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5 Best Solar Torch Lights

Are you in the market for a solar torch light? Then, read through this article on the 5 best solar torch lights.

That bright light beam can be a lifesaver in many situations because darkness makes survival situations more dangerous and difficult.

Again, you can use solar torch lights to decorate an outdoor area and can make your environment look beautiful.

Therefore, I researched to find the best solar torch lights on the market. So, this PowerVersity buying guide gives you the best 5 solar torch lights you can depend on for use.

To know the best among the list, ensure to read this article to the end. Also, this will give you the proper knowledge to help you pick the best from the 5 best solar torch lights.

Before diving into this, I will take you through what a solar torch light is and its pros and cons. Also, I give some of the factors you need to know.

But, first, let’s get the overview.

5 Best Solar Torch Lights: Overview

5 Best Solar Torch Lights Overview

This solar torch light is also known as a solar flashlight. It is a beam light that uses solar energy stored in rechargeable batteries to provide light.

Compared to traditional light bulbs, most flashlights employ light-emitting diode lamps. The torchlight charges quickly thanks to a small solar array of photovoltaic cells with the handle.

Furthermore, the qualities and capacities of solar torchlight are different. For example, a regular solar torchlight can give useful illuminating for things up to 50 meters away, with the beam visible for much greater distances.

Additionally, the solar cells that charge the batteries have a limitless lifespan. After you charge it all day, a solar torchlight can provide illumination for several hours.

Plus, the solar torchlight comes with the ability to withstand impact, be waterproof, and float.

Overall, some brands have options like a solar phone charger, an AM/FM radio, or a siren to summon help in an emergency.

5 Best Solar Torch Lights: Pros And Cons

5 Best Solar Torch Lights Pros And Cons


Like every standard torchlight, a solar torchlight also has its benefits. So, in this section, I will give you a breakdown of the benefits of solar power for survival gear like solar torchlights.

Always Usable

Traditional torchlights have many disadvantages in survival situations; you cannot use them after the battery runs out.

Also, in your survival kit, you can only carry a certain number of disposable batteries, and you can forget to load up on backup batteries.

Nevertheless, a solar torchlight will always be used as long as the sun shines.

Less Weight And More Space

You’ll discover that they take up a lot of room in your backpack or storage container if you always remember to keep plenty of torchlight batteries.

More so, depending on the size of the batteries, they can make your backpack much heavier.

On the other hand, a solar torchlight does not need extra storage space for backup batteries, and many solar torchlights are lighter.

No Pollution

They cause much pollution because disposable batteries are not biodegradable and contain dangerous components.

Also, batteries can quickly die in a survival situation or even during minor power outages when you leave them on the shelf.

Whether you use them or not, you need to replace them frequently because it creates a lot of waste in landfills and nature.

However, solar energy is a clean and efficient source of energy. This torchlight’s batteries can last for over seven years before you need to replace them.

Of course, you can change a solar torchlight’s battery, but you’ll have to do it less frequently than a regular torchlight.

5 Best Solar Torch Light: Features/Factors To Consider

5 Best Solar Torch Light Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

In terms of price, features, and the huge difference in their functionality, the number of solar torchlights on the market can overwhelm you.

When deciding which solar torchlight to go for, you should consider whether you need one or two categories, such as outdoor, indoor, or backup.

Some people go for features that fit their requirements since they can use the torchlight as a backup.

Outdoor Use

If the solar panel isn’t the most efficient, you may not want to rely on the one that charges by USB.

Furthermore, you’ll need to search for a torchlight with a manual backup source or the best solar panel. Also, a waterproof light, or at least one very water-resistant one, will be perfect for outdoor use.

Nevertheless, it is good to be prepared if you don’t know where your light will end up in the great outdoors. Some lights can come with a compass which will be helpful for use outdoors, especially if it isn’t too heavy.

Indoor Use

If you use your torchlight mostly indoors, you may not feel reluctant to use a solar torchlight that acts as a USB charger, especially if it goes into an indoor emergency kit where the battery will be complete.

Also, so your USB charging doesn’t waste, you will need to get a torchlight that holds a charge for an extended period. Waterproofness and overall durability might not be as necessary, and neither is a necessarily bright light.

In addition, an ideal idea is when you can find something you find and store it easily inside your home. Your best bet is simplicity for an indoor backup light.

Backup Charge Method

USB charge or cranking is our list’s two main backup charge methods. Their backup method is quicker than solar charging, and they are beneficial.

Furthermore, charging with a USB is perfect if you need a fast and simple way to give the torchlight a base. Also, you can completely charge up your torchlight in a few hours, as long as you have access to a wall charger.

