Wrap Up

5 Best Ski Helmet Audio System; Wrap Up

To wrap up this buying guide on the 5 best ski helmet audio systems, I believe that this article has helped you to conveniently choose the best ski helmet with an audio system for yourself.

However, every item that made it to my list has all of the discussed benefits and the features of consideration.

The ski helmet is one essential piece of equipment you must own as an athlete. This is because it has a vital role to play in your safety.

Hence, it is a must-own, and you must have seen from the prices on each of the listed products that they are all affordable and will definitely work well with your budget.

Therefore, I urge you to patiently go through each of their features and use the “Buy Now On Amazon” button to make your order.

I hope this Powerversity buying guide met your expectation? If it does, please share your thought by filling out the “Leave a reply” form found towards the end of this article.

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