5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger

There are numerous chargers in the market that you can comfortably use to charge your electric vehicle. But the question is, does it worth it? If you don’t have an answer to that question, kindly read my 5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger.

Having a charger that charges your vehicle doesn’t guarantee an excellent charging speed. However, how often does your electric vehicle smartly charge? Without putting much pressure on the car, you need to look for a smart electric vehicle charger.

Over the years, the electric vehicle has become a fast-growing technology, minimizing the carbon footprint and increasing government-regulated incentives. Therefore, a smart electric vehicle charger has emerged as one of those things that will help to decrease the carbon footprint.

Hence, a smart electric vehicle charger ensures adequate charging of your vehicle to perform in a real-life without interruption. Also, a smart electric vehicle charger has a great attribute that makes it charge your EVs without a problem.

Therefore, managing how it charges connecting through to the grid.

Consequently, I have taken my time to research some standard smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers that you can comfortably use to charge your EV. Hence, I come up with the 5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers.

Kindly join me to get the best out of the five I will be listing in this article. But before that, read the following subheading to know the meaning of smart electric vehicle chargers.

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger; Overview

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger; Overview

A smart electric vehicle charger is an intelligent charger that charges your vehicle via internet connectivity. It takes control of every charging activity going on in your car.

To be more specific, you can comfortably control and manage your car charging remotely.

On the other hand, a smart electric vehicle is good for someone who lives off-grid. Instead of waiting at a public station to charge your vehicle, you can always charge your car using the smart electric vehicle charger.

Though, it may be difficult for someone living in a remote area.

Nevertheless, the most important thing about this smart electric vehicle charger is that you can continually update it to the firmware. Especially now that technology is evolving, you will need help navigating or connecting to other devices.

Hence, it has a unique feature that enables you to integrate into a grid system.

In addition, a smart electric vehicle charger shares data connection by connecting a cable known as a charging device to the vehicle using a charging operator.

Overall, a smart electric vehicle charger has a way of minimizing extra load for you. In essence, it monitors the charging speed and also controls your vehicle charging in traffic.

It will interest you to know the benefit of using a smart electric vehicle charger for your EVs. Check the following paragraph to find out the benefits.

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger; Benefits

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Charger; Benefits

Here are some reasons you may need the best smart electric vehicle charger. But, you may ask, why can’t you use a regular charger for your electric vehicles?

Below is why you need a better charger for your EVs.

Safety charging

Since the charger uses a WiFi connection to connect the charger to the vehicle, it is essential to use a smart charger that automatically detects any error before engaging in the charging. Meanwhile, a smart EV charger ensures reliability even before charging your vehicle.

In essence, the smart charger test the device connection, i.e., the connection between the car and the cable device, before executing the charging event. In all, it is eco-friendly and safer.

Charges faster

In this case, instead of using a regular power socket, this smart electric vehicle charger makes it much easier and faster to charge.

Therefore, it is faster and more reliable when charging your electric vehicle.

Monitoring electricity consumption

If you live in a place that shares an electricity bill, you don’t have any other choice than to get a smart EV charger. The smart EV charger makes billing less costly.

Your electricity consumption will reduce once you connect directly to the charging device. Again, if you are working for a company that uses an electric vehicle for transit, billing will go automatically to the EV owner.

The smart EV charging cost report will be transferred to the company. Therefore, you will no longer take charge of the electricity bill.

Thanks to the WiFi connectivity of the smart electric vehicle charger.

Reduces environmental footprint

In as much as the smart EV charger reduces electricity consumption, it also decreases environmental footprint. However, a charging point station can also help to maximize the carbon emission once the schedule is made.

Therefore, waste during off-peak will be minimal with a smart EV charger. And it can also use cleaner energy to help reduce carbon emissions.

Finding a charging station

It is much easier to find a charging station because the smart EV charger automatically detects the charging station. Thus, the charging network will always direct the driver where to charge.

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; Factors To Consider

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; Factors To Consider

Having in mind what you want to buy also determines knowing the most vital factors to consider before buying it. Therefore, consider each of the following as the factors you need to check before deciding.

Type of cable charger

Smart electric vehicle chargers cannot function in isolation without a suitable cable. Hence, a smart electric vehicle charger comes in two ways; untethered and tethered cable charger.

However, an untethered smart EV cable charger is a charger that doesn’t come with a cable charger but requires you to buy your cable. In most cases, it is supplied with EVs.

Nevertheless, you can always get used to the advantage it offers. For instance, if you are using a type 1 vehicle, you will need a particular type 1 to type 2 cable.

So charging your vehicle won’t be difficult because you have double options to choose from.

A tethered smart EV charger, on the other hand, is a type of charger that the cable is attached to it. This means it is not detachable, and it uses Type 2 cable.

