What is a Jigsaw Used For ?

Do you know what a jigsaw is used for? And why should you have one? This article will provide you with the necessary information you need on “jigsaw.”

Having a powerful tool that is good for cutting straight lines and excellent curves and complicated patterns in wood, metals, and other materials cannot be overemphasized.

Another interesting thing with a jigsaw is that it can also cut materials like plastic, ceramic, sheet metals, etc.

For you to have a complete knowledge of this tool, I will explain what it is, what it is used for, how to maintain it, and lots more. Also, I will give an expert recommendation of a jigsaw to relieve you of the search when you want to buy.

So, to get all this information, do well to continue reading.

Jigsaw Explained

Jigsaw Explained

A jigsaw is a powerful, sharp device that you can use to cut patterns, curves, or other difficult lines in wood, metals, or other materials. Interestingly, unlike other saws that can only cut straight lines, this saw can cut complicated and curvy lines.

Also, this device is excellent for cutting curves in metal and wood with its reciprocating blade.

Furthermore, the blade of a jigsaw uses a treadle to operate, and it is made up of an electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade.

Years back, scroll saws were referred to as jigsaws, but today there are many electrical jigsaws.

History tells us that the first jigsaw came into existence in the 19th century. However, Albert Kaufman, an engineer of the scintilla AG company, introduced the modern portable jigsaw in 1947.

This man used a saw blade to replace the needle of his wife’s the sewing machine in 1947, after the evolution of Kaufmann’s invention.

After that, he began to manufacture Jigsaws under the name “Lesto jigsaw,” In 1964, he replaced the name Bosch with “Lesto.”

What is Jigsaw Used For?

What is Jigsaw

The main reason why people use a jigsaw is to make cutting patterns, curves, or other difficult lines in wood, metals, or other materials more accessible.

Not only that, but this device can also cut materials like plastic, ceramic, sheet metals, etc. Another interesting thing with this device is that aside from the excellent curve it can cut, it can also make bevel cuts, plunge cuts, straight cuts.

Curved cuts

When it comes to cutting curves, jigsaws are best for it. They can easily follow any thin curve line without stress.

The thin blade of this device can fit into tight spaces. Also, they are lightweight, so it will be effortless for you to move and direct to anywhere.

Furthermore, it will interest you to know that you can easily cut any circle with this device, either freehand or with a circle cutting guide.

Straight cuts

You can also use this device to cut straight lines once you have a slightly wider blade. Also, you can use a jigsaw to make a straight line on a piece of wood or other materials.

Plunge cuts

Jigsaw is suitable for making a plunge cut, making it unique. A plunge cut is a type of cut that warrants you to start from the middle instead of the edge.

This kind of cut is useful for making holes in plasterboard or wood to make electrical outlets or letterboxes. Another area where this cut is common is making a sink cut-out in a new kitchen countertop.

Bevel cuts

Many of these devices have a pivoting shoe, making it easy for them to make bevel cuts in moldings and boards. The best way to do this is to position the shoe at an angle of 45 degrees for the jigsaw to cut on an angle.

In that case, let us find out why you need a Jigsaw in the following subheading.

Reasons Why You Need A Jigsaw

Reasons Why You Need A Jigsaw

A jigsaw is one of the best tools a DIYer will acquire. This device is very versatile, and anyone can use it.

Interestingly, aside from cutting curves in wood and metal, there are several other reasons why you should have this device.

Perfect for cutting curves

Jigsaw is the only small power tool perfect for cutting curves without giving you any difficulty. Due to this, as a woodworker, you need this tool if you want to get your job done quicker than a handheld coping saw.

Capable of cutting more than wood

This device can cut wood of different thicknesses and densities once you put the correct blade. Also, it can cut drywall, fiberglass, and steel.

All these attributes make a jigsaw unique and more valuable in your workshop. Furthermore, changing the blade is very easy. All you need to do is as follows.

Firstly, you can choose to remove the battery or unplug the saw, then look for the dial where the blade connects to the saw. After that, turn the dial counterclockwise; by doing so, the edge will release, allowing you to put another one.

Finally, when you release the dial it locks the blade in place. Counterclockwise means moving in the opposite direction.

Jigsaw can make Bevel cuts

Jigsaw is perfect for making bevel cuts if you think you need a fancy adjustable saw to make a bevel cut. All you need to do is find a higher level than the saw shoe that slides back and front.

