What Is The Best HP Photo Printer?

Do you want to invest in a photo printer? Then, what is the best hp photo printer is a guarantee for an excellent photo printer that will serve you.

Similarly, are you looking for a stay-at-home photo printer? Or are you wondering if you can get a good hp photo printer that will give you the best output?

This article will answer all these questions about the best photo printer you will get. I will also tell you what you need to consider before buying a printer.

Furthermore, you will know the pros and cons in the following passage, plus the features of a good photo printer. Also, I will educate you on how a photo printer works and how to locate a good one.

As a professional photographer, this buying guide will benefit and enlighten you on the current hp photo printers available. It will also give you reasons to upgrade your old photo printers to a more current and excellent one.

Eventually, I will table my recommendation of the 5 picks of the products. This puts in the comparison and specifications that highlights the trending photo printers in stock in the market.

Finally, my conclusion summarizes the best photo printers available in the market and how to locate a good one. So sit tight, and grab your popcorn as we take you around all about photo printers.

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer: Overview

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer_ Overview

What is a photo printer? A photo printer is a thermal dye or inkjet printer that prints quality photos or other vibrant color projects. It will print these photos on extreme white photo paper coated to prevent ink from smearing.

Hp photo printer is a multifunction photo printer that will be simple, small, and used for versatile functions. It can let you print, fax, copy, scan, and produce high-quality photos at home or small office.

Also, photo printers come in various sizes that can support all the photo paper sizes. However, few have wallet sizes and are dedicated printers with sizes 3×5″ or 4×6″ prints.

Furthermore, hp photo printers date far back to the 1984s. Although inkjet printers were not in market stock, the dye-sublimation technology was and is still used to date.

Currently, manufacturers of inkjet printers now produce excellent results and can accommodate even heavier photo papers.

A photo printer can be for personal or commercial use. It can either be for printing only photos or printing other documents. In either case, the hp photo printer differs from other printers.

It has various options of a true photo printer and a high-quality color print. In addition, it does not require a computer and can even edit photos before printing.

Additionally, the price of hp photo printers differs widely depending on its factors. Also, modern ones have editing functions, red-eye removal, border options, and create coloring effects such as sepia and black-white photos.

Hp portable photo printer is easy to transport and has slots that read digital memory cards, parallel, USB ports, etc. Unfortunately, printers mostly will not come with connection cords, so know what you need before hitting the store.

Finally, a printer with low DPI will produce grainy, speckled photos and pixelated or blocky. Therefore, the expected DPI of a printer is 4800 x 1200 or above.

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer: How It Works

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer_ How It Works

A photo printer can work in many ways, and I will only discuss printing in two ways. The first is to print a photo using hp smart app and print it using a USB connection to a smartphone or Memory card.

So, you will find out how it works.

Printing a photo using hp smart app

The Hp smart app is installed on your computer or smart device. It features a photo printer, a camera with a memory card, a USB cable, and some photo paper.

Steps to fixing the paper size on the hp photo printer

  • Add photo paper to the photo printer by placing it on the tray. It could be a standard paper tray and a smaller tray for large and small photo paper.
  • Take note of the paper orientation tips for your photo paper because the photo paper has one side for printing. The other side is not for printing, so you avoid printing on the wrong side.
  • When the papers are ready, printing photos on the hp photo printer is simple, especially if you are using the hp smart app on your phone.
  • By opening the app, ensure that your phone is on the Wi-Fi connection and connected to your printer.
  • Tap on print photos and choose the photos you would like to print.
  • Once you finish choosing the photo you want to print, tap on it and print.

Adjustment of the photo and printer

You can adjust the size and paper you will use and even choose many patching zooms on the photo printer. When making the selection, the app will show the photo size and the paper size to use.

Then, you see some of the primary functions on the roll page and change the paper size you will use. The few basic options are the copy, color mode, paper size, quality, and more options.

  • Copies: Select the number of copies you want to print from this copy icon.
  • Color mode helps you choose the color you want to print if you want it in color or black and white.
  • The paper size will give you more options on which paper size it should print.
  • Under more options, you can access the quality setting, adjust print and adjust the scale.
  • Quality: choose the best because you want high-quality products. Therefore, select the best or Max DPI quality when printing.

Printing of the photo

After fixing the printer and adjusting the photo to taste, tap on the back icon. Go to the options screen, tap on the print icon and send the photos to the printer.

Note: Do not grab the photo immediately after printing; let it sit for a few seconds before printing. Let it sit for seconds so that the ink does not wash.

To print a photo using a USB connection to a smartphone or Memory card.