Additionally, the cranking backup method does not need electricity if you need to be off the grid completely.

Overall, within two minutes of cranking, you can have 15 minutes of charge, making it useful to work immediately.

Size And Weight

The size and weight of flashlights are of different levels. Due to extra features, some are large and heavy, while others are flexible because of simple designs.

Where you will be taking your torchlight will determine the size and weight that suit you.

Charge Time Vs. Runtime

All torchlights have a different charge time to runtime ratio, which means the time it takes to charge a flashlight to full capacity versus the amount of time it will work with a full charge.

Furthermore, they can differ depending on the input type (USB, crank, or solar) and output (brightness). This is important when the light can last for an extended period or if charging options are minimal.

Lastly, getting a torchlight with an effective solar charge will guarantee you’ll get the most out of it at night if you need to use the light when camping.


Currently, solar torchlight includes all the necessary items like a compass, floatable materials, sidelights, and other lights are among the torchlight on my list.

In addition, to determine which of these options is good for you, consider what kind of kit your light will be.

Overall, the items of the car are ideal for a car’s emergency kit but not so useful for backpacking because they add weight.

Meanwhile, the compass and floating materials will be suitable for a kayaking trip.


There are three typical modes on almost every flashlight: bright, dim, and strobe. In addition, other settings are available, such as red-light and sidelight modes.

More so, the regular three modes are enough for most people’s everyday use, although some may find that they want more.

For example, extra modes can come in handy as part of an automobile emergency pack. Also, the same goes for camping or hunting environment.

Additionally, having a red-light mode can be helpful if you have a problem with your car and want to alert other drivers without shining a bright light into their eyes.

Therefore, I will start my list with the 5th of the 5 best solar torch lights, and then we will move on in descending order till I get to my best. will earn a tiny commission if you purchase a product from one of the links in this article. This enables us to keep the lights on, but it has no impact on your pay price. Visit our Affiliate Disclosure page for more details.

5 Best Solar Torchlights: Comparison Table And Specifications

5 Best Solar Torchlights Specifications And Comparison Table
ProductsDimensionWeightLight SourceMaterial
Simpeak Hand Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight5.51 X 2.87 X 1.65 inches2.82 ouncesLEDABS
PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight5.51 x 1.65 x 2. 8 inches3.05 ouncesLEDPlastic
ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight 5.81 x 1.77 x 2.42 inches6.2 ouncesLED
NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED COB Light7.8 x 1.8 x 1.3 inches10.9 ouncesLEDAluminum
Best Overall; HYBRIDLIGHT Journey 300 Solar LED Waterproof Flashlight with USB1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches4.5 ouncesLEDPlastic

Simpeak Hand Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight

Simpeak Hand Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight
IMG: Amazon

“Simpeak Hand Cranking Solar Flashlight” is ranked 5th on my list of the 5 best solar torchlights.

Take a look at this hand-cranking solar torchlight from Simpeak if you want a low-cost but still high-quality torchlight.

This torchlight is perfect for trips because you can slip it into your backpack and use it anywhere during a power outage.

Furthermore, it comes with a carabiner that you can easily attach to your pack if you need some torchlight.

In addition, direct sunlight will provide you with 6-8 hours, while one minute of hand-cranking gives 10 minutes of light. It is suitable for an army officer and features an army green color.


  • Firstly, one minute of hand cranking will give you 10 minutes of light.
  • Secondly, the design makes it comfortable for you.
  • Also, it comes with a carabiner
  • In addition, it has both low and high beam
  • Low-cost option
  • The battery lasts for 6-8 hours when direct sunlight charges it.
  • Overall, you can use either solar or hand-crank to charge this torchlight.


  • It is robust, and that makes it flip sometimes
  • Even so, it is small

PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight

PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight

“PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight” is ranked 4th on my list of the 5 best solar torchlights.

You’ll need a solar torchlight or clip-on flashlight if you love a good run in the dusky hours of the evening, just like me.

Furthermore, this PrimalCamp torchlight has various survival features for emergencies because it’s ultra-light and low-cost.

However, it has powerful LED bulbs to power the torchlight, making it brighter than other flashlights of similar size.

Nevertheless, for every six minutes of hand cranking, you’ll have 1 hour of light if you forget to charge it.

Overall, this torchlight comes with a carabiner inside. It is also portable and compact for you to carry easily.


  • The battery lasts for a long duration.
  • With every 6 minutes of cranking, you’ll get 1 hour of light.
  • Also, it is compact and super lightweight.
  • You can either charge this torchlight through solar or cranking.
  • In addition, it comes with a carabiner
  • Above all, bright LED bulbs power the torchlight.


