What is Tesla Panels ?

Do you know what Tesla Panels are? If you have heard about them and wondered what they are, this article on “what are tesla panels” will give you all the clarification you need.

This blog post will explain what Tesla panels are all about, what you should expect when you buy one, and how efficient they are. Aside from these subject areas, I will also talk about many other important things about tesla panels.

So, to know more about these panels, ensure you continue reading as I will break it down bit by bit.

Tesla Panel’s History

Tesla Panels History

Though many may know Tesla mainly as an electric car company, Tesla has, however, expanded beyond just electric cars.

Tesla made its way into the solar industry in 2016 by purchasing the solar company known as SolarCity. They’ve since then continued to work with a goal that’s targeted towards the manufacturing of efficient solar panels and battery storage.

Achieving this goal was not a big deal since SolarCity was already a great solar panel company. In addition, they were already one of the country’s biggest residential solar panel installers.

Joining Tesla sped up the growth of their solar business.

Due to this, they had no choice but to outsource most of their panels from third parties. However, this business move did not include a complete reinvention of their marketing infrastructure and sales.

Every other major business activity remained the same for them.

However, the increasing demand made it impossible for them to continue producing solar panels at a large scale. Due to this, they had to partner with another solar manufacturing company known as Panasonic.

Panasonic provided Tesla with one of the major solar panel components to aid a quicker solar panel manufacturing process. This combination didn’t last very long, though.

Recently, Tesla and Panasonic ended their solar cell production. However, they still work together to build Tesla solar batteries for Tesla Powerwalls and electric vehicles.

Tesla Panels Technology Explained

Tesla Panels Technology Explained

Panasonic aside, Tesla is still partnering with Hanwha to manufacture their solar panels. To be specific, they use the QPeak Duo Black panels.

Although Tesla produces solar tiles or solar roof shingles, it is terrible that they do not own a personal solar panel brand. What they do is quote other brands.

On a more positive note, one of the most exciting things about Tesla solar panel is their beautiful designs. Their black colors make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Third party Involved in Producing Tesla Panels

How Efficient Are Tesla Solar Panels_

Presently, Tesla solar panels, whose source is from Hanwha solar panels, have a 19.6 percent solar panel efficiency. On the other hand, Sunpower solar panels have an efficiency rate of 22 percent, and many Chinese Tier panels have efficiency rates of 17 percent.

The point I’m trying to emphasize is that the quantity of solar energy a Tesla panel takes in from the sun is more than the solar energy that regular low-quality panels take in.

To give you more factual details, most real-world performance of tesla solar panels usually generate a temperature coefficient of 39 percent. That is, for every degree Celsius above 25 degrees, the panels’ output falls for only 0.39 percent.

Even though you cannot say a 39-degree temperature coefficient is the best, it can still keep your solar panels producing sufficient energy even when the weather is very hot.

How Efficient Are Tesla Solar Panels?

Tesla makes 4 sizes of solar panel installation available. These four sizes are usually available in kilowatts, and they are 4.25, 8.5, 12.75, and 17kW.

When you purchase Tesla solar panels, Tesla ensures to package the solar panels with a Powerwall. – a Powerwall is a battery system that is duly regarded, and it can store solar energy for later use when there is a power outage or when there is no sunlight.

Tesla’s installation is less complicated than most other solar panels. In addition to their ease of installation, Tesla panels usually have a low-profile design and sleek appearance.

They are not only beautiful, but they are also highly durable.

One of the attributes that certify the Tesla panel’s long-term service is the warranty they offer. Tesla guarantees that its solar panels will work at 80 percent capacity for twenty-five years.

In cases where the Tesla solar panel suffers any sort of damage before the 25 years, you will get a replacement.

If you are worried about the efficiency of the Tesla solar panels, you shouldn’t be. Tesla solar panels are very capable of powering most of your electrical appliances.

However, you should keep in mind that when you use appliances that consume lots of power, like air conditioners, clothes dryers, etc, you will have to buy more batteries.

