What Is A Two Stage Air Conditioner

What is a Two Stage Air Conditioner

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Moreover, I believe you will prefer a cooling system that will maximize your energy efficiency and increase your comfort. A 2-stage air conditioner can indeed provide you with all those features and even more due to its advanced technology.

An average homeowner cannot tell the difference in technology between one-stage and two-stage air conditioners. This article will break things down for your to get all the necessary knowledge so you can make the right choices when purchasing this item.

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What Is A Two Stage Air Conditioner

What is a Two Stage Air Conditioner

A two-stage air conditioner is a type of conditioner that has a compressor that operates at 2 different speeds. They are also known as dual-stage systems.

This type of air conditioner has a compressor that pumps refrigerant through your AC. Additionally, its compressor also controls the rate at which it cools your facility.

If you have a system that has 2 stages, it will either run at maximum capacity or at sixty to seventy percent capacity on the low setting.

Basically, this two-stage air conditioner is an improved version of a single-stage air conditioner that operates at only one speed. Interestingly, a two-stage makes use of a lower setting which uses less energy.

Besides that, the lower setting reduces the workload of your system, thereby prolonging the air conditioner’s life and reducing the number of repairs you will have to make on it. On days with moderate temperature, it effectively cools your house during morning and evening hours.

The high settings operate effectively during heat waves and the hottest hours of the day. Interestingly, the AC does not need any manual adjustment – it automatically adjusts between the 2 stages as necessary.

Furthermore, the lower level is quieter since the compressor is not always working at a high speed.

Three Things To Know About Air Conditioner

Compressor Speed

The compressor operates at two different speeds. Sometimes you will just need little air to cool your room or office, this calls for a slower speed setting.

Other times like during hot days, you will need a full air blast to cool your room. In conditions like this, the two-stage air conditioner will operate at the other level – the high setting.

It Keeps The Temperature Closer To The Thermostat Setting

When compressors can only move on one set of operations on mild days, air conditioners suffer. Also, when the temperature on the thermostat falls below the ideal settings, the compressor will begin to blow more air than you actually need thereby wasting energy.

In addition, the one-setting can also be a problem on hot summer days. Since it does not have a low-speed option, the AC is forced to turn off completely once it reaches the thermostat settings.

Fortunately, the dual-stage compressor solves the above-listed problems. It keeps the temperature within about 1 degree to 2 degrees of the thermostat setting.

Overall, it gives you the level of comfort you need no matter the weather condition.

Saves You Money

Aside from giving you comfort, it also saves your money. The two-stage air conditioner will never work too hard when temperatures are kept closer to the thermostat setting.

As a result, it saves energy. Dual-stage motors are found in some of the most efficient systems, and many users report an annual saving of hundreds of dollars when they update.

Two-stage Air Conditioner VS Single-Stage Air Conditioner

The major difference between these two types of air conditioners is the type of compressor they work with.

A single-stage air conditioner’s compressor only operates at a single speed level (100 percent). The AC either runs at its maximum or is turned off completely.

Meanwhile, a two-stage air conditioner has two compressor speeds, one is usually set as sixty to seventy percent of the maximum. Moreover, it usually works at a lower speed, but during hottest days, it switches to a higher speed.

Read along as I expatriate further on the differences under the following points.

Complex Repairs

Unlike the single-stage AC that has fewer repair problems, the two-stage air conditioner has more complex technology with more components. Due to this, it is more difficult to maintain and repair.

Higher Costs

The complex technology of a two-stage system makes it more costly than a single-stage system. Even though two-stage AC capable will still be efficient in a milder climate, it is not as cost-efficient as the single-stage air conditioner.

Increased Efficiency

Unlike the single-stage air conditioner that has only two settings (on and off) a two-stage air conditioner recognizes the fact that not all cooling situations are the same. As humans, you don’t need much cool air all the time.

There are times when you will need just a little and the two-stage air conditioner can give you that.

A two-stage air conditioner takes note of the current temperature and adjusts its speed accordingly. This enhances your system’s overall efficiency.

Enough Comfort

It is very possible to live more comfortably with a better cooling system and a two-stage AC can guarantee that. It works for longer periods and the air it produces will steadily fill your home.

This creates more cooling and helps you to avoid annoying hot spots.

Now, lets us look at why two-stage air conditioners are more efficient.

Why Is A 2-Stage Air Conditioner More Efficient?

A single-stage air conditioner only has one setting so it is fundamentally necessary that it operates at 100 percent capacity which is not so good if you think about it. For example, imagine having a vehicle that runs in the highest gear only.

After cooling your home faster at high speed, the air conditioner goes off. You will then have to turn it on when the place is hot again.

Overall, turning the air conditioner on and off makes it less efficient, because an air conditioner usually consumes much more energy to start up.

A two-stage air conditioner is more efficient because, on days that are not too hot, it can run at a lower setting or gear. Running at a lower setting makes it more energy efficient.

