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Kitchen Hood Ideas Review: Best For Your Home

Are you searching for kitchen hood ideas that can sweep you off your feet? If yes, enjoy this kitchen hood ideas review which you can find helpful.

First and foremost, a kitchen hood is an important appliance in our homes. This is because they help you absorb the fumes, flames, moisture, and odors in your kitchen while cooking.

Not only that it performs this great function, but it also can add to the beauty of your kitchen. Also, it helps to keep the kitchen workspace cleaner.

However, kitchen hoods come in various designs, sizes, colors, and types. Thus, this review will briefly explain what a kitchen hood means, its components, types, and various ideas or designs.

I will also review the different ideas or designs of the kitchen hoods.

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review: Overview

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review Overview

The other names that refer to the kitchen hood depend on the country. In the US, for instance, it is referred to as range hood, while in the UK, it is referred to as extractor hood.

A kitchen hood improves the air quality in your kitchen during and after cooking. It helps remove the stovetop’s airborne grease, odor, smoke, and fumes.

Most kitchen hoods usually have a single blower motor, but some have two or more. This blower motor helps absorb flumes and cook exhaust from your stovetop.

This can be either through ductwork outside your home or a charcoal filter with ductless models. Hence, most residential kitchen hood comes in various ratings from 400-1800 CFM ( cubic feet per meter).

Although some have below 400CFM and also a powerful one of 2000CFM.

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review: Components Of Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review Components Of Kitchen Hood


As I said earlier, most kitchen hoods come with a single blower, but some have two blowers—the blower functions to power the kitchen hood.

Thus, it consists of some protective housing, fan blades, and a motor. There are three types of blowers: local, remote and external.

Under the local blower, the blower is inside the hood and is mostly the common one. The remote or inline blower is usually installed in the ductwork, which is quieter than the local one.

The external type usually will go outside the house or on the rooftop. Most times, not many usually install this type because it leads to an extra expense.


Every kitchen hood has a control panel. Some of the most common control panels are the stainless steel push buttons.

A professional quality vent hood has elegant LED touch panels. Hence, there are a few types of controls.

They are; LED/halogen light control, heat lamp controls, blower speed control, four-speed, six-speed, or fully adjustable control, Time delay control, clock, a timer to clean hood filters, and an on/off switch.

Filter Types

There are three types of filters in a hood. They are the baffle filter, mesh or cassette, and charcoal filter.

The baffle filter is usually made from steel/aluminum frames with curved panels. Thus, these curves help to absorb grease, oil, and other things.

This type is very durable and easy to clean. However, it also applies to ducted and ductless types and must be regularly kept clean.

On the other hand, the mesh or cassette filters are usually made from aluminum mesh strips on top of one another. They function to capture and remove oil and grease from the smoke of both the ducted and the ductless types.

They also should be kept clean regularly.

The last type is the charcoal filter. This filter usually contains fine-powered activated charcoal. It only applies for ductless purposes.
Also, it cannot be clean, but it requires replacement regularly.

Circuit Board

In the range board, there is usually a circuit board in it. This circuit board allows all the control and light to function.

This makes it an important part of a kitchen hood. Also, this part rarely malfunctions, so it does not usually require too much attention.


The kitchen hood usually comes with either a LED light or halogen light. Also, some design comes with heat lamps.

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review: Types of Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood Ideas Review Types of Kitchen Hood

These types are based on the process of how the kitchen hood sucks up the air. Thus, there are two types of kitchen hoods, and they are; the ducted and the ductless kitchen hood.

Ducted Kitchen Hood

This is the most common type of kitchen hood. A ducted kitchen hood has a duct that processes and expels any smoke it generates on the top of the kitchen hob.

Some homes make use of large size hoods. Not only that, commercial restaurants and communal kitchens make use of the large-size hoods too.

However, this type pulls air through the ductwork that can run through the wall or the ceiling to the outside of your home. Since it helps to filter the grease, dirt, and chemicals in the air inside to the outside, this makes it very effective.

The duct can run vertically or horizontally to trace the air outside the house. After this, it is usually carried through a roof or a wall cap to keep the dirt, dust, water, and debris from the building inside the duct.

Ductless Kitchen Hood

This type does not have a duct that will help process the air like the ducted type. Hence, it uses air filtration that must be strong enough to filter the air and then pumps it back into the room.

This type is very suitable for homes, condos, and other living spaces where you cannot install ductwork. Thus, what the ductless type does is recirculate the air via a type of filter.

It traps some grease and dirt and then recirculates it back into the house. Most ductless types make use of charcoal filters.

The charcoal filter traps these grease and dirt and recirculates them back into the room. It also helps to neutralize odors, but it does not usually catch all these contaminants.

Kitchen hoods not only perform the function of absorbing heat or flames while we are cooking, but they also beautify the kitchen. Hence, various designs can give your kitchen a sense of attraction and creativity.

A buyer may want to choose these designs depending on the preference and sometimes the kitchen’s décor. It is important to know that there are different types of kitchen hood ideas.

