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How To Use A Blender: Step By Step

Are you wondering how to use a blender you just bought? Then, Never worry because this article is here to guide you.

Most times, when you buy something that you have not used before, it is difficult to know how to make use of it. For that reason, it is always advisable to go through the product manual for you to see the guideline.

Nevertheless, if you have misplaced your manual script, there is no need to wonder how to find it. Hence, the need for you to read through this article, as it will guide you on how to use your new blender.

Decades ago, in African countries, no one knew what a blender was because a local mortar and pestle did the blender’s work.

Now a blender has grown in popularity, and almost every home has it in its kitchen. Due to the need for a faster breakfast, everyone wants to get their smoothie or grinding of any such done as quickly as possible.

Without wasting much of your time, read on to learn more about how to use a blender. Meanwhile, it will be nice to know what a blender is.

What Is A Blender?

What Is A Blender

Thinking about what a blender is, am I right? If yes, then you are in the right place to know.

A blender is also known as a liquidizer. An electric machine mixes liquid and soft foods to form a consumable substance.

In other words, it is an electric kitchen appliance used to chop or grind things to form liquid food.

For instance, you can decide to mix tomatoes and pepper and grind. You can also crush apples, watermelons, and bananas to make a smoothie and make soup with them.

There are different kinds of blenders you can use to crush or grind your foods or drinks. Read the paragraph below to find out.

Different Kinds Of Blender

Different Kinds Of Blender

Making juice and grinding tomatoes requires choosing the best blenders that blend well, not minding the size.

Therefore, there are different types of blenders for your kitchen and commercial purposes. In this article, I will explain a few of them.

Kitchen Liquidizer

Are you looking forward to making your journey in the kitchen fun? Then you need a kitchen blender because it will take you down to that fun part by chopping and smashing your drinks or fruits.

It does not just stop there; it also provides for your food processing needs.

One unique thing about this kitchen liquidizer is that it has an additional cup designed for your food processing. This is unlike other blenders that have just one jar for blending.

The food processing cup allows you to use the kitchen liquidizer for different purposes.


This type of blender is used for crushing ice and frozen fruit. Using this blender, you screw a chopping blade to the top. Next, turn the whole stuff upside down and then insert it into the base, which is the bullet shape.

They are best used for making a smoothie by chopping nuts to create a smooth drink, also chopping up ice and fruit. You can as well use it to prepare baby food.

Positively, one of the advantages of using this kind of blender is the blade that secures the bullet container. But, of course, this implies that anybody can use it, including children, and you can’t touch it when it is used.

Again, unlike other blenders, it processes your fruit or ice so fast.

Lastly, it is not all that juicy; it can develop leakage. This is because the blade unit is not permanently attached to the container very well. Hence you need to hold it firm when grinding.


Another form of blender that looks like a food processor is larger. This is good for someone who is making fruits or drinks for a party or family meeting.

They are called countertops because they are meant to sit on the counter. It is similar to a personal blender, but the countertop blender is more giant.

Using this blender, you must be cautious not to blend hot liquids. You can only blend cold liquids to avoid damaging the blade.

However, they are best used for drinks and blended smoothie-like ice blocks on summer days and, in most cases, alcohol ice blocks for adults.

Furthermore, the countertop blender is very useful for multiple speed settings. It makes blending smooth.

This new version of the countertop blender is easier to wash than the older version.

In conclusion, the negative part is that it’s bulky, which makes storing them in your kitchen annoying. But, again, most time, if you are not careful, it blends the spoon you are using to blend.

So avoid touching it with any utensils until you are done. If not, that may risk the blade and may damage it.


Looking for what will suit your commercial purposes, then this blender is for you. They provide a lot of power to your grinding.

Using this kind of blender suits for blending large batches of hummus (made from mashed chickpeas or lemon juice and garlic).

Basically, they are made to grind robust ingredients. Note that not all blenders labeled “commercial” are for commercial purposes.

However, most are meant for high-home usage rather than high commercial users. But if you are unaware, you will think it is the same.

Lastly, you can grind anything with it, starting from soft foods to nuts and butter.

Bear in mind that the blender is not easy to wash. Unlike others that you can rinse with water, this requires a scrubbing brush for it to be clean after use.


If you are a soup lover, then this is for you. The immersion blender is big enough to make large batches of ingredients, including making your soup.

It is free to carry around, and there is no jar for you to say you are overloading it. So just put all your raw materials in the bowl, blend, and chop to your satisfaction.