Depending on the printer, you might also print from a memory card or right from your camera. You can connect it through the USB cable.

Some SD cards must be compatible with a photo printer before working on them. The following are the steps to follow:

Steps for printing a photo with a USB or SD card

  • First, locate the memory card or the USB on your printer after plugging or attaching it. Next, check on the left-hand side of your desktop.
  • Insert the memory card into the slots or connect the USB from the camera to the printer.
  • The printer will dictate the device, though it can take a few seconds, then present you with some options.
  • Also, set your photo as you desire to do with it. 
  • Press on print photos and then view before printing.
  • Select the photos you want to print and then press continue.
  • Make adjustments as you desire on the photos, number of parts, paper size, and cropping. Anything else your printer may have available for you.
  • Tap on the icon or the pencil icon for even more options.
  • If you are through with the adjustment, then press continue.
  • Review the image or photo for the last time and tap on print.

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer: Features

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer_ Features

When planning to buy a printer, you will first think of what you will do with it. Is it for personal or commercial use? If you are a landscape photographer, your need is a bit different.

Also, what brand will make sense for you? Is it available in the market? How big is your printing? These and many more questions you are to consider.

Other features are:


This is the first thing to check as you buy that photo printer you love. Know how functional the printer is and whether the capacity of printing photos will meet your need.

Ensure the printer can produce color print and has a paper adjustment tray. Also, it can print on different sizes of paper at a high quality.

Modern printers can scan, photocopy, and send and receive emails and faxes.


The resolution of a photo printer is useful to photographers and photo printing and uses DPI to measure resolution. You have to pay keen attention to the black and color print resolution of the printer you buy.

The higher the Dot Per Inch (DPI), the better print quality. Inkjet printers have a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi in black and 4800 x 1200 dpi in color.


Photo printers come with a different resolution that affects the result of your print. Ask yourself if you can replace the number of ink cartridges when it finishes? How well do you value the resolution?

The more the cartridges, the more differences it makes in the color and the more mix of shade ink available.


Hp photo printers have a short-term cost known as purchase cost; buying the ink and papers is forever. Consider the cost of the ink and paper of the printer and compare it to the purchase cost.

Additionally, printer ink cost varies, and so does the photo paper in size, quality, and price. So the bigger your printer is, the more costly it will accumulate.

How does connectivity of the hp photo printer work?

Though modern printers are wireless, it is not a guarantee that it is the best. You can not imagine having your print job done halfway because of a Wi-Fi connection drop.

Also, you should know what your space requires and if a wired or a wireless connection will be convenient as a mobile phone photographer, wireless suits you well to a wired connection.

What portability and size of the hp photo printer are good for you?

The size and how portable the hp photo printer comes to mind if you love to print as you travel. If your need is for home or office use, consider a large, quality printer for a better resolution.

Consider a compact printer, although it costs a little. It will serve you to print as you go.

But, if you want to print from a location, a portable printer is an ideal option. Therefore no matter the size, quality, or resolution, hp photo printers cover you.

How compatible is the hp photo printer?

The printer compatibility is dependent on the specification of the printers. Check how compatible it will be with your computer’s operating system if you have any computer before you buy.

Also, check the external HDDs or SSDs you own if it is also compatible with you.


Though quality is essential more than speed, efficiency will give you a satisfactory performance to have a quick print.

For commercial use, slow printing causes a lot of delays and can lead to loss of business opportunities. Even though your printer is for personal use, you will not afford to be waiting forever for just one photo to print.

Therefore, go for a photo printer that can regularly churn out thousands of photos within a short time. Also, check online manuals or specifications to find the right speedful and quality printer.

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer: Pros And Cons

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer_ Pros And Cons

The popularity of HP photo printers is dependent on the result it produces. A photo printer has become more popular with the following benefits and a few drawbacks.


  • Hp photo printers are machines that print high-quality digital photos.
  • New modern photo printers can serve more than just printing photos.
  • They are easy to use and maintain.
  • Also, the printing of documents and images has greater accuracy and quality.
  • Furthermore, it provides you with multiple color options.
  • Even so, it is less expensive.
  • In addition, no matter what, when, or how you print, your result will be the same. That is, it gives you a satisfactory result.
  • Finally, it is known for making papers and prints.


  • A photo printer can be hard to find
  • Another disadvantage is quick damage.
  • Even when you can find one you will like, the cost will not allow you to buy it.
  • Most of them are built for printing photos.