Two-Stage VS Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

Difference between a 2-stage and variable-speed air conditioners

Variable speed just like the name implies can have up to 700 different compressor settings that correspond to various levels of airflow. The two-stage, though higher than the single-stage when it comes to efficiency and options, is lower in comparison to the variable speed.

A variable speed system is more efficient than a two-stage system. Interestingly, this type of AC can operate at any capacity.

In addition, variable speed AC are more effective at everything they do. They give excellent dehumidification, exceptional precise temperature, and more comfort.

In terms of repair, variable speed AC requires less repair than the two-stage system. Also, the compressor of the Variable-speed system has a longer life span than that of the two-stage compressor.

On the SEER rating, the variable-speed air conditioner scores above the maximum for central air systems. To it make it clear to you, the SEER rating is a measure of efficiency.

Variable-speed ACs usually get up to 20 or more SEER ratings, which is the maximum for central air systems.

Furthermore, just like how the two-stage can work at a slower speed, a variable-speed AC can modify accordingly to use only the power that is needed in your home.

Reasons you should Use A 2-Stage Air Conditioner

Four reasons you should be using a 2-stage air conditioner

The reasons why it is necessary for you to use a two-stage air conditioner are below;

They provide a more even temperature

Since they usually run for a long period of time, this air conditioner blows air out almost constantly. As a result, it makes you more comfortable by preventing your house from getting stuffy.

Also, it eliminates uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

They make use of less electricity

This AC has two ways of conserving energy.

  1. Two-stage air conditioners do not turn on and off like the one-stage air conditioner. Just like your vehicle, an air conditioner uses more energy when they are running steadily than when they are powering on and off repeatedly.
  2. They use lower speed. The lower speed at which this AC runs makes it consume less energy.

They eliminate more humidity

This AC can remove twice as much humidity from the air inside your home. Although all air conditioners eliminate humidity from your air, however, two-stage AC removes more humidity than any other AC since it runs longer.

The 2-stage air conditioner has a longer life span

This AC type has a longer life since they are not going on and off like the single-stage air conditioner. Powering on and off constantly puts more pressure on the system.

Due to this, it causes more wear and tear and also make it more prone to damage.

For your air conditioner to work effectively, and for it to last longer, there are important things you need to always do.

Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

Maintenance tips for your air conditioner

For your two-stage air conditioner to work effectively, you need to give it proper maintenance. Here are maintenance tips that can make your system run effectively.

Change your air filters

Air filters are built into your HVAC system to trap dust, pet hair, and other impurities. These filters keep pollutants from interfering with your system’s operation.

Subsequently, those filters become filthy or clogged over time. A dirty filter can produce ice on your air conditioner, forcing it to work more than it needs to.

Fortunately, this problem can be avoided by changing your filters once a month.

Clear away plants and bushes

For your AC to function correctly, it needs flowing air. Bushes, flower beds, weed usually disrupt airflow.

So, make sure you clear away any plant life growing close to your AC. This will make your AC get enough air.

Check the drain line

Your AC needs to drain excess moisture from the condenser. This drain line can get clogged from the growth of algae.

As a result, you need to carry out some preventive maintenance by flushing the line sometimes with a little amount of bleach.

Well, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can suck away the obstruction if algae or mold has mostly clogged the line.

Clean the AC’s coils

The evaporator and condenser coils of your AC accumulate dirt over time. This dirt obstructs airflow and insulates the coil, thereby lowering its heat-absorbing capacity.

Furthermore, if the outdoor environment is dusty, outdoor condenser coils can become very unclean. At your yearly maintenance visit, ensure that your air conditioner specialist inspects and cleans your AC’s coils to avoid these issues.

Pros And Cons Of Using 2-Stage AC

Pros and Cons of using 2-stage AC

Every device has its advantages and disadvantages. The two-stage air conditioner is not excluded.

Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of this air conditioner.


Here are the advantages of using this air conditioner.

It runs at two speed

The compressor of this AC makes it unique. This type of compressor has a dual-mode.

  • High-maximum-blast cycle-100 percent capacity’
  • Low-minimum cooling power-sixty to seventy percent capacity.

That is, during milder days, the air conditioner operates at a medium capacity and it saves money on energy and cools your home effectively.

Also, when it’s super hot, your air conditioner can blow up quickly, making your home cooler and much more suitable for you. Overall, you can adjust and direct your AC whenever you want.

Reduces your energy bills

The traditional air conditional system is not economical. However, a 2-stage AC dual compressor speed helps you consume less energy.

It minimizes the steady on-off cycle of a single AC, which means that you can avoid the cost increment caused by always starting the AC.

Another thing is the compressors’ SEER. For more understanding, let me explain what a SEER is.

SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, this determines the level of cooling that is achieved with a specific amount of energy.

So, the higher the SEER, the lower the operational cost of an air conditioner.

Most of the 2-stage air conditioners work with 19 SEER. Evidently, a 2-stage air conditioner can bring about notable savings on your household budget.