Impressively, this type doesn’t have a lot of parts to dismantle and wash. That means, if you are a busy person always rushing to go out in the morning, this is good for you.

Quiet Shield

Most people like less noisy blenders, which can be very quiet when processing. For someone who is living in a small apartment needs this type of blender to avoid disturbing their next neighbor or waking up their children.

Although, they are mainly used in coffee shops that don’t want to hear motor base sounds.

The price tag is expensive due to the fact that it is reliable and best to use in your home.

On this note, let’s learn how to use some of the above-mentioned blenders.

How To Use A Blender Step By Step

How To Use A Blender Step By Step

Most times, using a blender can be stressful and disturbing. Each time you remember you will disassemble and wash immediately after use, you begin to think of other options.

Moreso, using it for the first time makes it scary because of the noise. You will feel like it wants to explode.

Notwithstanding, you will get to know the steps to follow when trying to use your blender.

But note that before anything, you need to unravel the blender from the carton or package. Then go on to unravel the cable too.

  • Socket the blender

This is the most sensitive step to take when trying to use the blender. In that case, ensure your blender is dry and clean, and your hands should not be wet to avoid electric shock.

Avoid using your electrical appliances with wet hands is always necessary and advisable.

  • Remove the blender’s lid.

Here, after removing the lid, put your ingredient inside. Again, ensure you don’t overload the blender by putting only solid things inside.

Solid items can slow the movement of your blender. Therefore, add solid items like bananas and some liquid items inside.

Ensure you cut your solid foods into small pieces if you must grind solid food.

Lastly, avoid adding hot or boiled items to the blender because it can damage or break them.

3. Put back the lid and close it.

The best thing to do is to cover the lid to blend the items added. The cap will jump off while blending if you cannot cover it tightly.

I believe you wouldn’t want to splash everything on the floor or litter the whole wall you are using. So hold it tight when blending; your attention should be there.

Finally, ensure you attach the bottom of the blender to the base. If not secured, it may not start when you switch it on.

4. Switch it on and start blending

The blending process starts with the experiment, using a few buttons to know if it is working properly. In the experimental stage, you will see the on or off buttons on the right or left side of the blender.

The blending process may have different options, like both blend and pulse options. Blending signifies you are getting smooth content, while pulsing determines retaining a bit of texture – chunky soup.

First of all, you need to slow down the blender by choosing the appropriate speed. In the process, don’t overpower it by using high-speed blending.

Though it all depends on what you are grinding or chopping.

If you want your blender to last for you, do not use any utensils while still processing. The reason is that the utensil may crack up the blender and affect it.

So ensure you turn it off before stirring it with any object. Just blend to your desired thirst before stirring.

5. After blending, pour it out into a bowl.

In this stage, you must be careful not to waste it on the floor. Your content is now ready for use, so carefully pour it into the jug or any utensil you want to use.

6. Washing stage

After the whole grinding and chopping are done, you wash it. Washing the blender needs extra care, especially when washing the blades.

Blades are sharp objects inside the blender, and you may get cut if not careful. So take your time to separate the base from your blender, then clean it with a towel.

Move on to wash the top part with warm water and soap. Use a towel to remove the dirt on it. Finally, place the blender where it can dry by placing it upside down for the water to drop.

7. Store your blender

After cleaning and washing, you need to put your blender back in a safe place so it will not get cracked. Putting it anywhere may attract pushing, and this will break the blender beyond repair.

Avoid hanging it so children can easily get it down and use it. That’s if they are unfamiliar with it and don’t know how to use it.

Do you wish to know what you can use your blender to blend? Enjoy the reading below.

Uses Of Blender

Uses Of Blender

Blenders are commonly used in homes or restaurants and are very useful. Instead of wasting your time using mortar and pestle to grind, the blender gets it done smoother and faster.

Therefore, the intention of buying a blender is to make smoothies early in the morning for breakfast. Not only that, there are numerous things to do with a blender, to mention a few.


You can use your blender as a juicer device instead of occupying space with a juicer machine or device. Then, all you have to do is to cut your fruit and vegetables into pieces.

Add it to your blender with water and blend it to your thirst. After that, you have made yourself a sweet and delicious juice without stress.


You may be saying how possible it is to make soup with a blender. Well, it is possible, depending on how you handle it.

For this to happen, you need to buy a powerhouse blender like a Vitamix or Ninja brand. This is because they both have high-speed blades that can build up heat through friction.