Here are some Kitchen hood ideas that will give your kitchen a sense of uniqueness.

Wall Mounted Kitchen hood

This is the most common type of kitchen hood, and it mounts securely against the wall in the kitchen. In a case where there is no cabinet above your cooking space, the design will be ideal for such a space.

Since it mounts on the wall, ensuring it aligns with the kitchen’s pre-existing duct system for proper ventilation is important. Also, It is ideal for mounting it about 28 “-36” between the hood bottom and the cooktop surface.

This will help capture most cooking fumes and increase the kitchen hood’s longevity. Thus, it comes in different shapes and sizes, and the most common type is the pyramid chimney or the tapered hood style.

Island Kitchen Hood

This kitchen hood does not mount against the wall; instead, they serve as a beautiful centerpiece in the kitchen. This type is ideal for a kitchen whose stove top is at the center of the kitchen space.

As a result, it requires more cubic feet per meter (CMF) to maximize its efficiency and filter much of the unwanted air from the kitchen. Thus, this type is reliable when your cooktop is not alongside the wall.

It has a vent that connects to the ducts in your ceiling to enable it to pull the dirt up and out of the cooking space. Unfortunately, this type mounts to the ceiling, meaning your ductwork must also run through the ceiling.

The island hood tends to be sleek and has recent designs that make it elegant and refined for your kitchen.

Cabinet Insert Hood

This type is also known as range hood inserts. It is usually hidden because it is built into a highly customized cabinet above the stovetop.
It features blowers, speed control, and lights but does not have a complete ventilation system like the other types. Hence, it is a great option to choose if you want to control the looks of your ventilation fan.

It is also an ideal option when you have an already made cabinet you want to convert to a kitchen hood. Thus, it has a custom-carved cabinet design that covers the hood insert.

This custom kitchen hood type include; tile, marble, copper, and carved wood. This type will help set the tone and the theme of your kitchen.

Also, for a rustic, modern, sleek or old fashion look design, or anything in between, You can use an insert that will bring about creative control of your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Hood

This type is mostly found in homes. It is also one of the common design types of kitchen hood.

The under-cabinet type is suitable for people who have cabinets above their cooktop. Hence, this type mounts under the kitchen cabinets above the cooktop, which gives it a beautiful design as it adapts to the cabinets.

The under-cabinet design has two standard varieties. This first, ducted under the cabinet, transports smoke and airborne pollutants outside the house.

The second, ductless, filter the air and recirculates it back into the room. However, the ducted type is an excellent option because the duct is not visible; it will be within the cabinet, which will give the kitchen a peak style.

Though, the ductless is also as effective as the ducted type. In addition, the under-cabinet style comes in different designs and sizes that will suit a buyer’s preference.

Downdraft Kitchen Hood

The downdraft type works in reverse of the other types of the kitchen hood. Where the other types pull the fumes upwards towards the ceiling, the downdraft pulls the air in the direction out of your cooking space.
It is installed behind the cooktop in the reverse direction of the air rising. It then pulls the air down and pushes it through the floor’s ducts.
This type is suitable for having a drop-in cooktop and a cooktop built into an island away from the wall. Also, it is ideal for a kitchen with a proper ducting system.
It also offers the ventilation you need uniquely and attractively. However, the downdraft also has its limitations.
When cooking, the fumes and smoke go up. Thus it is easier for the kitchen hood to catch it when it is above than redirecting it to the side or down.

The downdraft type works in reverse of the other types of the kitchen hood. Where the other types pull the fumes upwards towards the ceiling, the downdraft pulls the air in the direction out of your cooking space.

It is installed behind the cooktop in the reverse direction of the air rising. It then pulls the air down and pushes it out through the floor’s ducts.

This type is very suitable for having a drop-in cooktop and a cooktop built into an island away from the wall. Also, it is very suitable for a kitchen with a proper ducting system.

It also offers the ventilation you need uniquely and attractively. However, the downdraft also has its limitations.

When cooking, the fumes and smoke go up. Thus it is easier for the kitchen hood to catch it when it is above than redirecting it to the side or down.

Kitchen Hoods Ideas Review: Different Styles

Kitchen Hoods Ideas Review Different Styles

However, these five design types include; wall-mounted, island, cabinet insert, under cabinet, and downdraft kitchen hood. Thus, there are other designs of kitchen hoods that can be classified under these five categories.

These designs include a built-in ceiling, chimney, extractor, island, vent, modern, range, traditional, copper, stainless, wood, and white kitchen hood designs.


If you have a thing for a modern, sleek design for your kitchen space, then this built-in design is an ideal option. With this type, the ventilation is adequate and does not interrupt the beauty of the kitchen space.

This type is mostly hidden from view, so you can either blend it with the color of your kitchen cabinet or use any color or material that will suit your taste.

Also, you can choose a built-in hood with integrated lighting to light up your stovetop for more beauty.