Furthermore, the saw will tilt to one side when you release the lever; after that, pull the lever back to lock it in place.

Jigsaws can go cordless

One good thing with cordless jigsaws is that you can twist and turn it anyhow you like. With this device, you do not have to worry about a disturbing cord or the fear of accidentally cutting the cord while working.

Additionally, the days when jigsaws are heavy are gone, especially those that use battery is very lightweight.

Kids are safe with Jigsaws

Another good thing about this device is that your kids can use them. All you need to do is instruct them properly and supervise them when using it.

Fortunately, this device usually rests on the surface of what it is cutting. As a result, it does not need any strength to position it rightly.

It is also easy to keep your fingers and hands away from the blade. This tool is the first power tool to be introduced to children.

They are very easy to use

This tool is easy to use, irrespective of your experience level. All you need to do is put the blade, plug the tool, or put in the battery; that is, if your device is cordless, you are good to go.

Also, it does not occupy much space, so do not worry about the size of your workshop.

Perfect for Pumpkin carvers

If you use this device to make pumpkin carvers, you will be the best at your pumpkin carving party. It makes the work much easier and faster.

In the absence of any other reasons, let’s consider the maintenance of a jigsaw.

How To Maintain Your Jigsaw

How To Maintain Your Jigsaw

Here are the necessary things you need to put in place for your device to last long.

Power Cord

It is very important to always inspect your jigsaw before attaching a blade to it. And if yours is cordless, do not forget to check the power cord for cut edges.

Furthermore, any cord not in good condition is not safe to use. As a result, always repair or replace your cord if faulty or not in good condition before use.

Body and Shoe

Always check if the body is in good condition and ensure that the motor air vent is clear. Also, if you drop the tool without using it for a long time, make sure you check the shoe to see if there is any damage.

Going on, the footplates of this device made with iron are not prone to damage. However, you see some of the shoes made of aluminum or magnesium are lightweight, and they are prone to bending when you drop them for an extended period.

Also another thing is for you to check if the handle is clean and grease-free. When your device is oily, it can easily drop from your hand.

So, before you use this tool, take your time to remove excess grease, oil, and dust. Then, you can use any mild soap with a damp cloth to clean the exterior of your device.

Lastly, it would help if you cleaned the air vent of your jigsaw before using it.

Roller Guides

Your roller guides need to work smoothly since they help keep your blade square to the workpiece. Also, you don’t need to add oil to it always.

Ensure to check if the rollers are full of dust because it can cause them to jam up when you are doing your work. Additionally, if there is too much grease and oil on your jigsaw’s roller guides, ensure to clean them very well with a small brush.

You can also use a toothbrush to clean it. After that, add a drop of oil to the roller to work effectively.

Check the blade

If your jigsaw has a blade attached to it, ensure to check it first if there are missing teeth or a sign of wear. Also, if it is difficult for you to cut your materials with your blade, you should change the blade.

A sharper blade will make your work faster and easier; the cuts will be neater. Not only that, it lessens the wear and tears on the jigsaw motor.

Recharging Cordless Jigsaws

Cordless jigsaws are very portable since they use batteries for portability. But, there is something you should do after using your jigsaw, do not forget to charge the battery pack.

It is better to charge your jigsaw before dropping it to be up and ready when you want to use it next time.

After using your device

Do not forget to keep your device inside its storage case once you are done using it. Putting it inside its case will keep it away from dust and moisture.

Additionally, when it is inside its protective shell, it will last for a very long time than when it is not inside its case.

Therefore, if the above maintenance of the jigsaw didn’t work for you or you need more information, please continue reading the below paragraph.

Other Form Of Maintainers

Aside from the normal maintenance, recharging your jigsaw and cleaning it also is important. Change the worn-out parts from time to time.

Most especially if you have been making use of one for an extended period, most times, brushes are always the part that gets spoilt for other parts.

This is because brushes are made from carbon, and they transfer power to the moving rotor of your jigsaw’s motor. After some time, friction can reduce the effectiveness of your jigsaw.

Furthermore, it is easier to change some models’ brushes than others. However, check the manual that comes with your device to know if your tool comes with carbon brushes that you can easily change yourself.

Interestingly, if you use your tool correctly, the motor brush can last as long as the jigsaw itself.

Notwithstanding, if your mind tells you to purchase this jigsaw, kindly read the subheading for more exciting tips.

