What Is Eco Solvent Printer?: For Environmental Concerns

Are you in search of an article that best explains an eco-solvent printer? This article on the eco-solvent printer will help you by giving you a vivid explanation.

You need to know that I will start this article by giving an overview of the eco-solvent printer. The next thing I will do is explain how the printer works.

After this, I will move on to explain the feature of the printer. Also, I will not forget to explain the pros and cons of the printer.

I will not stop there; I will go on further to give some recommendations for my 5 best eco-solvent printers. I will do this by ranking them from the 1st to the 5th.

Furthermore, I will also help answer some frequently asked questions and end this article by giving my conclusion. Hence, for a more vivid picture, all you need to do is to follow this article closely.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Overview


A printer is a device that accepts electronic data in the text or images, usually stored on a computer or other device, and generates a hard copy, usually on paper.

It is simply a machine that prints documents like texts, images, or a combination of both. Moreover, there are several types of printers, including photo, color, laser, digital, inkjet, etc.

Hence, these types tend to play different functions. However, this brings us to the focus of the article, which is eco-solvent printers.

An eco-solvent printer is a type of printer that uses biodegradable solvents to print on a variety of materials. This printer provides excellent printing while minimizing environmental impact.

This type of printer falls under the category of a digital printer. So, a printer uses eco-friendly solvent inks to produce high-quality images.

Unlike solvent ink, eco-solvent ink suspends its colors in a mild biodegradable solvent. This means the ink has no odor and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC).

These inks are perfect for trade show graphics, vinyl, and banners since they produce vibrant colors. Also, these inks are waterproof and scratch-resistant once you use them to print.

However, this printer has recently become more popular among business owners, graphic designers, and even home use.

This is because they can produce vibrant prints at a fraction of the cost and have a less environmental impact. In addition, it is suitable for hospitals and offices.

Nevertheless, this printer comes in various sizes, including; the small desktop type and the large format type, which can serve for home and commercial use, respectively. Additionally, it is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Eco-Solvent Vs. Solvent Printers

Regarding flex and vinyl printing, solvent and eco-solvent printers are common. Just like eco-solvent printers, the solvent printer makes use of solvent inks.

These inks contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a result, these inks usually require a lot of ventilation and even extraction to protect the people operating the printer.

These inks also retain a lingering smell on the substrates. Hence, most solvent printing is not suitable for indoor use due to the smell they produce.

On the other hand, the eco-solvent printer is the opposite. These inks contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This type is suitable for indoor use like studios, offices, etc. This is because they do not produce a lot of smell.

Just like the solvent printer, the eco-solvent printer also needs adequate ventilation. The solvent printer uses an oil-based solution with pigment and resins, while the eco-solvent printer uses refined mineral oil.

The chemical in the solvent printer can attack the inkjet nozzles, while eco-solvent does not attack the inkjet nozzle since they are not that strong.

Solvent printers often require a lot of cleaning, unlike the eco-solvent type. You can use solvent printers mainly for outdoor adverts like billboards, wallpaper, car stickers, etc.

While that eco-solvent is suitable for indoor adverts like indoor banners, posters, wallpapers, floor graphics, and so on, since solvent printers contain many harmful ingredients, it is dangerous since they can harm one’s health.

The eco-solvent printer is biodegradable, which makes it safer. Hence, the eco-solvent inks are more expensive than the solvent type.

Regardless of this, there are lots of benefits you can still get with eco-solvent printers.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: How It Works

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: How It Works

First, there is no complexity in terms of how this printer works. Just as traditional printers use ink to print on materials, the eco-solvent printer uses eco-solvent inks to print on different media such as vinyl, banners, and so on.

So to understand how this printer works, it is vital to look closely at the printer ink, the eco-solvent ink.

As said earlier, the eco-solvent ink suspends its colors in a mild biodegradable solvent. Thus, these inks come from the extracts taken from refined mineral oil.

This ink has low volatile compounds (VOC) and does not have an odor. However, It is environmentally friendly and has less harmful chemical makeup than many other printers.