So if you want convenience, you need to go for a tethered charger because you won’t be packing and unpacking. Unlike an untethered charger, the cable is not attached.

That is to say; the tethered charger has the advantage of not carrying along the extra cable. But it’s limited only to type 2 cable, though it is popularly used in most modern EVs.


You should consider checking the socket of the Smart EV charger that you want to buy. The reason is that not all EV chargers have the same socket.

To begin with, when it comes to the features and UPS, the EV chargers vary even though most smart electric vehicles use type 2 cable.

This cable is the universal cable that can easily accommodate every other type of charger. So if the socket is type 2, be assured that it will charge every EV model.

Safety and reliability

When you talk about safety, you aim to keep your property safe and sound. In essence, if you live in an environment where movement is paramount, it may endanger the smart EV charger.

I’m saying that keeping your EV charger in a safe place makes it last longer, which will make it reliable to use anytime, any day.

Again, it won’t minimize the charging speed or have any issues when charging your EVs at home or in public stations. So avoid allowing your smart electric vehicle charger to lie on the ground.

In all, the charger should be safely certified by the UL certification agency.

Saves money

Is the charger smart WiFi enabled? That is one thing you should bear in mind. In addition, you want to have a schedule of where to charge your EVs, either during the day or at midnight.

Most times, you may wish to schedule for midnight because you want to ensure it utilizes your utility bill. But then, what if you were aware from home or on a road trip after scheduling? Would it still work for you?

In other words, people still plan with the special EV charging station to utilize the special EV charging rate that saves money.

Hence, you will need a smart WiFi-enabled charger to carry out the scheduling. So that way, it will save you money by utilizing the utility bill.

Smart features

The next after you might ensure it saves you money is to know if the charger is worth it. You know buying charging is not a problem but buying the smart one is the issue.

Therefore, just like I said in the above point that a Smart WiFi-enabled charger is the best, I still need to tell you that it helps you connect to an App. This app will help you track down the cost of your charging.

If you use data often and need to know how much your charging cost, you need a smart charger. For instance, if you have ChargePoint at home, the ChargePoint app lets you connect with public ChargePoint.

Again, you also get a reminder when to connect your charger.

Overall, the smart EV charger is also automatic, and it updates to any new features available at a time.

End-to end-software

For easy access control and pricing of the EV charger, you must go for a charger with end-to-end software. The reason is that, since EV chargers require remote monitoring, you will need an end-to-end software charging solution.

More so, this end-to-end software comes with software enabling the smart EV charger to use a mobile app and also helping the EV drivers drive safely. So instead of using an external app, it is better to use this app for easy navigation.

Moreover, some external software may cause issues regarding data privacy with the charger.

Waterproof feature

Making sure you have an excellent smart electric charger is not where it stops. For instance, is the charger all-weather support conditions?

Always ensure you get the one that suits all weathers, whether in summer or winter. The one covered by waterproof is the best option to avoid damage.

With the above headings, I believe you have gotten enough information to help you make the right decision on getting the best smart electric vehicle charger.

I have decided to simplify it by drafting out some of the 5 best smart electric vehicle chargers that you get on the market.

Check the next subheading to see the products in a tabular form. Even so, there will be an explanation for each of the products.

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5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; Comparison Table and Specifications

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; Comparison Table and Specifications
ProductsDimensionWeightBrandVoltageCharger LengthCircuit BreakerConnector TypeVoice Control
MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger15.86 x 13.94 x 6.22 inches13 poundsMUSTART240 volts25 feets50 AmpN/AN/A
Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger4 x 7.8 x 7.9 inches‎19.81 pounds‎W Wallbox240 volts25 feet40 AmpType 1Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger15 x 13.5 x 9.75 inches19.91 poundsGrizzl-EN/A24 feet40 AmpLevel 2N/A
JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi 23.25 x 15 x 11 inches19.11 poundsJuiceBoxN/A25 feet40 AmpLevel 2Amazon Alexa device
ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger up to 50 AmpN/A17.6 poundsChargepoint240 volts23 feet40 AmpLevel 2N/A

MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 40 Amp)

MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger; 5 best smart electric vehicle charger
Amazon image

After thorough research on the best smart electric charger to pick, the “MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV charger” takes 5th on my list.

This MUSTART level 2 portable EV charger has a reliable charging speed. I picked this MUSTART electric charger because it is upgradeable to 40A level 2 and very sturdy.

This makes it a sensitive chip. Nevertheless, this sensitive chip has a higher waterproof and abrasion resistance.

However, it can charge your vehicle up to 2.5 times faster than the average 16A level 2 EV charger you have seen before.

Also, it charges faster than the 16A level 1 EV charger that most electric vehicles come with. To be more specific, this charger charges 5 times better.