  • The light is blurry.

ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight 

ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight
Picture from Amazon

ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight is ranked 3rd on my list of the 5 best solar torchlights.

The ThorFire is a solar torchlight that doesn’t need batteries. Instead, you can use solar cells to charge the flashlight or increase the power by hand-crank.

You can charge the torchlight for an hour with a single minute of hand-cranking.

On occasions when you might not be able to keep your batteries charged, Thorfire is an ideal choice.

In addition, this torchlight is waterproof, saves a lot of energy, has an IPX6 rating, and can withstand rough handling.

The light can keep going for more than 2 hours if you charge this solar torchlight for just two hours.

Above all, it comes with 3 lighting modes which are 3 LED lights (bright LED), 1 LED light (low light), and SOS mode for emergencies.


  • Low beam, high beam, and SOS
  • Also, the battery can last for a long duration.
  • Even so, a minute of cranking will last you for an hour.
  • For a quick recharge, make use of a hand crank.
  • Finally, solar charging for 2 hours will last more than 2 hours.


  • You can only use the hand crank to make it charge quickly.

NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED COB Light

NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED
PIC: Amazon

“NPET T09 Solar Flashlight Car Flashlight 268 Lumens LED COB Light” is ranked 2nd on my list of the 5 best solar torch lights.

If you are looking for a torchlight that is more than a torchlight, the NPET T09 is your best bet.

Moreso, it takes a simple head torchlight to the next level by using various light placements and settings.

Furthermore, another feature of the NPET T09 solar torchlight, which I admire, is that after it has enough charge to light up, you can use it as a solar power bank to charge your USB gadgets.

Even so, you will be able to fully charge the NPET’s built-in 2,000mAh battery if you expose the LED torchlight to direct sunshine for 30 hours.

Plus, a maximum light output of 200 lumens and a range of 200 meters makes the battery capacity run 7 operating modes for 4 to 6 hours.


  • It comes with two charging modes which are solar and USB.
  • Also, it has a powerful magnet for you to use hands-free.
  • In addition, the battery capacity runs 7 operating modes for 4 to 6 hours.
  • You can use direct sunshine to charge this torchlight for 30 hours or 5 hours for USB.
  • Overall, 200 lumens output and 2000mAh battery capacity.


  • All these features make it heavy.
  • Also, if you want to store them while you’re on the go, you may not find it easy because it weighs a pound.

HYBRIDLIGHT Journey 300 Solar LED Waterproof Flashlight with USB

HYBRIDLIGHT Journey 300 Solar LED Waterproof Flashlight with USB Phone Charger, Yellow

“HYBRIDLIGHT Journey 300 Solar LED Waterproof Flashlight with USB” is ranked 1st on my list of the 5 best solar torch lights.

First and foremost, an excellent hybrid option to use in many situations is the Hybridlight Journey LED Flashlight.

Secondly, you can charge it by using solar power or the provided USB cord for fast charging since it is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Furthermore, the hybrid light is ideal for hiking, camping, boating, and other activities since it is waterproof (up to 3 meters).

Moreso, this torchlight is ideal for guiding people because it is durable and produces 160 brilliant lumens of white light.

In addition, depending on the situation, you can set the torchlight to either a bright or low beam, which may store with a charge for years.

Plus, this torchlight is bright and clear enough to light your path safely, but it’s not bright enough for reading.

Finally, this torchlight allows you to charge your mobile in an emergency while hiking.


  • It has two modes of operation, which are high and low.
  • Also, it can stay underwater for up to 3 meters.
  • In addition, it comes with a 2400mAh lithium-ion battery and 160 lumens output.
  • Plus, the two charging methods are solar power and USB


  • You can’t read with it.
  • It runs down faster when it’s on full brightness.

5 Best Solar Torchlights: My Final Thoughts

5 Best Solar Torchlights: My Final Thoughts

Yes, you can charge your solar torchlights in direct and indirect sunshine. Light is essential.

Also, it produces daylight even on cloudy days, which is what solar torchlights need to charge.

However, it would be best if you were careful about another aspect of water protection.

If you plan to use your solar torchlight for camping or outdoor activities such as fishing, and sailing, getting a torchlight with an excellent waterproof rating is essential.

Nevertheless, getting a waterproof rating isn’t essential if you plan to use the light as a car emergency torchlight.

Regardless, I have been able to give my 5 best solar torch lights above. So do well to check them out.

I hope you find this Guide on the 5 best solar torchlights helpful.

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

Finally, to read more guides like this, visit the following page.

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