The lower setting for quieter operation

Some people really find it challenging to concentrate with noise and sound around. In such a case, having a peaceful, quiet, and comfortable atmosphere is very necessary.

Noise is one of the downsides of an air conditioner, but it is not much of an issue as long as 2-stage air conditioners are concerned.

Interestingly, a 2-stage AC only has 67 to 76 decibels, which means they operate quietly. With this AC you will not get distracted by noise when carrying out daily activities or when having your rest.

More even cooling

When the cooling cycles are slower and much longer, it cools your home gradually. Since a single-stage air condition is always working at full blast, it will cool your home quickly, thereby preventing the units from pushing out cold air into all the corners of your home.

On the contrary, a 2-stage unit runs a constant airflow that makes cold air settle in every corner of your home.

Dehumidifies your home adequately

Two-stage air conditioners are best for dehumidifying homes. This is because, the longer the air conditioner runs, the better it dehumidifies the air.

When this AC brings a continuous stream of cold air, it eliminates water vapor from the air inside your home. The long period it works gives its coils sufficient time to constantly draw excess moisture from your home and channel it outside.

The humidity control can help you;

  • Avoid mold formation in the wall or ceilings.
  • Enhance air quality as it adequately eliminates damp air from the home.
  • Remove dust mites.
  • Eliminate stale and moldy odor inside the home.
  • Makes your home comfortable.

Improve temperature accuracy

A single-stage unit can only get within +/-4-6°F of the set temperature. The two-stage air conditioner, on the other hand, can get within +/-2°F.

Aside from cooling capacity, the AC’s ability to produce an actual temperature can help in adjusting quickly to an extreme change in heat load concentration.

Furthermore, precise air conditioning is important for big businesses and technology rooms that house electrical equipment as it prevents temperature fluctuation.

Longer AC lifespan

An air conditioning unit can work from about 15 to 20 years on average. There are many things that can affect your AC’s service life, and one of them is wearing and tear done to the AC.

When an AC is always running at full capacity it can lead to more wear and tear on the unit which can eventually lead to break down.

Fortunately, a 2-stage AC compressor can run longer without compromising its cooling input. It does not turn on and off as often as a single-stage unit.

The absence of the on and off-cycle in the 2-stage air conditioner’s operation helps it to minimize strain. Also, it reduces repair and yearly maintenance of the unit.


Here is the drawback of this AC

High purchase price

One of the disadvantages of this air conditioner is its high cost. The AC’s upfront cost is higher than your standard AC unit.

Its estimated cost price is in the range of $1,000-$2,500+ which is more than the cost of a single-stage air conditioner unit. note that price range may differ across different geographical regions.

Hard to repair

A 2-stage air conditioner has modern technology which makes it difficult to fix and maintain. Also, finding a trained technician to repair it when it’s faulty will be difficult.

My Recommended – 5 Best Two-Stage Air Conditioner

Recommended top pick of 2-stage air conditioner

To make your search easy here are some air conditioners that we recommend for you

MIDEA 5,000 BTU EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

The MIDEA 5,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner is an excellent choice for cooling a room up to 150 square feet. It will help you make your room as comfortable as you will like it to be.

Its seven temperature settings, two cooling speeds, and two-way air direction will give always give you a good amount of cooling.

The LG 8,000 BTU 115-Volt Air Conditioner

The LG 8,000 BTU 115-Volt air conditioner is an ideal option for cooling a room up to 340 square feet. It can operate at three cooling levels and it operates at sound levels as low as 53 dB.

This air conditioner is also energy efficient which means it will help you reduce electricity costs.

LG 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

The LG 6,000 BTU, 115V window air conditioner is good for cooling a room of up to 260 square feet. It has three cooling operation modes that allow you to customize your cooling.

Another good thing is that it operates quietly. When it is running at low mode, it operates at sound levels as low as 52dB.

Koldfront WAC12003WCO 12000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

The Koldfront WAC12003WCO has a cooling capacity that ranges between 62° – 86°F and it can operate at three different modes. This air conditioner is capable of cooling spaces up to 450 square feet with 12,000 BTUs of cooling power.

Thus, it is a good fit for bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

Additionally, the Koldfront WAC12003WCO is energy efficient. It will ensure you’re comfortable in your room while helping you save on costly energy bills.

Koldfront WAC6002WCO 6050 BTU 120V Window Air Conditioner

The Koldfront 6,050 BTU Window Air Conditioner can supply spaces of about 150 to 250 square feet with 6,050 BTUs of cooling air. This air conditioner is very energy efficient so it will help you reduce the costs you incur from expensive electricity bills.

Besides, it offers a two-mode operation which can be useful if you would like to regulate the amount of cooling power you want.

Two Stage Air Conditioner; Conclusion

Two Stage Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioner that is energy-efficient, gives more comfort, and saves your money cannot be over-emphasized. Hence, I will always recommend that you get a 2-stage air conditioner.

Since this article explained what a two-stage air conditioner is, its advantages, and more, I hope you are equipped well enough to make a purchase decision.

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