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5 Best Toshiba TV: Top TV Brand

Are you looking for the best Toshiba TV for home entertainment? This article on the 5 best buys Toshiba TV holds the answer to your long-overdue search.

Sometimes, it is not just about getting a TV. However, it is about getting a reliable TV, and Toshiba has been offering the service of reliability for a long time.

This is why this Powerversity guide gives you all the information you need about Toshiba TVs and a list of the top 5 Toshiba TVs you can conveniently choose.

In this article, different sections discuss Toshiba TVs in detail. Therefore, I will begin the first section with a rundown of Toshiba TVs and then move to the pros and cons of Toshiba TVs.

The following section discusses the factors to consider when buying a Toshiba TV. Furthermore, the proceeding section discusses the specs and comparisons of the 5 selected products.

Lastly, I will explain the 5 selected products in descending order. This means I will rank from the 5th down to the overall best on my list.

I recommend reading this article until the end to avoid missing out on any information.

5 Best Toshiba TV: Overview

When we talk about the best TV lineups, Toshisha is one of those mentioned. However, the Toshiba brand is one of the oldest TV brands and the best in producing other home electronics.

Over the years, the Toshiba brand has made a good name in producing high-quality TVs with quality features for entertainment and satisfying its customers in every way.

Considering that the Toshiba brand is a Japanese company established in 1875, producing telegraphing devices and later growing into manufacturing high-tech digital electronics, including TVs.

Mainly, Toshiba TVs are one of the most reliable TVs in the market. Moreover, they have value for money qualities as they come with impressive packages and a friendly interface.

Toshiba TVs are designed with smart features such as screen share, allowing you to share content from your smartphone device to your TV easily.

This feature gives users the advantage of a bigger screen as well as watching content on a screen with higher picture quality and an excellent contrast ratio.

Specifically, for anyone looking for a basic TV with smart features, the Toshiba brand is what you must consider. Aside from that, their design is a total giveaway.

You see, Toshiba TVs mostly come with an ultra-thin sleek design, making them perfect for any placement or installation, either for wall mount, or stand.

Also, they usually have slim bezel designs that do not protrude into the TV screen. Another good thing about Toshiba TVs is that they come in different sizes.

Therefore, regardless of your home space, you can get a perfect befitting Toshiba TV for your home.

5 Best Toshiba TV: Pros And Cons

5 Best Toshiba TV- Pros And Cons

Let me take you through the benefits of knowing how best a Toshiba TV can serve you.



Aside from the excellent reputation that the Toshiba brand has acquired over the years, the Toshiba TV brand is also known for its great price rate.

They offer quality TVs at an affordable price. Likewise, Toshiba TVs come in various sizes, with different inches that will suit your desire for any apartment.


Toshiba TVs come with an attractive design that makes them add beauty and perfectly fit into your home interior design. In addition, they have slim bezels and are usually lightweight.


Some Toshisha TV models feature an eco-friendly mode. Thus, these TVs help to save energy.

Offer Access To Streaming Service

Toshiba is a smart Fire TV. This means you can access many streaming apps such as Netflix, HULU, and many more to watch your favorite shows.

If you are a lover of content and shows, be rest assured that any Toshiba TV choice you make will deliver.

Picture Quality

The Toshiba TV lineup does not disappoint in this aspect. So if you have been craving a cinematic feel and viewing experience, this is your chance to do it.

To explain, Toshiba TVs are generally powered by Dolby Vision. This Dolby vision allows the TV to produce vivid colors and a stunning contrast ratio for a cinematic experience.

Diffrent Display Type

Like other TV brands, Toshiba TVs come with different TV display Types, such as OLED, which stands for Organic Light-emitting diodes, and QLED, which stands for Quantum Light-emitting diodes.

Alexa Enabled

Toshiba TVs are Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled for easy control. Thus, You can turn your smartphone device into a TV control using a voice command.

This means you have the ability to control your TV right where you are on your couch.

