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About PowerVersity.com

PowerVersity.com publishes tech guides about Solar Panels, Inverters, Solar Batteries, Generators, Power Banks, Charge Controllers, Thunder/Surge Protector, and other Energy-related Products.

PowerVersity.com is an Alternative Power Knowledge Base Resource. When it comes to understanding Solar Technology and Electricity as a whole, PoweVersity.com is always available – the quality of content and details is amazing.

Each guide is carefully written to make it easy to understand. To further make it easy to understand our guides, every step comes with a relevant screenshot with a clear explanation.

PowerVersity.com is a one-stop blog where you can get all information needed on Renewable Energy and Electricity. Every day there are millions of people searching for information about Solar Panel, Inverter, Solar Battery, Generator, Power Bank, Charge Controller, Surge Protection, etc. Thus, PowerVersity.com as your Alternative Power Knowledge Base has all information needed.

Finally, PowerVersity.com teaches you how to use your batteries more than the Manufacturer’s years of warranty. Also, explains how to efficiently use your Solar Panel, Charge Controller, and Inverter – most of our articles will teach you “how to” implements these.

About the Founder and Lead Editor

Victor Akin-Ojo is the founder and the Lead Editor of PowerVersity.com. Before he started PowerVersity.com, Victor worked in the IT industry for close to 15 years.

He worked mainly as a field Engineer on the Installation of VSAT, Wimax Technologies, including but not limited to, Power Maintenance Sector for close to 10 years – Designing an electrical installation for Homes, Private and Government Offices, and more.

Having worked around Power Sector in the I.T. Industry all his career, Victor now focuses on teaching and writing mostly on making Power supply at 24-hours 7-days a week availability for all through PowerVersity.com “your Alternative Power Knowledge Base” –  this is the focus of Powerversity.com!


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