What Is The Best Italian Coffee Maker

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I will talk about the three different categories of coffee makers that had existed since 1933 when the first invention came into existence in Italy.

To make your reading easier and spicy, I will start by giving you an overview of the Italian Coffee Maker. This overview has a little history of how the Coffee maker came about.

Next, I will expose you to how these categories of coffee makers work as well as their physical features.

Following the how it works section, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the three coffee makers categories.

However, to help you make a good choice if you want to buy, I will recommend the 5 best Italian Coffee Maker for you in the next section, after the pros and cons.

These recommendations cut across the three categories of coffee makers.

In conclusion, I will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Italian Coffee Makers.

Therefore, relax and have a fun-filled reading.

Let’s start with the overview as earlier planned.

Italian Coffee Maker; Overview

Italian Coffee Maker; Overview

The Italian Coffee Maker is a device that brews coffee by boiling water with high-pressure steam. This is done by passing the boiling water through ground coffee.

However, an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti invented this Italian coffee maker in 1933. Without wasting time, the Italian coffee maker became one of the staples of Italian culture.

This device makes an Italian coffee drink called espresso. Particularly, espresso is a concentrated form of coffee drink. It is mostly served in small, strong shots.

This espresso is seen as the base for many coffee drinks. It is derived from ground coffee beans and is helpful in making several coffee-house drinks.

These include Caffe Americano, Red-eye, Caffe latte, and Cappuccino.

Nevertheless, this device is also known as the Italian Moka Pot. The name “Moka Pot” complements the city of Mocha, where this device was first invented.

The Moka Pot is not the only device that makes the Italian coffee drink. However, other devices that can make the Italian coffee drink are the coffee percolator, the automatic drip coffee makers, and the Espresso Machine.

On the other hand, the coffee percolator brews coffee by continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the ground coffee. Unlike the Moka Pot, the Coffee Percolator uses gravity.

Furthermore, the percolator continues the cycling process until it reaches the strength of coffee you require. Recently, the percolators are no longer popular as they were before the 1970s.

This Italian coffee maker could be a stove-top espresso maker or electric espresso maker. More so, the difference between them is just the source of energy. But, despite their different energy sources, they operate on the same principle.

How It Works

How It Works

In this section, I will discuss the working principles of the Moka Pot, the Coffee Percolator, and the Espresso Machine separately.

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot consists of the top, middle, and bottom chambers. Furthermore, the bottom chamber contains water, and the middle chamber contains ground coffee beans.

Also, the top chamber is made for the finished blend of coffee.

When you apply medium heat to the bottom of the Moka Pot, it generates steam. Thus, the pressure in the bottom chamber increase.

As a result, it forces water through the middle chamber that contains coffee grounds.

However, the pressure that builds up in the bottom chamber is about 1.5 bars. Thus, it starts percolating after 10 minutes.

Notwithstanding, it still makes a strong and tasty shot of coffee. Nevertheless, you need a pressure of about 9 bar to make real espresso.

Even so, the Moka Pot makes Italian coffee but not entirely espresso. It is the oldest method of making coffee.

Coffee Percolator

There is a striking similarity between the Coffee Percolator and the Moka Pot. Although the percolator is bigger, they function the same way.

However, the coffee percolator makes differs from that of the Moka Pot.

The Moka Pot uses finely ground coffee, while the Coffee Perculator uses medium to medium-coarse ground coffee. Hence, their coffee flavor varies a lot.

More so, a basket near the top chamber holds the coffee in a predator by the lid. When water fills the percolator and heat is applied to the base, the water heats up.

As a result of the heat, the water forcefully goes up through a pipe attached to where the coffee sits.

However, the water spills out of the pipe into the coffee basket. Hence, Italian coffee is ready.

Espresso Machine

The espresso machine uses espresso coffee. This espresso coffee is a blend of various types of coffee beans. They are roasted to turn dark and oily.

Then, they are finely ground to look almost like powdered sugar. However, the water should take about 24 seconds to go through the coffee.

Again, you can control the brewing time by adjusting the grind.

The espresso machine is of two basic types, the simple espresso machine and the pump-style espresso machine.

Besides, the simple espresso machine uses pressure to force water through the coffee. This pressure comes from heating the water inside a sealed vessel.

These types of espresso machines are less expensive at about $50.