Why Are Tesla Panels Sourced From Third Parties?

Why Are Tesla Panels Sourced From Third Parties_

The following reasons are why Tesla makes use of third-party panels.

Since Tesla doesn’t have to disclose the solar panel brand, they make sure that they quote the solar panels that are not expensive.

However, customers face the challenge regarding Tesla quoting is that Tesla does not break down the cost and brand of the solar panel they are using.

Additionally, many solar panels in the market today are almost equal in efficiency and cost. Not only that, they all give enough solar power.

Although Tesla might not be the one that produces the panels 100%, you can trust their panels since they give a twelve-year workmanship warranty.

Also, you have a minimum of 80 percent of nameplate power capacity after twenty-five years.

Interestingly, there is a price match program that Tesla recently started. So now, after buying a Tesla panel, you can compare the solar panel’s costs with many others.

If you find a less expensive alternative, you can now confidently apply for a price match.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tesla Panels

Things To Consider Before Buying Tesla Panels

Here are important things you should consider before buying a Tesla solar panel. Just in case, keep in mind that this also applies to any other brand of solar panels.

How It Works

Solar panels collect solar energy from sunlight; they transform the energy into electrical energy. This process happens through each solar cell that makes up a panel.

These panels absorb all the sunlight they can to transform solar energy into electrical energy when needed in the daytime. The process of solar absorption includes both direct and diffuse radiation, which involves light reflected by clouds.

For this reason, even on days when sunlight is absent, the plates still generate energy. However, the solar panel may not be as efficient on days when there is not enough sunlight.

In conclusion, before you buy a tesla panel, ensure to know how it works.


For a solar panel to work effectively, it must be installed in a perfect place suitable for capturing enough sunlight. As a result, the ideal place to install a solar panel is always the roof.

Another thing you should know is that the level or degree of light that the panel will get depends on the direction and sloop of the roof.

For those residing in the southern hemisphere, you have to ensure that you can install your solar panel in a position that faces north. The reverse is the case for those staying in countries of the northern hemisphere.

The perfect roof pitch angle should be lower (or the same) as the latitude to the exact place where your device is located.

Consequently, when there is a need to correct the angle and direction of your solar panel, it will be done through supporting structures. Supporting structures are also used to install the panels directly on the ground if the roof is unsuitable.

Ensure to analyze whether you can stick to these installation protocols before buying a solar panel.


Another factor you should consider before buying tesla panels and other solar panels is their durability. A solar panel should last for twenty-five years, even when exposed to natural elements like dust, rain, hail, etc.

However, the longevity of the panels will depend on the quality of the panels.


Another thing to look into is the level of maintenance the panel will need. The good news is that thorough maintenance may not need to be frequent even though it works for hours every day.

Nonetheless, it would help if you observed a few maintenance activities constantly.

One of those things you need to do is clean the solar modules, and you are to do that only if they are very dirty, which does not happen frequently. This is because they have a non-stick film that stops the accumulation of dirt, and when there is dust, rainwater washes it away.

Also, it is very easy to clean when there are bird droppings or contamination. All you need is water and a soft-bristle broom.

Lastly, electrical maintenance of your device is also needed, although not frequently. You can do that once every year to ensure the efficiency of the system generation.

The Benefit Of Installing A Tesla Solar Panel

The Benefit Of Installing A Tesla Solar Panel

Using a Tesla solar panel offers lots of benefits, and I talk about those benefits in this section.

Stylish design

Tesla solar panels do save not only your money but also improve your home’s exterior appearance. This is because they have a unique design that can fit in perfectly with the style of your home.

This is because it covers your entire roof. Interestingly, people around you may not even notice that you have gone solar because it will blend perfectly into your exterior design.

Furthermore, installing this device in your home will make your house look more expensive. Also, it will improve your house’s curb appeal and make it look up to date with the trending designs styles.