Other benefits include;

  • They are good at video processing.
  • Also, they have a decent resolution and a good refresh rate.
  • They have a share screen feature.
  • Amazing connectivity feature.
  • It comes with good warranty offers.


Toshiba TVs sure has many good features to offer its user. However, there are some drawbacks. Let us look at them briefly.


Toshiba TV does not have the best brightness. Thus, to some degree, they have low brightness.

Contrast Ratio

Similarly, Toshiba TVs do not have the highest contrast ratio, but they are decent enough if you are not asking for much.

5 Best Toshiba TV: Features/Factors To Consider

5 Best Toshiba TV- Features & Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

There are some essential factors to consider when buying a Toshiba TV. Therefore, I will be discussing those factors here for your right purchase.

Display Type

Most Toshiba TVs come with OLED or QLED display types. Depending on what you are going for, it is best to go for an OLED that has high contrast ratio, especially in depicting deep blacks.

Moreso, the OLED has a better and high refresh rate as well. They can switch faster when compared to the LCD type.

Meanwhile, the QLED display is a type that functions well in the color aspect. They produce vivid and vibrant colors.

Hence, you tend to enjoy more bright, colorful content. These display types have their special feature to make your viewing experience more fun and adventurous, so choose your Toshiba display type wisely.


Before starting your purchase, you would have already decided on your budget. Toshiba TVs are one of the most affordable TV brands in the market.

As interesting as it is, you can get an average Toshiba TV of 50 inches for less than $500. So, in essence, I am trying to say that you should stick to your budget because, with Toshiba TV, you can always get what you budget.


For the overall picture quality, the higher the resolution of the TV, the higher the picture quality. This is why the resolution of the Toshiba TV you are purchasing is an essential factor to consider.

Most Toshiba TVs come with 4K resolution, which is sometimes ultra HD. Hence, 4K TVs deliver stunning picture quality regardless of the screen size.

Ports And Connectivity

This feature is one of the critical things that allow users to enjoy content on a TV. But unfortunately, a TV’s absence of standard ports and connectivity limits TV functions.

On the port aspect, it is essential to consider the types of ports; for example, the HDMI ports, some Toshiba TVs come with standard HDMI 2.1, which is good.

Also, the Toshiba TV you are going for should have good and smart connectivity such as WIFI and Bluetooth.

Smart Features

As we already know, this TVs come to the place with smart features that are concerned with a TV. They come with smart features that allow easy usage and access.

Almost all Toshiba TVs are Alexa voice command, and google assistant enable. This makes it easier to control your TV. Also, they offer streaming services.

Therefore, you can watch content online as well as gaming.

Other factors to consider include;

  • Refresh Rate
  • Warranty
  • Sound

5 Best Toshiba TV: Specifications And Comparison Table

5 Best Toshiba TV-Specifications And Comparison Table
Products DimensionWeightResolutionSupported ServicesConnectivity Technology
Toshiba 32V35KU 32-inch Class V35 Series TV‎28.2 x 3.6 x 16.9 inches‎12.6 poundsN/AN/AWIFI
Toshiba 3C350KU 43-inch Class C350 Series TV‎37.9 x 2.9 x 22 inches‎15 pounds 4KNetflix, Amazon Instant VideoWIFI
Toshiba 50C350KU50-inch Class C350 Series TV‎44 x 2.9 x 25.4 inches

N/A 4KNetflix, Amazon Instant Video
All-New Toshiba 55M550KU 55-inch Class M550 Series TV‎48.5 x 3 x 28.1 inches‎31.5 pounds4KNetflix, Amazon Instant VideoWIFI
All-New Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch Class M550 Series TV‎57 x 3.2 x 32.9 inches‎40.8 pounds4KNetflix, Amazon Instant VideoWIFI

Toshiba 32V35KU 32-inch Class V35 Series TV

Toshiba 32-inch HD Smart Fire TV

The Toshiba 32V35KU 32-inch is a smart Fire TV, and it takes the 5th position on my list of 5 best busy Toshiba TVs.