Though the charging current depends on the settings, you gave your vehicle.

Meanwhile, it is compatible and works well with most electric vehicles. In addition, MUSTART says you can trust them 100% because their chargers have one year warranty and can also provide you with a 2-year solution if your charger develops any fault.

What about its convenient and compact size? Well, it gives a total of 25 feet of charging cable for your flexibility during installation and easy usage.

However, you need a 220 volt or up to 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet to plug in the charger.

Overall, the MUSTART charging station has a high-quality design charger that is portable, reliable, and durable. Like I told you before, you should always look for the best smart EV charger that is all weatherproof.

Hence, this particular one is lightning-proof and leakage-proof. Not only that, but it’s also protected from overvoltage, overheating, and overcurrent.

So never worry about the charger’s safety as it charges your vehicle optimally.


  • It features an LED and LCD unit
  • Also, easy to install
  • In addition, it has a rubber ring for safety purposes outside the home
  • Meanwhile, it is safe and secure from lightning-proof, overcurrent, overheating, etc.
  • Lastly, it features an IP67 EV connector


  • It doesn’t support any other outlet without a MUSTART charger
  • Sadly, you can’t use the high appliance on the same socket

Pulsar Plus Level 2 – 40 Amp NEMA Ultra-Compact, WiFi, Bluetooth

Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger
Image: Amazon

The fourth pick on my 5 best smart electric vehicle chargers is “Pulsar plus 2 electric vehicles smart chargers”. This charger provides 40 amperage power to charge your electric vehicle more than 7 times.

So it is more powerful than most of the standard level 1 charging cables, and it features NEMA ultra-compact.

It is compatible because it uses 240-volt level 2 charging technology. Hence, the charging speed is incredible.

Just like every other smart electric vehicle charger, this particular one is smart and connects using a Wallbox app to connect wirelessly. Also, it controls wirelessly and monitors the charging speed through WiFi or Bluetooth.

In one of the factors, I said that you should go for a charger that is smart enough to create a schedule. This Pulsar plus uses the off-peak utility rate, which makes it get notifications and set reminders with the help of the Wallbox app. Isn’t that amazing?

Did I also tell you that it features two models that make it more flexible? First, it has multiple possibilities of adjusting from 16A to up to 40A. So you can easily connect to lower-power circuits if you don’t need maximum power.

This implies that you can always switch to any amperage if you are ready for more power.

Impressively, this Pulsar Plus level 2 smart EV charger has voice control to enable the feature. You can use Alexa or Google to connect to the smart home system. With your voice, you can control and monitor your charger.

Fortunately, it shares power, connecting more than onPulsarar and simultaneously to the same electrical circuit. Therefore, you can safely charge different EVs simultaneously.

Finally, it features built-in smart power management, which automatically balances charging. This is to enable sufficient and efficient energy distribution without extra components.   


  • It uses the voice control method.
  • Even so, it comes with a wallbox app for wireless connectivity
  • Additionally, supported by UL certification
  • With a NEMA type 4 rating, it is water and dust resistant
  • It features an onboard intelligence method for managing your charging schedules
  • More so, it is eligible for a federal rebate.
  • Lastly, the charger is power-sharing, i.e., it powers multiple EVs simultaneously.


  • The NEMA 14-50R mounting should not be placed downwards; if not, it won’t work correctly.

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger, 16/24/32/40 Amp, NEMA 14-50 Plug/06-50 Plug

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger; 5 best smart electric vehicle charger
Picture: Amazon

“Grizzl-E level 2 smart EV charger” scores 3rd on my 5 best smart electric vehicle charger list. This premium cable charger features NEMA 14-50 plug plus 24 feet cable.

It is classic in its way, and it is powerful and straightforward. It is heavy-duty and portable, very suitable for all weather conditions- meaning that you can use it to charge all EVs and PHEVs.

One benefit of this EV charger is that it is self-monitoring and uses a recovery method. Plus, power outage recovery and built-in GFCI.

All thoroughly tested by UL certification and free from over-voltage, under-voltage, missing diode, over current, etc. So it is eligible for federal government incentives.

Furthermore, it charges fast and uses an adjustable amperage like 40A, 32, 24A, and 16A. However, the output performance varies, using a maximum current output of 40 amperages for a 50A circuit breaker.

Also, it uses 32 amperages for a 40A circuit breaker.

On the other hand, it uses 24a for a 30A circuit breaker or 16a for a 20A circuit breaker. Moreover, its charge rate is between 28-and 30 miles in an hour.

For clarity, at 40A, it uses 28-30 miles per hour and 22-25 miles per hour at 32 amperages. More so, at 24A, it uses 15-18 miles per hour and finally uses 10-12 miles per hour at 16A.