Environmental impact

One of the most significant benefits you get from using tesla solar panels is the environmental benefit you enjoy. Many sources of power today that use coal or natural gas emit dangerous substances into the environment.

Unfortunately, these toxins are harmful to you, your family, and those living around you. One of the ways to be free from this pollution is when you switch to Tesla solar roof.

Since solar panels get their energy directly from sunlight, they do not produce any harmful substances in the environment.

Perfect for Texas Residents

Tesla solar panels are more usable in Texas. Although those living across the United States also enjoy some of these benefits.

This is because Texas has more sunny weather than many states across the United States. According to the record, Texas experiences 228 days of sun every year which is even more than the 205-day average for the whole country.

Since solar panels get their energy from constant sunlight, those living in Texas will not have to worry about insufficient sunlight.

In addition, another good thing with Texas is that they provide a statewide renewable energy tax exemption. Aside from that, they have a tax credit for additional savings to remove the cost of installation.

High Return of Investment

Although traditional roofs tend to be cheaper, changing to tesla solar tiles can give you future benefits. These panels ensure high returns on investment.

That is, they save you more money in the future by reducing your electricity bills.


Tesla solar panels are more durable than other types of solar panels. They are made with unique technology that can give you the comfortability you need irrespective of the weather condition.

More so, installing this device is the best way to invest in your home for decades to come. Hence, for those planning to stay in a particular house for the rest of their lives or for those who want to add to the value of their homes, installing this device is the best way to achieve this.

Impressive Warranty

Since these panels are very durable, Tesla gives all new solar tile buyers a very nice warranty. This warranty also involves various pieces that preserve your money and boost the assurance of your panels’ ability to power your home.

Interestingly, Tesla’s solar tiles assure you of a twenty-five-year performance warranty. Also, the producers guarantee you a minimum of 80 percent nameplate power capacity for a minimum of twenty-five years.

If your tiles’ power starts to decrease during this time, you can tender a report through Tesla to get free repairs.

Additionally, it will interest you to know that your twenty-five-year warranty includes roof mounting, free labor on the system’s power wall, and a solar inverter. If there are any structural issues or leaks, you are free to contact Tesla to repair these problems without you spending any money.

Full Roof Replacement

Unlike the traditional solar panels that sit on your roof, one good thing about the Tesla solar system is that it covers your entire roof.

So, if you want to change the roof of your house and you also want to go solar, the best way to do that is to install a tesla panel. By doing so, you would be killing two birds with one stone.

Furthermore, with tesla panels, you have full confidence that your solar roof tiles will remain constant throughout their whole life span, unlike the traditional solar panels that will require you to re-install with every roof replacement.

Protection Against Increasing Energy Costs

It is bad that there is always an increase in the cost of energy over time.

Sadly, it has increased about 3 percent each year since 1970. However, since electricity is essential, you will have no choice but to pay them even when it rises.

Fortunately, solar energy has a constant price. Therefore, there will be no need to worry about affording the rising energy cost with solar energy.

Furthermore, you will ensure that your energy bill will remain the same every month.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Another benefit of using tesla solar panels is that they add to your home’s value. If you are looking for a house to move to, I believe you will prefer the one with advanced technology solar tiles instead of regular roof tiles.

Also, you will not mind paying extra cash for a home that has modern technology and is energy-efficient. Not only that, if you plan on selling your home in the future, you will sell it at a higher price if it has a tesla panel.

Add To Your Reputation

Another benefit you can enjoy from switching to the Tesla roof is that it will add value to how people see you if you don’t mind getting the social validation. So, for example, anyone who comes across your building will know that you have high taste and class.

Installing this device in your home will greatly impact your public image.



Tesla panels are the perfect choice when it comes to solar panels. They are very easy to install, they have a beautiful design, are the durability they offer is backed up by the impressive warranty.

I believe I have successfully explained the essential things about the Tesla solar panel. Aside from this, I have also mentioned things you can expect from a tesla panel, features to consider when buying Tesla panels, and lots more.

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