The eco-solvent ink includes up to 50% naturally-derived monomers and oligomers from renewable resources like plants and biomass. As a result, this ink does not contain heavy metals, SVHC, or greenhouse gases.

They are waterproof, UV, and scratch-resistant. Also, they can withstand sunlight and harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Hence, the ink contains glycol esters or glycol ether esters. This makes them slow when drying.

Nevertheless, some eco-solvent printers use mercury-based cooling or LED lamp systems to dry the ink. However, the eco-solvent printers that use the LED lamp system tend to dry the ink faster.

With the LED lamp system, it means you are using up to 82% less energy consumption than non-comparable UV printers may use. The result of using this type of printer is that it produces vibrant and high-quality print on the printing material.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Features/Factors To Consider

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Features/Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Ink Type

The first and the most apparent feature of this type of printer is the eco-solvent ink. All eco-solvent printer uses mild biodegradable ink, which is environmentally friendly.

This ink has less odor and is suitable for indoor and outdoor signages. In addition, the ink can print on various surfaces, like a banner, vinyl, or billboard.

Also, it works well with both coated and uncoated surfaces. However, it is suitable for most inkjet printers but not all.

Print Quality

One thing you need to know about this type of printer is that it produces a high-quality print with vibrant colors. In addition, the eco-solvent printer offers superior adhesion to various surfaces, including banner material, vinyl, and many more.

Also, the prints are long-lasting and durable. These prints are also can withstand sunlight are harsh weather conditions.

Also, the prints are waterproof, UV, and scratch-resistant. This makes them ideal for outdoor prints.

Print Speed

The printer speed of any printer is measured per minute (PPM). Since most if not all eco-solvent printers are ideal for color printing, they will have ppm PPM speeds for pages of images.

Hence, many eco-solvent printers usually print at a higher print speed. This makes them ideal for commercial use.

They come in two forms; large format printers and small desktops for offices and home use.


Many eco-solvent printers offer two wireless connectivity. This include; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from that, some eco-solvent printers connect via USB

Also, some eco-solvent printers usually support Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print.

Additional Features

Some eco-solvent printers do more than just printing. Hence, some eco-solvent printers can have extra features like copy, scan, and fax.

Also, some models have special features like unique photo printing modes and web apps.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Pros And Cons

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Pros And Cons

In this section, I will highlight the pros and cons of the eco-solvent printer. Nevertheless, I will start with the pros of the eco-solvent printer.


  • One of the most significant benefits of eco-solvent printing is that it produces less waste since the ink for this type of printing evaporates completely. Hence, there is no need for hazardous waste disposal.
  • Another benefit is that, unlike solvent printing, the eco-solvent print does not release harmful volatile organic compounds into the air. As a result, the eco-solvent ink is much safer and healthier for workers and the environment.
  • Eco-solvent printing is more cost-effective and versatile than other printing methods. This is because it requires the use of less ink when printing and also requires less energy to dry the print.
  • Also, one unique thing about the eco-solvent print is the vibrant color and high-quality pattern they tend to produce. Thus, they are more durable and resistant to fading, making them suitable outdoors.
  • Unlike solvent ink which produces harmful odor, eco-solvent ink does not have a smell or produces less odor. This makes them ideal for indoor use.
  • The eco-solvent printer usually requires less energy to operate and also reduces its environmental footprint. Hence, due to its quality, safety, and sustainability, it tends to be a perfect solution for a wide range of printing needs.
  • Also, since the eco-solvent inks come from renewable resources, they tend to have a lower carbon footprint. Therefore, this type of print makes it suitable for homes and businesses looking to minimize their environmental impact.
  • Since the eco-solvent ink does not have volatile organic compounds, its cartridge is not so damaging to the printer’s components. Hence, the printer does not require a lot of cleaning and maintenance like other printers.


Here, I will also be highlighting the cons of the eco-solvent printer.