Therefore, mix all your ingredients in one bowl. Ensure they are cool before putting them into the blender since it doesn’t blend hot things.

After that, put the soup in batches, and allow it to blend your ingredient properly. Set the blender on the right setting for soups, don’t speed it up.

Although some people like their soup chunky, while some like liquid soup. It all depends on what you want.


Mixing pancakes with a blender is always easier because the batter will come out better, especially when making a buttermilk pancake.

Therefore, when making a pancake, you are to mix your ingredients. For example, mix your eggs, flour, and baking powder in their normal quantities into your blender.

This allows you to pour the mixture into your frying pan without stress.


This particular one is the easiest to prepare; you don’t need any preparation to prepare it. However, all you have to do is to add your fruits directly inside the blender since they are cold already.

It blends and chops your fruits as fast as possible. Then, it leaves it fresh and smooth.

For those who always leave their fruit to get frozen, ensure you allow it to defrost before starting to blend.

Nut butter

You can easily make homemade nut butter with your blender or food processor.

Add nuts like cashew nut butter and chocolate butter into the blender and start blending. In a few minutes, you are done with it.

Body scrub

Are you surprised you can use a blender to make a body scrub? Yes, you can. Simply combine your natural olive oil, sea salt, and citrus in the blender and grind.

This will still give you the glowing skin you want; you can’t just use it to blend fruits and vegetables.

Almond milk

To make delicious almond milk for yourself, all you need to do is to soak almonds overnight in water. After that, remove and blend.

Do not make excess almonds because they may not last longer than you did expect, even though you will store them in the fridge. Instead, ensure you make the one you can consume immediately.

Let’s quickly look at what you can benefit from using a blender.

What Do You Benefit From Using Blender?

What Do You Benefit From Using Blender

You don’t need to doubt if you can benefit anything from using a blender. But, of course, there are numerous things to benefit from using it.

Firstly, it is faster in processing your fruits, food, or smoothies. This is because blenders do not take time to convert your raw ingredients into liquid food.

Therefore, it is an accurate time saver because it takes less than five minutes to blend, especially in smoothies.

Similarly, preparing juice requires much time, but it won’t take more than 30-40 minutes. Again, this is because you can’t compare what you grind to prepare juice to prepare smoothies.

Secondly, you will benefit from more fiber in your fruits and vegetables. You know fibers are necessary for healthy digestion, which helps eliminate toxins in your immune system.

What about the versatility? Because it can blend many food substances, it is worth buying – such as blending soups, sauces, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Moreover, you don’t need to stress yourself preparing it. Just add your ingredients and put everything together to blend.

Do you know it is less wasteful? Blenders tend to secure your foods more than any other thing.

Every fruit you blend with it nourishes the body because it is easier to digest.

In conclusion, those who always maintain fruit hygiene will have no excuse other than to keep up with it. The reason is that you will not take the time to prepare it before leaving your house every morning.

You can also make your afternoon smoothies at work to maintain a healthy and energetic body while still on duty.

Recommendation – Best Five Pick Of Blender

We can never stop giving you the best advice on choosing a product on amazon. So you don’t need to stretch your neck looking for which one is better.

Therefore, I will be reviewing each product that will be listed in this article.

Ninja BL660 Professional

Ninja Blender
Amazon image

This blender has a unique feature that makes it outstanding. In that case, this review will determine whether the blender is good.

Surprisingly, Ninja products were not noticeable in the market before but have rapidly grown into popularity. As a result, you can see Ninja blender in multiple places and some homes.

However, they are of two types; one is the countertop blender with a 72-Oz. large pitcher and the personal blender with a small 16-Oz. cup. Also, there is a 72-Oz. container for blade mechanism, and 16-Oz. single-serve containers, a blade assembly for 16-Oz. cup.

The above statement means that the blender has a 72-Oz. container opening that can allow you to pour out your liquid. Meanwhile, 16-Oz. the container serves as the liquid retainer to avoid splashing the liquid on the ground.

In addition, it has only one sipping lid. Therefore, you can use this type of blender to make your smoothies. For instance, apple and pear smoothies.

Note that when making the smoothie, you need to slice it into small pieces to avoid making it look rough. You can only see rough pieces in your smoothie when you add nuts to it for protein.

Furthermore, it is capable of crushing ice and frozen fruits very well. You can crush or mill your coffee, herbs, and chop nuts; it blends the ingredient smoothly.

Overall, you can use a Ninja blender to grind your baby food and some limited food processing tasks. Apart from grinding green smoothies and hard vegetables rough, it is okay to use.