To begin with, the Toshiba 32V35KU is an ideal type for small home space. This is because it comes with a slightly thin design that gives it a premium look.

For a movie lover looking for a portable TV with decent picture quality and smart features, the Toshiba 32V35KU is just the suitable television for you.

Moving on, this TV is Alexa enabled; hence there is no limit to your entertainment with this TV.

The Alexa voice command feature allows you to navigate your TV easily.

You can search for movies and music, play music, and switch control with Alexa voice control. Therefore, the Toshiba 32V35KU Class V35 Series comes with easy operation.

Lastly, this TV features a DTS virtual sound technology for sound enhancement. You can rely on the Toshiba 32V35KU to give you an immersive cinematic sound experience.


  • It is portable.
  • Also, it is compatible with Alexa.
  • Even more, it comes with a sound enhancer feature.
  • Furthermore, it supports Apple Airplay.
  • Additionally, it gives access to streaming apps.
  • It has decent picture quality.
  • Lastly, it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate.


  • It is a small-screen TV.

Toshiba 3C350KU 43-inch Class C350 Series TV

Toshiba 43-inch UHD Smart Fire TV
Image from Amazon

The Toshiba 3C350KU is the gateway to unlimited fun and entertainment. It takes 4th place on my list of 5 best buy Toshiba TVs.

No matter the preference of installation or placement, which is either on the wall or table stand, the Toshiba 3C350KU will still look in your room or any place of choice in your home.

It is a 4k TV that offers superb HDR picture quality. Also, it features a Regza image processor combined with PQ technology to deliver breathtaking images.

Furthermore, the Toshiba 3C350KU supports a Dolby Vision HDR, which is also responsible for delivering vivid, clear, and vibrant colors for movies and games.

It helps to bring images to life and a realistic movie adventure in the comfort of your home.

Moreso, the Toshiba 3C350KU features DTS virtual X for sound quality. It also has a good port system for quality connectivity, including HDMI ports, USB ports, component video, etc.

In addition, the TV gives access to thousands of streaming apps where you can enjoy your favorite shows and move. For easy navigation, the TV is Alexa enabled for voice control.


  • It is a smart Fire TV.
  • Also, it offers streaming services.
  • More so, it features Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 for quality and realistic pictures.
  • Furthermore, it features DTS virtual X for quality audio sound.
  • It is compatible with the Alexa voice command.
  • Additionally, it comes with a Regza image processor and PQ technology for delivering stunning pictures.


  • No specified warranty

Toshiba 50C350KU 50-inch Class C350 Series TV

Toshiba 50-inch UHD Smart Fire TV
IMG: Amazon

With Fire TV live to access thousands of stream channels, the Toshiba 50C350KU 50-inch Class, C350 Series TV takes 3rd place on my list of 5 best buy Toshiba TVs.

This 50 inches Toshiba TV comes with a full HD resolution to give you the best quality visual to enjoy your favorite content and gaming.

Talking about the design of this TV, the Toshiba 50C350KU comes with a sleek design with an unintrusive bezel. Also, it comes with a plastic and metal finish.

Moving on, the Toshiba 50C350KU has a wide viewing angle. This means that the image doesn’t blur when watching the TV from the side angle.

Moreso, it is Alexa voice command enable. With Alexa, you can hands-free control your TV from a selection of channels to switching control.

Furthermore, the Toshiba 50C350KU combines Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 features to deliver the best entertainment through breathtaking images.

These features provide realism through clear and vivid images and bringing them to life.

The Toshiba 50C350KU also comes with a Regza engine and ultra PQ technology to give you incredible quality 4K images.

For the best part, you can enjoy the best audio sound via the DTS virtual X of the Toshiba 50C350KU.

Lastly, the Toshiba 50C350KU comes with 4 HDMI ports, a USB port, and an ethernet port.