Furthermore, this machine packs coffee in a funnel-shaped metal with a tube extending to the reservoir bottom.

When the water in the reservoir is heated, the pressure forces water through the tube.

Although, this pressure is dependent on the temperature of the water.

Moreover, the hot water mixes with the ground coffee and comes out through the spout.

For this to build enough pressure to force the water, the temperature will always exceed the normal brewing temperature – this is why the pump type is necessary.

On the other hand, the pump-style espresso machine has a pump that applies pressure of about 9 bars to the water. It uses electricity to operate.

Also, it has a heating chamber that converts the electrical energy into heat using a resistive heating element.

When you turn on the espresso machine, the heat from the heating chamber heats the water.

Then, with the aid of the pump, water is pumped up to the porta-filter to mix with the ground coffee. Thus, you get the Italian coffee from the spout.

Features Of The Italian Coffee Maker

Features Of The Italian Coffee Maker

In this section, I will list the features of the espresso machine separately from that of the Moka Pot and Coffee Percolator.

Moka Pot And Coffee Percolator

The physical features of the Moka Pot and the Coffee Percolator are the same, even when their principle is different. Their feature includes:

The Base

This is the bottom chamber that contains water. It serves as the reservoir of this coffee maker. However, you apply heat to this coffee maker from the base.

The Middle Funnel/Filter

This is where you keep your ground coffee. The water mixes with the coffee in the middle funnel when heat is applied. However, the central funnel is also known as the middle chamber.

The Top Chamber

This chamber houses blended Italian coffee. It has the shape of a jug that makes it easy to empty the contents into a coffee shot.

Espresso Machine

The physical features of an espresso machine are:


The reservoir is a part of the espresso machine that contains the cold water used in making coffee. This reservoir varies in capacity, although it is pressure-tight and removable.

However, you can use water from your main supply if the reservoir is too small for your purpose.


This is a part of the espresso machine that applies pressure to the water. It draws water from the reservoir and pumps it at a pressure of about 9 bars into the heating chamber.

Heating Chamber

This is the part that heats up the water from the reservoir. It is a sturdy, stainless-steel structure that houses the heating element. The heating element is a coiled wire built into a groove at the bottom of the heating chamber.

Furthermore, it contains a single directional valve that allows water into the chamber from the pump.


The porta-filter is a part of the espresso machine that holds the ground coffee. It is removable. The bottom of this porta-filter has 2 spouts where the Italian coffee comes out from.

Steam Wand

This has no primary function in making Italian coffee. However, it is useful to those that add milk to their coffee. It is used to heat and froth milk.

It has a connection to the heating vessel. When you position the valve in the steam position, the heating vessel releases heat out of the wand into the milk.

Control Panel

The control panel has the on/off switch on it. Also, it has two indicator lights and a control valve.

One of the lights indicates whether the heating chamber is up to the temperate it requires. While the other indicates if the machine is on.

The valve is useful in starting the flow of water or the flow of steam.

Italian Coffee Maker; Pros And Cons

Italian Coffee Maker; Pros And Cons

I will separately state the pros and cons of the Moka Pot, Coffee Percolator, and Espresso Machine.

Moka Pot


  • It makes strong and robust coffee.
  • Also, it is easy to use.
  • Even so, it is le expensive.
  • Lastly, it is easy to clean.


  • It makes Italian coffee only in small batches.
  • Also, concentrated coffee might be too strong for some people.

Coffee Percolator


  • It makes large batches of coffee easily.
  • Also, it is less expensive.
  • Even so, it is very easy to use.
  • Lastly, it is appealing to some people.


  • Its coffee is prone to bitterness.
  • Also, there is no brew control.

Espresso Machine


  • It is convenient.
  • Also, it is versatile because some espresso machines can grind coffee.
  • Furthermore, it requires little or no knowledge to operate.
  • Even so, it is suitable for offices.
  • In addition, it has a great level of control in brewing its coffee.
  • More so, it can steam milk.
  • However, it operates with electricity.
  • Lastly, it is fast.


  • They are expensive.
  • Also, they are not easy to maintain.

Italian Coffee Maker; Recommendation

Italian Coffee Maker; Recommendation

Here, I will select the 5 best Italian coffee makers. However, I will make my picks in ascending order from the best to the 5th.