Instead of using a bulky kitchen hood, you can easily opt for a ceiling insert. Unfortunately, these types are ultra-modern types are easily overlooked.

It offers efficient ventilation without taking advantage of the whole kitchen. Though the installation process is complex, it requires remodeling the kitchen ceiling.

Once the process has finished, it will add a beautiful touch to the kitchen.


This type is a very common kitchen hood that people make use of in the kitchen. You can even hide behind the cabinet or within the supporting wall.

Most times, people like it when the exposed ductwork gives it an industrial appearance. Hence, using a stainless steel kitchen hood unit will help to gain this look in your kitchen.

Thus, if you want a simple or homely appearance, you can consider using a copper or brass finish. The chimney style itself has a way; it just gives the kitchen its beauty and appearance.

It is also advisable to use a tile backlash or neutral wall color as the background for the kitchen hood for more beauty.

Extractor Fan

Even if people don’t think of the extractor fan in the context of interior design, it is still a basic part of many kitchen hoods.

It is important because it would not be possible to collect the grease, smoke, and fumes from the kitchen while cooking.

The fan helps collect the air in the kitchen and improves your kitchen hood’s efficiency. This fan is hung around the vent air outside the home.

This type is efficient for a ductless system that uses a filtration system. These extractor fans use charcoal filters to remove the contaminants before circulating them back into the kitchen.


If you are someone that enjoys cooking with strong spices and grease, then you need high-powered ventilation. It is also an important part of the kitchen hood even though it is not visible.

When choosing a vent, it is important to consider whether it will be easy or difficult to clean. A range hood is a vent running to either a filtration system or outside the house.

This setup is popular in apartments and small living spaces.


If you are the kind of person that is into modern and sleek interiors, then this type is suitable for you. Thus, if your kitchen is inspired by modern design, you will want to choose a kitchen hood design along that line.

Color choices are also key to how your kitchen hood will look to match the style of your kitchen. For a modern décor, a stainless steel or metal finish will be a better suit.

Also, you can consider a matte black or wood overlay to give your cooktop a nice touch. It also comes in different sizes, like triangular and even circular range hoods.


Unlike the modern type, the traditional style is more artistic in design. Its design often frames the stovetop, making it the center of attraction of the overall space.

To add beauty to this kitchen hood, use a bright backsplash stretching from the stovetop to the exhaust system. Then, when you want to select a new kitchen hood, you can coordinate the shape to your kitchen cabinet.

A shiplap-covered hood will be suitable if your kitchen has a homely shaker cabinet. However, in a case where there are more cabinets in your kitchen, you should design your range to match it.


In a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, you will want to use a kitchen hood that will match that appearance. However, you can also consider using a copper kitchen hood to give a classy look to your cooktop.

This copper kitchen hood can add more color to brighten the kitchen design, even with other metal elements present in the kitchen. In addition, you can strategically combine different metal shades in your home designs to enhance their beauty.

The copper finishing comes in different styles, from ultra-clean to rustically aged finishes.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel hood is a perfect blend of style and durability. Hence, you need a material type if you want these qualities.

If you are looking for a type of kitchen hood that can hold up grease splatters and intense heat, stainless still is capable of holding up to wear and tear. In addition, stainless steel does not limit to one color.

If the popular silver type does not suit your taste, there are unique finishing like black, gold, and others.


This style is ideal for those who prefer white interiors and are unsure which color to use for their kitchen design.

A white kitchen hood frequently brightens the room. Not only that, it will give your kitchen and cooking space a very clean and modern appearance. This color suits those who want a sleek and decorative look for their kitchen.

You can frame the white kitchen hood with a dark backsplash to give it a good feature and disparity. Some worry that a white kitchen hood will easily show stains and dirt.

When you use the proper protective finishing, this will not be an issue. It will even hide smudges and splatters better than those kitchen hoods with darker shades.


This is an ideal design for you if a person is searching for warmth and a natural appearance. The wood kitchen hood has the same inner workings as the other types.

Just on the outside, it has an organic texture that adds to beautify the space, and it is made up of mostly man-made materials. A kitchen with a butcher block countertop or other homely details will be ideal for a wood kitchen hood design.

This design can also blend well with a modern kitchen with appliances and cabinetry.

Kitchen Hood Idea Review: My Final Thoughts

Kitchen Hood Idea Review My Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, the kitchen hood is a very important appliance in our kitchen. This helps eliminate smoke, fumes, and odors while cooking.

Aside from this, it also adds to the beauty of the cooktop and even to the entire kitchen. With this being said, there are several ideas of kitchen hoods that one can use to beautify their kitchen.

These ideas depend on the taste and preference of the buyer. Also, the existing kitchen design can contribute to the factor that can influence these ideas.

However, I review some ideas for kitchen hoods that can be helpful for a buyer to choose from when they want to buy a kitchen hood.

I hope you found this PowerVersity pick helpful.

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

Finally, to read more guides like this, visit our Technologies Explained page.

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