Safety Tips That You Should Follow When Using This Device

Safety Tips That You Should Follow When Using This Device

This device is a potent tool with a reciprocating blade. It is mostly used in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Also, people normally use a jigsaw to cut hard materials like plastic and wood. Although, the modern-day jigsaw comes with a built-in safety mechanism to minimize the injury that people sustain when using this device.

However, it is still very necessary to take some safety precautions when using this device.

Protecting against shock

Most electrical power tools, including a jigsaw, may shock the user if you expose them to water or airborne moisture. As a result, you must use this device in a dry environment, free from any moisture.

Safty against fire

There is also a risk of fire when using this device. This is why it is important to use a jigsaw with an RCB circuit breaker.

Furthermore, this circuit breaker will automatically shut off power when there is a power surge. However, if you fail to plunge it into an RCB circuit, the excessive flow of power may shock the user or spark a fire.

Protection against Lacerations

A laceration is the most common injury that people sustain when using a jigsaw. The incident usually occurs if the user places their hand too close to the reciprocating blade.

When this happens, the blade slice into the operator’s skin which can be painful. However, to prevent this ugly situation, ensure the blade of your device is always sharp.

This is because dull blades are most likely to kickbacks. Additionally, another way to prevent this is to wear Keylar-lined gloves when using this device.

Meanwhile, the safety tips are not yet over; read more to find out.

Here are some other safety tips to follow when using a jigsaw

  • Be familiar with the user’s manual. And if you can’t find the manual, contact the producer of your jigsaw to request a copy.
  • Ensure to wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Examples are steel-toed boots, eyewear, and a dust mask.
  • Never try to force the jigsaw through stubborn, or hard material. If the blade refuses to cut, remove it and try again.
  • Always lubricate the blade and the whole components of your jigsaw.
  • Every other individual should stay away from the jigsaw while in use.
  • Always be watchful of extension cords that are connected to your jigsaw so that you don’t trip over them.

I want to talk about the pros and cons of a jigsaw moving forward.

Pros And Cons Of A Jigsaw

Pros And Cons Of A Jigsaw

Every device has its advantages and disadvantages. A jigsaw, despite its advantages, has its disadvantages.

Here I will discuss the pros and cons of having this device.


  • A jigsaw is very easy to handle.
  • It has a very power motor.
  • A jigsaw features a keyless blade change
  • It has four-position orbital level
  • Ensures optimal cutting
  • Lastly, it has a LED light for great visibility.


  • A jigsaw is not very durable
  • It is difficult to repair.
Recommended Top Pick

To ease your search when buying this device, here is the best jigsaw available in the market. I will be explaining a few of their features.

So, settle down and pick the one that suits your taste and pocket.

Makita XVJ03Z Lithium-Ion Cordless

This jigsaw is very fast, and it ensures efficient cutting. Hence, its variable-speed motor delivers up to 0-2,600 strokes per minute.

Additionally, the tool-less blade change lever enables you to remove and put the blade for adequate productivity easily.

BOSCH 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless JigSaw

This device is lightweight. Also, it has a LED light that keeps everywhere bright for your safety.

Interestingly, it features electronic cell protection and motor protection. As a result, the motor and battery are protected against overheating.


It has a high run time which gives you enough time to finish your work. Also, it has an integrated blower that clears the line when doing your cutting.

In addition, there is a lever-action keyless blade that allows you to change the t-shank blade easily.

Lastly, it features an LED light for you to be able to use in the dark.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless JigSaw

This jigsaw has an anti-slip comfort grip that will prevent your device from falling off when using it. Additionally, it has a variable of 0.3,000 per minute for versatility and to make you finish your work on time.

The keyless shoe lever detects from 0 degrees to up to 45 degrees.

Makita JV0600K Top Handle JigSaw

With this type of jigsaw, I can assure you will cut any materials smoothly. This is because it features 6.5 amp and 3 orbital settings.

More so, it has a variable control dial in case you need to march the speed performance of this device. You can as well use the through-the-body dust port to prevent dust.

Finally, there is a counterbalance system setting to reduce vibration.

What Is A Jigsaw Used For; Conclusion

What Is A Jigsaw Used For; Conclusion

A jigsaw is a powerful tool that can cut patterns, curves, and other complicated lines in wood, metals, plastic, etc. This tool is very easy and safe to use, and it ensures optimal cutting.

I hope this post has fed you with the essential information you need on what a jigsaw is, how it works, how to maintain a jigsaw, and lots more.

Meanwhile, I hope you found this PowerVersity pick helpful?

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

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