Vitamix E310 Explorian

Image: Amazon

The Vitamix has some variable speed settings embedded in it. Meanwhile, the speeds are regulated by turning on a dial knob.

Apparently, the speed settings are the blades for chopping hard ingredients, medium speed, and pulse mode. But, of course, it all depends on what you are grinding.

Accurately, it has a low speed of 1400-1600rpm and a high speed of about 23000-28500rpm to heat liquids with frictions. As a result, they are very fast in processing.

Using the medium speed allows you to grind your soft smoothie ingredients, while the high speed is useful when blending hard ingredients.

To activate the pulse function of the blender, you choose the needed speed at the dial knob before holding the pulse level.

Another noticeable feature of this Vitamix is the self-cleaning mode; you add a drop of soap and hot water while the blender does the work. So it takes 30 seconds to clean the smoothie ground, after which you wipe it out with a towel.

In all, the Vitamix is not tall; it is small in size, which is good for your cabinet compatibility. One good thing is that the container is wide, which allows the blade to grind ingredients smoothly.

Lastly, you can use this Vitamix to grind your baby food, nut milk, nut butter, soup and hot ingredients, juice, and many more.

Hamilton Beach Elite

Hamilton Blender

A blender that uses a jar made from thick glass. The rest of the built-in quality is made with plastic prone to wear and tear.

The plastic side of the blender can easily get damaged when used most time. More so, it can only smash dry, crushed nuts, but not almond butter, and smoothies ground with it are always very foamy and leafy.

Nevertheless, it can grind hot ingredients like making soups and dips but cannot chop or crush ice. This is because the ice may get stuck inside the blades.

Positively, it has a jar, lid, and dishwasher-safe mode. This implies that you can easily clean it without stress.

Again, it does not take up space on your countertop. You can disassemble the jar, and lid and store them separately in your cupboard.

On the other hand, it comes with four sharp blades. Two points upwards, while the other is horizontal and slightly curved upward.

In addition, it has a 40-Oz. jar that can pour out your content into a bowl. You can as well use it to pour food into the blender.

Impressively, it has four-speed settings ranging from low-speed to high-speed setting, low-speed pulse, and high-speed pulse.

You can use the low-speed setting to grind milkshakes or mix peanut butter, while you can turn on the high-speed setting when liquidizing puree, ice drinks, or smoothies.

On the other hand, you can set up a low-speed pulse to grind ice, chop, or salsa, while the high-speed pulse is for chopping and crushing ice.

In conclusion, I advise if you are looking for one that can be versatile, go for other blenders.

JOYOUNG With LED Touchscreen


A kitchen blender with an LED touchscreen glass with ten adjustable speeds and time settings. It features 60-Oz. container that allows you to pour out your content safely.

Joyoung types is made with plastic capable of crushing ice, smoothie, extract, soup, sauce, nut butter and still has a self-cleaning feature.

The running speed is up to 28,000RPM, which can break the cell walls of both the soft and hard ingredients within seconds. It can also crush your ice easily and smoothly.

It also comes with a free HBG glass pitcher and a free BPA that prevents harmful materials from coming out of the cooking process.

Black And Decker PowerCrush 


A blender made with a glass jar, strong blades, and a reliable motor to help you smash your hard ingredients into a delicious smoothie.

Specifically, it is built with a different speed mode, which is reliable and capable of crushing any recipes. Furthermore, you can use the speed in four ways, low and high speed and low and high pulse.

Talking about speed, they all perform very well in terms of grinding. They smash both ice and creamy smoothies.

In addition, there is an equipped 4-tip QuadPro blade technology, which works with the shape of the jar to create a frequent flow. However, the frequent flow is to direct the ingredient to the blade to faster the process.

Not only that, but it also has a 6-cup perfect pour glass jar that enables easy pouring of your contents. They are thick and sturdy.

my final thought

How to use a blender - my final thought

Blender is an essential kitchen utensil ever because it saves time and stress.

When you talk about usage, it is very simple and credible. You do not need to read 100 pieces of books to be able to understand how to use them.

However, this article has done justice to the simplest use of a blender. How it works, and above all, how you can make your choice from the recommendation.

Generally, the need for a blender is numerous as it makes the journey to the kitchen very fun, especially when preparing for early morning work.

Finally, it is versatile and excellent to use, especially allowing you to test the personal and countertop blender in one. For your fast and less noisy blender, I advise you to visit the Amazon website and pick as many as you want.

References and Further readings

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