  • One major drawback of the eco-solvent printer is that it is usually more expensive than a regular printer. This is due to its capacity as well as its effectiveness.
  • Also, eco-solvent ink is usually more costly than other types of ink. Hence, the cost-effectiveness of the ink tends to surpass its initial cost since it is long-lasting and more versatile.
  • The eco-solvent printer is usually larger and slower than the solvent printer, which can make the production times longer. Also, it is less portable than other printers since it tends to be heavier.
  • The eco-solvent ink can be more challenging, and the prints may require special finishing techniques. The prints can also require specialized media to protect them against fading or damage from UV light exposure, which tends to be costly.
  • Also, this type of printer is not suitable for some materials. This is because they require a lot of heat to dry prints properly, affecting the type of material you can print on.
  • The eco-solvent ink is not as durable as the solvent ink. Thus, while it is suitable for outdoor prints, it is best to use it for prints that need to last for two to three years.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: My Recommendations

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: Pros And Cons
ProductsDimension WeightPrinting TechnologyConnectivityCompatible Device
HP DesignJet T650 Large Format Wireless Plotter Printer 52 x 24 x 37 inches76 poundsThermal InkjetGigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0Smartphones, PC, Tablets, Laptops, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20 24” (3659C002) Large Format Inkjet Printer‎104 x 36 x 24 inches119 poundsInkjetUSB, EthernetPC
Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer25.2 x 15 x 7.9 inches42 pounds
Wi-Fi, USBSmartphones, PC, Laptops
Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 EcoTank Wireless Printer18.1 pounds23.5 x 16.7 x 7.7 inchesInkjetHi-Speed USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11n only), Wi-Fi Direct, EthernetPC, Laptops
Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer22.7 x 17.6 x 13 inches27.5 poundsInkjetWi-FiPC, Laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the use of eco-solvent inks?

Eco-solvent inks are suitable for trade show graphics, banners, and vinyl; This is because of the vibrant color they produce.

2. What is a solvent and eco-solvent printer?

While the eco-solvent is an ecologically safe printing mechanism, the solvent printer uses harsh ink with an odor that is unsuitable for indoor use.

3. What can I print with the eco-solvent printer?

You can use the eco-solvent printer to print on long-term signages, banners, vehicle wraps, commercial window graphics, and even garment decoration in the form of custom t-shirt decals.

4. Are Epson printers eco solvents?

Epson printer has an eco tank that uses an eco-solvent water-based ink. This allows you to convert the Epson printer to an eco-solvent printer to print on printable vinyl.

5. How long does an eco-solvent ink last?

Eco-solvent inks are fade and waterproof resistant, resistant to wear, and can only last for about two to three years.

6. Is eco-solvent waterproof?

Yes! Though it takes two to three years before the ink starts to fade, they are waterproof and resistant to abrasion.

7. Is eco-solvent ink water-based?

No! The eco-solvent ink is oil-based. This is because it comes from the ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil.

8. What is eco rush ink?

An eco rush ink is a water-based eco-solvent that boasts a fast dry time. In addition, this ink is waterproof as well as highly durable.

9. Do you need to laminate eco-solvent print?

Eco-solvent prints do not require lamination. Therefore, these links should be able to survive outdoors for up to 3 years without lamination.

10. Is eco-solvent ink safe?

Yes. The ink does not contain a volatile organic compound that can cause pollution when it releases into the environment.

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: My Final Thoughts

What Is Eco Solvent Printer: My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an eco-friendly large format printer that will offer stunning prints, then you need not look too far, as this device is an ideal choice.

This type of printer emerges in the early 2000s for general-purpose signages. However, this printer has become more popular in recent years since it offers high-quality material, low emission, and easy recycling.

Also, it has become more popular, especially among business owners and graphic designers. Hence, some eco printers are available for home use in desktop printers.

So it is safe to say that if you want high-quality prints with vibrant colors, you will not go wrong with this type of printer. Nevertheless, this Powerversity article has taken the time to explain the topic of the question “What is an eco-solvent printer.”

Also, this article achieves this by giving an overview of how it works, its features, and its pros and cons. There are also some recommendations on the 5 best eco-solvent printers available on amazon.

Hence, you can do well to choose and buy the eco-solvent printer of your preferred choice.

I hope you found this PowerVersity pick helpful.

If you found it helpful, kindly share your thoughts with the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

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