  • It has a wide viewing angle.
  • Also, it features Dolby Vision and HDR10.
  • It comes with decent brightness and picture quality.
  • Moreso, it comes with 4 HDMI ports.
  • Furthermore, it comes with an audio enhancer.
  • Additionally, it is Alexa enabled, and it offers streaming services.


  • It has no local dimming.
  • Also, it has no specified warranty.

All-New Toshiba 55M550KU 55-inch Class M550 Series TV

Toshiba 50-inch UHD Smart Fire TV

The Toshiba M series is one of their most recently updated TVs, and the All-New Toshiba 55M550KU 55-inch TV takes the 2nd position on my list of 5 best but Toshiba TV.

The TV is embedded with an auto-low latency mode for a gaming experience. It also has improved input lag for the ultimate gaming and fast-scene movies.

Moving on, the all-new Toshiba 55M550KU features a wide color gamut that delivers a range of colors to your TV to offer vivid, crisp, and vibrant pictures.

Also, the TV supports plus Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+.

This is to provide fantastic picture realism and a feel of movie adventure right in the comfort of your home.

Impressively, the Toshiba 55M550KU supports local dimming. This backlight panel helps to deliver good deep blacks.

Therefore, it helps to contrast the TV’s deep blacks.

Furthermore, this TV also comes with a motion rate panel of 480 for easy transitioning scenes, especially for gaming and fast action content.

With the help of the Alexa voice command feature, you can control your TV, from powering on the TV to volume control, as well as selecting apps and searching for your favorite content.

This TV has many improved features to give you an immersive and enchanting movie and gaming experience. The All-new 55M550KU 55 inches is the ideal type of TV for all homes.


  • It comes with 4 HDMI ports.
  • Also, It is Alexa enabled.
  • Moreso, it comes with an auto-low latency mode and a motion rate panel of 480 for gaming and fast action content.
  • Even so, it supports local dimming for improving deep blacks.
  • Furthermore, it offers streaming services.
  • It has a wide color gamut for delivering crisp, vivid, and vibrant picture quality.
  • Additionally, it supports plus Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+.
  • Lastly, it has a wide viewing angle.


  • No specified warranty.

All-New Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch Class M550 Series TV

Toshiba 65-inch UHD Smart Fire TV
Pic: Amazon

For the 1st position on my list of 5 best buy ToshibaTV, I have the All-New Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch still in the class of the M550 series.

The Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch is no diffrent from the Toshiba 55M550KU 55-inch. However, their only difference is the screen size.

Aside from that, they both possess the same features.

To begin with, the Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch supports local dimming. Also, it comes with a wide color gamut to deliver a range of colors to your TV.

It also offers a streaming service that allows you to access many streaming apps. It is also Alexa enabled to allow you to operate your TV hands-free.

Furthermore, the Toshiba 65M550KU 65-inch also has a fantastic motion rate and an auto-low latency game mode for smooth gaming and for enjoying fast action scenes.

Conclusively, the Toshiba Class M550 Series TVs come in 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. They all have the same feature but what differentiates them is the screen size depending on the screen size you want.

The Toshiba Class, M550 Series TVs, are ideal for large apartments for great entertainment.


  • Also, It is Alexa enabled.
  • Moreso, it comes with an auto-low latency mode and a motion rate panel of 480.
  • Even so, it supports local dimming.
  • Furthermore, it offers streaming services.
  • It has a wide color gamut for delivering crisp, vivid, and vibrant picture quality.
  • Additionally, it supports plus Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+.
  • Lastly, it has a wide viewing angle.


  • No specified warranty

5 Best Toshiba TV: My Final Thoughts

5 Best Toshiba TV-My Final Thoughts

Here you go, the 5 best buy Toshiba TVs on my list. These TVs come with decent and unique features you are looking for in a TV and are reliable.

Let this guide help you choose to get the best Toshiba TV you desire.

However, I will be waiting to hear from you in the comment section. Also, you can learn more about television picks on our website by visiting the pages below:

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