In addition, it is easy to install and use by installing a 14-50R outlet, and it is also easy to transport.

It is also simple to remove from where you mounted it and easy to move to any location.


  • It is weatherproof and fire resistance
  • Also, it has a UL label certification
  • More so, easy to detach from the wall mount
  • Interestingly, it features self-recovery settings, power outage recovery, and monitoring mode.


  • The foot cord is too short
  • More so, it doesn’t come with an additional cord

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi 

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

I choose “JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charger” as the second of my 5 best smart electric vehicle chargers.

Impressively, JuiceBox smart electric vehicle charging station is one of the best sellers of smart electric vehicle chargers. They deliver reliable chargers to charging stations.

Meanwhile, it is faster in performance and 7 times faster than any other 5 best smart electric vehicle charger. However, it has a 40 amperage output with a 10kW outdoor and indoor charging station.

Additionally, you can use this charger with WiFi connectivity using a free JuiceNet app. This app helps to control and monitor your charging remotely.

Again, you will get a notification of how the car charges and when it is done charging. It also sets a reminder to charge, plus dynamic LED lights that shows charging status and voice control through amazon echo/Alexa.

Likewise, this smart EV charger has a schedule timing mode when the rate is lower. Hence, it makes your electric vehicle easier and cheaper to drive. In turn, it saves you more money and less energy consumption.

Moreover, it features a built-in cable rack and security lock, supported by UL listed energy star certified with a 3-year limited warranty.

If you are thinking of installing this kind of charger, don’t worry; here is how you should do it. Kindly install a NEMA 14-50R outlet, plug in your JuiceBox, and then you are good to go. In addition, it is compatible with most dry outlets through available adapters.


  • It has a dynamic scheduling feature
  • Also, it features a monitoring and control mode
  • More so, it is accessible and versatile
  • Plus, a reminder and notification settings
  • Lastly, it is easy and cheaper to install.


  • The WiFi setup light is not steady, i.e., it fluctuates.
  • Also, the WiFI doesn’t support an 802.11R roaming charge.
  • The WiFi app may not display in some countries.

ChargePoint Home Flex Charger up to 50 Amp

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Then to crown it all, “ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger” takes the first position among the 5 best smart electric vehicle chargers.

You may recall that I said in one of the factors to consider that a level 2 charger is the most popular smart electric vehicle charger in the market. However, this ChargePoint home flex electric vehicle charger is one of them.

Therefore, it is 9 times better and faster than the above chargers I mentioned. This is why I choose it as the overall best smart electric vehicle charger.

In essence, it charges faster than the regular wallbox outlet using 50 amperage settings. So it is versatile and ranges from 16 amp to 50 amp.  

However, after installation, you can use the applicable ChargePoint App to choose the amperage of your choice.

More so, it is tested on EV models to work with any electric vehicle. So, for example, it can work on Hyundai Kona, Telsa Models, Toyota Prius Prime, BMW 13 model, Honda clarity, etc.

Additionally, just like every other 5 best smart electric vehicle charger, you can comfortably set a reminder and schedule using the ChargePoint App, plus the Alexa voice control mode, and see your charging status.

Finally, it is safe, reliable, and easy to install by any electrician indoors or outdoors. You will also use NEMA outlets ranging from 6-50 or 14-50 outlets. With a selected circuit breaker rated from 40A or 50A.

In all, it is backed with a 3-year warranty by 24/7 customer support from any company dedicated to EV charging for at least 10 years. Also, it is certified by UL listed for electrical safety, ENERGY STAR certified for its efficiency.


  • It is versatile and works with any electric vehicle.
  • Even so, it charges smarter, faster and is safe for your EV
  • It is reliable and easy to install by any electrician
  • Finally, it is easy to count on ChargePoint


  • Enables strong WiFi connectivity using a strong smartphone app

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; My conclusion

5 Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers; My conclusion

As technology evolves, things will continue to be easier and safer to get. However, since electric vehicles continue to upgrade to a higher version, a smart electric vehicle charger will become more relevant.

Meanwhile, all manufacturers are doing everything possible to ensure that each electric vehicle charger is worth it. Hence, most of the 5 best smart electric vehicle charger I picked has all the features needed to charge your car.

In essence, feel free to go through all of them, and you will discover that it all has unique features. For example, one of those features states that you can use the charger outdoors or indoors.

Also, with the voice control method, you can continuously monitor your vehicle charging speed and when it is fully charged. Even so, you can detect the charging cost using some of the built-in Apps such as wallbox App, ChargePoint App, etc.

Therefore, if you enjoyed reading this article and wish to get any of the above-mentioned 5 best smart electric vehicle chargers, it will be nice to click on the “Buy From Amazon” button to get yours.

Also, if you have anything to tell us, use the “Leave a reply” comment section at the end of this page.

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