My Recommendation: Comparison And Specification

ProductsSheet SizeConnectivity TechnologyPrinting TechnologyPrint MediaIncluded ComponentSpecial Features
HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Photo Printer4 x 5 to 8.5 x 12, Letter, EnvelopeBluetooth, Wi-FiInkjetEnvelopes, Paper (plain), Glossy photo paperHP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One PrinterAuto-Duplex, Scan to Email, Optional High-Yield Cartridges, Network-Ready, Color Touchscreen, Separate Photo Tray, HP Instant Ink Eligible, Cloud Print Enabled
HP Sprocket Studio 4×6″ Instant Photo Printer4×6BluetoothDye SublimationGlossy photo paperPrinter and accessoriesPortable, Network-Ready
HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, X7N07A2×3BluetoothInkjet

Glossy photo paperSetup card, HP Sprocket Photo Printer, Micro USB Cable, One-year limited hardware warranty, Regulatory Sheet, HP ZINKĀ® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper (10-sheets)Portable, Compact
HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (2nd Edition)2-x-3-inchBluetoothZink TechnologyGlossy photo paperN/APortable
HP Sprocket Select Portable 2.3×3.4″ Instant Photo Printer (Eclipse)2.3 x 3.4

BluetoothZink TechnologyGlossy photo paper

Printer, USB cord, printer ink cartridge, photo paperPortable, Smudge-, water-, and tear-resistant prints, Cloud print enabled, Augmented Reality Capabilities, Rechargeable

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Is The Difference Between A Printer And A Photo Printer?

The difference between a printer and a photo printer is that a printer known as the near-dedicated is mainly for home and amateur photographers.

So photo printers are also dedicated and only meant to print photos.

2. Who Uses A Photo Printer?

Anyone can make use of a photo printer, and the usage is for printing digital high-quality photos.

3. What Type Of Printer Is A Photo Printer?

A photo printer can be an inkjet printer or thermal dye and print high-quality photos and other vibrant color projects.
There are three basic types of printers: inkjet, thermal dye or dye sublimation, and laserjet printer. A photo printer has nothing to do with a laserjet and its features.
An inkjet printer prints personal photos that come in a variety and are only for display at home.

4. Is Buying A Photo Printer Worth It?

Yes! Buying a printer is worth the stress because it helps you print and preserve memories over a lifetime. You create memories, adventures, and income when you print those photos of your picnics and adventurous life and make money.
Also, considering the cost of the photo printer, cost of ink, and cost of paper, one may say that buying the printer is not worth it. But without factoring in the cost of the printer, it still works out well, especially when you buy the paper in bulk.

5. Is It Only Photos That A Photo Printer Can Print?

Photo printers have two types, namely dedicated and near-dedicated photo printers. A dedicated photo printer is built to only print photos and can not print any other document except in image form.
A near-dedicated photo printer can print photos, texts, and graphics and perform other functions like scanning, emailing, and faxing.

6. Can A Normal Printer Also Print Photos?

A printer can print photos, but it will lack reliable quality because it has no set standard that makes it specific for photo printing. As a result, comparing the result with that of a photo printer is nothing.
In other words, it can never print high-quality digital photos.
Also, printer software may have custom settings that will degrade the resolution of your photo. It can also change your print job and make it nothing near-perfect photo. On the other hand, some may be perfect, depending on the printer.

7. How Long Does A Hp Photo Printer Last?

Hp photo printers can last a very long time, depending on the usage and maintenance. It could last from 3 to10 years or beyond.

Furthermore, some products come with a warranty covering close to 2-5 years of purchase. This means once they have any faults or damages within this period, you can return the product to the manufacturer to fix it for you. In most cases, they replace it with a new one.

8. What Is The Most Permanent Color Photo Printing Process?

The most trusted and beneficial printing process that will be permanent is the Platinum or Palladium print. It is generally considered the most archival of all other photographic printing processes.

9. How Long Can A Printed Photo Last?

Printed photos can last long if you keep them in average home conditions. It can only fade a little but not too much and even last up to 100 years.
But if you expose your printed photo to display in moderate light conditions, the slight fading will occur in 25 to 50 years.

10. Do Digital Pictures Degrade Over Time?

The prints made from digital files may degrade over time, but in most cases, digital photos do not degrade over time.

What Is The Best HP Photo Printer: My Final Thought

As you know, photos create ever-lasting memory and capture the best moments of our life. So, it’s a must-have for you to look at it in the future in its high quality and smile.

The good news is that you will not have to break the bank before buying a hp photo printer. On the contrary, purchasing a hp photo printer is a good investment because it will give you better performance and satisfaction.

However, I believe that you found this PowerVersity buying guide helpful, and I hope you are satisfied.

If it is okay, then kindly share your idea with us by clicking the “leave a reply” comment section.

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