ProductDimensionsWeightCapacityCoffee Maker TypeBrand
Bialetti Moka Express6.5 x 4.53 x 8.66 inches1.75 pounds1.42 LitersMoka PotBialetti
DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine12.2 x 19.3 x 15 inches6.67 pounds1 LiterEspresso Machine
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System8 x 6.5 x 10.5 inches1.65 pounds0.95 LitersEspresso MachineMr. Coffee
Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker8.35 x 5.31 x 10.6 inches2.1 pounds2.84 LitersMoka PotPrimula
bonVIVO Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker6.3 x 4.3 x 7.9 inches2 pounds0.32 LitersMoka PotBonVIVO

Italian Coffee Maker; Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What kind of coffee do you use in an Italian coffee maker?

The Italian Coffee Maker uses medium to medium, finely ground bean coffee. Also, it should be coarser than the one used in an espresso machine. More so, it should be finer than that you would use for a drip coffee maker.

2. Do Moka pots make espresso?

Although Moka Pot brews strong and robust Italian coffee, they do not make real espresso. Because the pressure you need to brew espresso is about 9 bars. However, the Moka Pot brews coffee with intense pressure, but only about 1.5 bars.

3. How do you make Italian coffee with Moka Pot?

Below are the steps of making Italian coffee with a Moka Pot:
Understand the three parts of a Moka pot.
Then, fill some water in the base.
Furthermore, you set the funnel on top of the base. After which, you fill it with coffee grounds.
Fix the top chamber by screwing it on the base.
Then, put the Moka Pot on the stove and brew.
Please remove it from the burner immediately when your Moka starts making a rumbling sound.
Your coffee is ready. Add sugar to it and drink.

4. Which Italian Coffee maker is the best?

The best coffee maker brand which is very popular in Italy is Bialetti. It is named after the first inventor of the Moka Pot, Alfonso Bialetti. However, for modern espresso machines, you can go for Delonghi.

5. Is Moka Pot the same as Espresso Machine?

Moka Pot is a piece of stove-top equipment that uses fire to heat. On the other hand, the espresso machine uses heating elements to brew espresso.

6. What is the most popular coffee in Italy?

The most popular coffee in Italy is Cappuccino. It is a combination of espresso, steamed milk, and foam in equal proportion.

7. What is a strong Italian coffee called?

It is called Caffe Ristretto. The Caffe Ristretto has a high concentration. Furthermore, it is blended with half the quantity of water used for espresso.

8. What is a coffee with milk in Italy?

Coffee with milk in Italy is called Caffe latte/latte macchiato. Also, Caffe latte means coffee and milk. In other words, it is a combination of espresso and steamed milk contained in a tall glass.

9. What is milk called in Italy?

Latte. Milk as a word means latte in Italy.

10. Is Moka Coffee as strong as espresso?

The espresso machine brews with a pressure of about 9 bars. Comparatively, it is more than the pressure the Moka pot uses. However, the Moka pot brews coffee that is almost as strong as the espresso.

Nevertheless, What the Moka pot brews are as strong as espresso, but it is not espresso by definition. Hence, the answer to your question is yes.

Italian Coffee Maker; Wrap up

Italian Coffee Maker; Wrap up

Starting your day with a cup of coffee does not refresh you but also prepares you for the day.

Also, taking coffee in the morning before 11.00 am in Italy is almost a tradition.

In making your morning coffee, there are lot of invented devices that aid the preparation of the coffee.

For example, in the Yemen city of Mocha in Italy, Bialetti Moka Pot is the most famous.

Although modern inventions have brought about the use of electricity in espresso makers, the stove-top Moka Pot is still famous in Italy.

As a result, the entire world now takes the Italian coffee drink.

However, an espresso machine makes coffee faster than the Moka pot and Coffee Percolator. Therefore, even though they all make strong coffee, the tastes differ.

This is because the coffee beans they use also differ.

At this juncture, I am highly convinced that all you need to know about the Italian Coffee Maker is contained in this article.

This PowerVersity article contains information on the three major Italian coffee maker types. I mean the Moka Pot, the Coffee Percolator, and the Espresso Machine.

You can see the pros and cons of each of these devices and their features in this article.

Hence, if you have any need to buy an Italian Coffee Maker, do not hesitate to choose from the ones I have recommended above.

Just click on the product and get more details on it.

I hope you found this article helpful to you.

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